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Programming Language Jam
$10,000 grand prize
sojs (246)
Counts how many characters!!!
Very useful in many occasions, used it myself multiple times. Instructions: Put in your text. Computer counts how many characters...
Derpchest (5)
Is there any good languages for game development that are not too hard. (Like C++)
I'm just asking?
CodeSalvageON (571)
Corrupt Kingdom
I do not own any of the art. Credits can be found in credits.txt. I simply took some ASCII gun art and implemented it into a small game.
Aniox (9)
Command Bot... in Java?
So I've made a command bot in Java. Hm... I'm open to hiring people to help me make it. Version 2 is coming out very soon (I can't fix a darn issue :...
Viper2211 (82)
I've been learning a bit about making games in HTML and JS, and this is my first project. Any suggestions on what I could do to make it better?
DJWang (1231)
BlackJack Casino
A BlackJack game I made in two seconds Enjoy and upvote!
PizzaPlanet07 (0)
I am new
Hi. I am new to I have never coded like this before. I could use some help understanding Can anyone help?
DavidColeman2 (1)
Code breaking test
see the description in the code.
melearn (7)
So like say no everytime
DJWang (1231)
Hello everyone! This is my friend Kan, and I programmed him to learn about you. All you need to do is to answer his questions and if you like him, ple...
rogerio_neves (5)
Feature suggestion: Launch app from repls list
It would be nice to have buttons to fork and to run the app at the user's dashboard, cause sometimes you want to show something quickly and just can't...
CuriousMonkey (1)
the smart ide isnt working
soo i have noticed that the ide isn't working for alot of languaged. more specificly i mean if i type the first part of a keyword or variable it doesn...
melearn (7)
Unlimited number counter
So like, if you ever need an unlimited number counter well, here you go! I’m also a newbie so it’s very simple but really cool.
ClaytonHickey (48)
Word Search Cheats (OCR)
A program that will solve most any word search (Latin characters). This version made it possible to "scan" a word search with AI Optical Character Rec...
BryenLackey (8)
Oblivion Shop Engine v1.0
Tech Demo for a shop in Oblivion (
ceilingrat (0)
install-pkg : where did it go?
Has `install-pkg` been removed? Can anyone point me to an announcement and/or some alternative functionality?
Auhsoj1 (9)
Search bar for repl talk?
I think that that would be very helpful for finding repls and topics.
KingsleyDockeri (1)
How to register for the programming language jam
I'm very interested in participating in the programming language jam but I'm not sure how to register. I read through the page and couldn't find a thi...
newbie0 (2)
This pc i made
# About __A pc__ made/simulated in python called DPX 443. This is a small project for now so it isnt complete, anyways good luck! # Functions _It has...
Human vs. Robot v2.0
New and updated. Human vs. Robot. Press enter to play.
Yinloch (2)
How can i used this application to contact you guy?
EnzoMines (10)
Rock Paper Scissor Rpg
Credits due to rocketh paperth scissorth they gave me the idea but not the code i made it my self tell me what you think about my game in the comments...
weldon_jasik (1)
Can the JUnit tests be downloaded?
I have set up a lot of assignments in my classroom and now want to be able to download them, including the JUnit tests. What I'm hoping is th...
DavidShen2 (55)
Error with Passlib and Flask CSS
Hi all, In my program, the passlib module is acting up. I get the following: [2020-04-12 21:39:00,947] ERROR in app: Exception on / [POST] Tracebac...
lolOOF (6)
Object-oriented programming in Python
While creating a tutorial for myself, I thought I could share this to everyone who wants to understand class and stuff like that in Python. I also rar...
fyreco (7)
Error in Prime Number Checker
Hi, when I run the prime number checker it says I have an error. What is causing the error? please help
DJWang (1231)
The Four Doors Of Doom.
Hello! I made this game called "The Four Doors Of Doom." Basically you choose any door and try to find the path. This is my first coding competition s...
CodingPseudonym (41)
How can I improve this?
I posted this program before but this time I added some CSS to it. I don't really know CSS and I would like to know how I can improve this game in gen...
CharlotteJoanJo (0)
How would I add a banner to the top of my page and then change the colour of it? (HTMl)
I would like to have the top portion of the page a different color than the rest of it
pole55 (233)
Number Guess Game
a program that rolls a pair of dice and asks the user to guess the sum. If the user's guess is equal to the total value of the dice roll, the user win...