NyholmJ02 (1)
Learning how to do the Quadratic Formula/Quadratic Formula Calculator
A program to get the basics of the quadratic formula understood. At the end of the program, there is a calculator for the program. Copy and paste the...
promike (17)
Circle game
just a little circle ⭕️ It goes around and around
SonuAlam1 (1)
urgent help needed :(
#---------Global Variables------- #Game board board = ["-", "-", "-", "-", "-", "-", "-", "-", "-"] #if game still going game_still_...
ariely122 (0)
def list2(): str1 = input("enter a list of Ingredients: ") digit1 = int(input("enter a digit between 1-9: ")) list1 = str1.split(',') count2 =...
veerraju (0)
this python program takes year month from the user and then prints the calendar of month
MuhammedSimaq (33)
Calculator made from if statements, input in python
RiversideRocks (1)
Discourse on Replit
Hello, I am trying to set up a demo discourse instance here. I noticed that Docker is not installed. Is there a "template" project that has discourse...
amaddentcsec (228)
House Builder in Java!!!
This is a program I made a long time ago... Instructions are in the console once you run it. # Have fun! # PLEASE UPVOTE :)
Leetcode Daily Challenge Aug. 10, 2020
Hi! This is my solution to the Leetcode daily coding challenge on 8/10/2020. Here was the question: Given a column title as appear in an Excel sheet...
MarceloMendes3 (0)
prova MD
atividade da prova de MD para anexar o link dentro da prova
matthewpeng (4)
Battle ship
fun for games and for noobs
springerjm (0)
How to reverse a string using extended slice syntax
The quickest way (that I've found) to reverse a string in Python 3.
dduubb (0)
a tableau data connector for USPTO data
Duvangamer3845 (127)
Social media!!!!(repost)
# only a repost to enter click the news of the social media or click the social tab
Nexple0125 (0)
Chemistry - Orbital output
Input Symbol of element, you can see the element's orbital(Ground state)(No.1~No.20)
mendonaarav (4)
My Google Chrome Version
I am just showing my Chrome version.
userSM (252)
My profile page (v 2.0)
This is my second go at creating a profile page for me, as looking back, the first one didn't look very appealing. Hope you enjoy :)
FrenchFries8854 (0)
string to discord emojis converter
string to discord emojis converter
ShikharVerma1 (1)
How to use Django on Repl.it??
Hi *Repl.it* Community.... Just started using Django framework for some web development but then a question in my mind 🤔.... **How do I use Django...
rg100 (1)
Simple website source code free
JamesGordon1 (128)
Can someone help me make it so that my code is unreadable
what I need is someone to either covert my code to js ( i know basically nothing about it) or can someone link me a website that will do the same thin...
52eagle (44)
do some math in prep for school!
(warning: the division is janky, yet rare)
iamcooliguess (17)
My Group Python ABCs
I have started a new group called PythonABCs where you can learn Python. I am currently working on a beginner tutorial which can be seen in the below...
mrgv109 (0)
404 Error
when 404 is on my screen... how could i access to my reples?
userSM (252)
Check box painter
I guess it's in the title.
userSM (252)
A luck game
A python game I made quite a while back. Hope you enjoy
ChristinaTsiupa (0)
Project "Three tests"
This project can run different quizzes. py
JaheirHigh (0)
Diego's Music Website, 1st Assignment
I fixed Diego's Music Webiste as my first assignment with Thinkful Bootcamp. His albums will now show properly on his website.
mratyunjay (0)
Outscal Assignment
Simple calculator assignment for candidates
itsvops (0)
Error going to repl link
Error shows as follows: Unable to connect: WebSocket closed before we got READY Please try again later. Language is node.js Link is https://mantle.i...