Jackolanternexe (70)
Water Simulator
In this simulation you play a drop of water. You don't have to do anything, just watch. Feel free to add suggestions on what to add!
day 2 of 100 of my text based game
enjoy what i have added so far i have now added a character selection choice for players with there generated stats comment below if i need to change...
pepelaugh (659)
Node.JS Puppeteer: Failed to launch the browser.
I'm trying to do some webscraping with Node.Js, but when I use puppeteer, it gives me a error: ``` (node:88) UnhandledPromiseRejectionWarning: Error:...
TrustedMercury (23)
How do I change python version from 3.7 to 3.6
I use repl.it to host my discord bot, unfortunately, repl.it set it's default python version to 3.7.4 now, and discord.py only supports until 3.6, how...
Dominicl645 (428)
how would i do this?
help, how should i go with this? Create a list elementsList that contains the names of the first 20 elements in atomic number order. Print the even n...
MocaCDeveloper (523)
Ask me something about creating a programming language!
Hi. I am willing to answer anything you might have a question about relating to creating/building a programming language! Just drop the question belo...
TheDrone7 (1516)
LLC - Java
# Language learning club - Java ### Introduction Thanks to the [repl.it](https://repl.it) team (especially @amasad and @katyadee), we now have a lan...
studentAlfredAl (440)
Riddles v1
Hey guys, this was a big project for me. These riddles are medium difficulty, and let me know if you want the riddles in the future to be easier or ha...
GrayArcticFox (6)
HTML tutorial for beginners (less than 5 minutes)
# HTML tutorial for beginners (less than 5 minutes): *This's a short HTML tutorial for beginners:* **How to add paragraphs/text:** To add paragraph...
duck132912 (191)
This is fully mobile friendly and functioning chat. You can add links too by adding "https" or "http" in front of a url. To summit chat or username cl...
LOLMcman (68)
Visualize Your Favorite Sorting Algorithms
So last week this random video popped up in my YouTube recommendations at 3 A.M.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kPRA0W1kECg. After watching this vid...
DeaconBurgess (75)
Random Terrain
Not perlin noise but I found out how to make simple Random terrain in love2d(lua)!!!
keilankessie (5)
Automatic grading system for teacher - by Keilan Kessie
A program that creates a personalized student report using inputs such as grades and behavior. Use it as you will!
RohilPatel (1459)
Node ChatRoom
this is a simple chat room I made. I haven't quite figured out how to keep messages permanent, so ya. Have fun!!!!!!!!!!! New update: 5% credit to @A...
hasinis2008 (1)
find if its a palendrome
this program will find if the given string is a palendrom or not
CosmoCat19 (7)
Hex Code Converter
This is my first project in Node.js, as well as Pug and Express, and I also learned a ton about POST requests while using this. While its not particul...
FishballNooodle (129)
How to Make A Discord Bot (Rewrite - 2020) Part 1
I'm pretty sure many of you GAMERS use Discord and are aware of things called 'bots'.Did you know you can just make it with python :o .Today, I will b...
Smart0ne (666)
Among Us Voting System: HALP AGAIN
Hi repl.it Let's say I have the following code: ``` votes = {"red":2,"yellow":1,"green":0,"cyan":2,"blue":1,"magenta":0} ``` It's a dictionary name...
📦 📦 Every Python Module Ever!! 👍👍
# Every module in python ever. Hi guys, so in this tutorial, I'm going to tell you every module ever. Here's the list. # Main modules + #1 NumPy. +...
Leroy01010 (397)
THIS IS A REMIX OF _MINECRAFT_ STORY MODE R.I.P TELLATALE GAMES **TELLATALE GAMES** FOREVER thanks @NoNameByProgram for helping me simplify code e...
BenjaminHannan (32)
This encrypts and decrypts your messages, and don't mind the x at the end. Enjoy!
RayhanADev (1215)
Not Good at Particle Effects xD
# Good Day People! ## I Need Help With On-Click Particle Effects Well I spent this morning trying to make a particle/explosion effect in HTML Canvas,...
MercHay (4)
Sine Wave Generation
Menu program with sine wave generation.
JacobMcPherson1 (22)
what would be the best language to write an aimbot for a 3rd person shooter?
angrydoge (308)
User finder!
# Welcome! ## User finder! Basically this is a edited version of SCP database that I made, and it finds the user and their cycles. And the school th...
Muffinlavania (1421)
Anyone wanna help?
Anyone wanna help me make uno, i got the idea from @Bookie0, and i kinda have no idea what i'm doing, but it shouldn't be that hard... Also the langua...
CodeLongAndPros (1536)
Evaln't: How to replace `eval` in your code
# Why you should *never* use `eval` Some of you out there will know the dangers of the `eval` function, and some of you will not. `eval` is (in)famo...
AustinZhang1 (64)
Game: The Life of a Robber
Hello Everyone ------------------------ This is a project that I made, hope you like it How to play ===================== You are a robber who is try...
TheDrone7 (1516)
Hello all replers! Today, I'm going to be announcing something new and fun for you all. We're introducing **WEEKLY CHALLENGES**!. ​ *So, what are thes...
UsernameIsHere (82)
Rock Paper Scissors