Coder100 (15373)
Recursive Descent Calculator
# Recursive Descent Calculator This is a recursive descent calculator. It uses recursion to both interpret and parse the input. The lexer is just a `f...
Ravens0606 (72)
a Web Browser in Repl!
A web browser called sciFire!
shadowprince129 (10)
Game: tic tac toe
*This is my first tic tac toe game hope you guys like it* **Credits**: thank's to @cleverprogrammer and @aaron_bernath. for their tutorial and h...
JustAWalrus (1180)
Introduction to Object Oriented Programming.
# Introduction to Object Oriented Programming. Hey. So I need to write a tutorial. Otherwise I will fade into obscurity. So let's get into Object...
MemeManHimself (100)
Nice Update
I honestly really like it! The only thing that I don't like is that look at them now :( ![Screenshot 2020-07-29 at 11.57.12 AM](https://storage.googl...
LINIA (21)
Looking for a partner
Hi everyone, I am working in Python, and I am an absolute begginer (well, almost). I am looking for someone (beginner), to work with in a team to lear...
Leroy01010 (414)
this is under progress new updates will also be made by @Coder100, @Muffinlavania, @nonamebyprogram edit: just fixed bugs today thanks @DynamicSquid...
Wilke000 (511)
Yay! A Turtle Repl By @Wilke000 @dillonjoshua68 helped fix it... thank you! **EDIT:** This post used to be asking something
dakshg (171)
Random Username Generator!
Thinking of a cool and original username can sometimes take way too much imagination. That's what this program is for! It will generate random usernam...
zplusfour (879)
Markdown Blog | Write and Read
# Hello to my **BEST** nodejs project! I made from a long time! in vs code! So I decided to post it right now! *** Blogs make and read! Read the r...
SpicedSpices (296)
Piero's 1st Ever Hackathon Submission: Pic Me
This is a website that I made for Piero's 1st Hackathon that he started on July 9th. It is a sort of social media platform that you can send and recei...
HahaYes (1899)
Scratch vs Repl.it
Why is replit better than scratch (hehe roast scratch now)
Coder100 (15373)
# WEEKLY 9 IDK if I'm ok anymore... Anyways, here's my entry that I worked way too much on. Enjoy! I don't shoot photographs, I ***take*** them. Ap...
First HTML repl
Its not that good, but its a start
Name12 (159)
Fibinacci calculater
this is an easy little program I made when I was bored. Please time my ideas on how I can improve it, and consider giving me an upvote. thanks. (^_^)...
CoolJames1610 (665)
How to use Tweepy in Python!
# How to use Tweepy in Python! (CAN USE THIS TO MAKE A DISCORD TWITTER BOT!) Please note that this tutorial isn't an in-depth tutorial on Tweepy. [Cl...
SixBeeps (4730)
Getting revenge on a Roblox hacker
(This post contains malicious JS code! Only run things if you absolutely know what it does!) I was just browsing Roblox one day when I get the follow...
soham74 (9)
Avoid the Circle
Dont get hit by the circles.
adl212 (158)
Account Generate on Nitro Type!
# NitroType Account Generator A NitroType bookmarklet that generates accounts. ## Installation This isn't really installing anything. It is just a bo...
epicman702 (462)
Medieval RPG
Let's go, simple dungeon V2! Unlike simple dungeon tho, this won't have any major updates. New game coming soon!
Codemonkey51 (1029)
repl db (the official) [DEPRACATED]
# DEPRACTED so.. you may have seen the new floppy disk icon and wondered what it was, maybe you looked and fould out, maybe you found it on discord....
JustAWalrus (1180)
Golang Google's C++ Part 4: Functions!
Firstly, thank you guys for the support just don't inform @HahaYes that we might pass him sooner rather than later! Secondly, I have set a goal to po...
JustAWalrus (1180)
Golang: Googles C++ Part 2 Basic Variables
Hello wonderful people. Before we start can I please say not to get competitive in the comments! Anyway we are talking about variables today! So to...
CodeLongAndPros (1564)
DLang support
This template adds support for the D programming language. Please see https://repl.it/talk/learn/DLang-templatetutorial/42775 For more info on D.
Coder100 (15373)
Cube Timer (Sneak Peek)
# Cube Timer @JDOG787 and I was going to make a cube timer, but we had too much homework and forgot about it. Well, now we are going to work on it aga...
adamseider2009 (26)
I am a beginner and can I have feedback?
I am a beginner wanting to get ideas and get better. New addition Hangman!!
VulcanWM (2291)
Does anyone want me to make a website for them?
I'm getting bored, and I recently started a company where I make websites for people. *** ** Does anyone want me to make a website for them? **
VulcanWM (2291)
Pickle Log In and Sign Up
Exactly what it says on the title. Thanks to @techgeek680 for the idea and @squidcoder for teaching me how to use pickle.
JBloves27 (1504)
A simple game of darts
You have a dart and you try to get it in as close as possible. if you get a bulls-eye it's 30 points. Otherwise, you still get points. You also have t...
JordanDixon1 (444)
Helpful Keyboard Shortcuts
# Helpful Keyboard Shortcuts! This isn't necessarily for repl.it but for everything. (I will only do windows for now.) > On MacOS, replace Ctrl with...