MilesMiller (18)
how do you become a mederator and do you get paid? or is it just a fun thing to do in your free time
![170px-Lois_Griffin]( just wondering. cuz you guiys a...
SpicedSpices (296)
Teleport to a Random Webpage Because Why Not
Have you ever wanted to just visit a random webpage without any knowledge of what is on it? Because if so, this is the perfect Repl for you. I was bo...
Ice Of Fire - Chose Your Way Adventure!
# __ICE OR FIRE - CHOSE YOUR WAY ADVENTURE__ *** So I made a chose your way adventure code! In this code you can chose your way in life! __CHALLENGE:_...
LeonskiDev (11)
Thinking About Data
Storing data is something we have to do in most projects, whether on the client-side or server-side. We'll have a look at some of the ways we might wa...
headiscoding (941)
Sleep deprive test.
This will tell you if you are sleep deprived! As always, leave a comment on how good it was out of 10! :D
fuzzyastrocat (1504)
How to make a package manager (for a custom language!) — Part 2: The Command-Line Tool
This is part 2 of a series on how to build a package manager. If you haven't gone through part 1, check it out [here](
mcserep (1)
When does public repls get listed on the profile page?
I noticed when I create a new public repl, it is not immediately listed on my profile page, not even after 24 hours its creation (and still waiting)....
TheDrone7 (1649)
Weekly Results - September 2020
# Weekly Result - September 2020 Good morning/evening replers! Hope you're all still doing good. 4 weeks ago, we started the 5th batch of weekly chal...
HZLPY (39)
A recreation of the website.
This is a nearly-identical copy of the website. None of the buttons do anything and some stuff is missing but this still took an hour to make....
LeonDoesCode (405)
Using Web APIs in Python
## APIs? If this is the first time you are hearing that word, then it means "Application Programming Interface". It allows you to interface with someo...
lolfail (28)
shooting game
Move with A, D (left and right) shoot with space, your objective is to shoot down the enemies(red triangles)
ReinitaThomas (45)
This is the hang man game. Enjoy playing this game and try to guess the words correctly. Best of luck..
Codemonkey51 (1034)
remove .html from file path
# so you want to remove .html from the path So I have seen a lot of people ask "how do I remove .html from the path" or "can I remove .html from the p...
Vandesm14 (2617)
It's like upvotes, except they don't count for anything. ## Here's the idea... I send this app out to the community. The users will click the button....
amasad (3257)
Podcast about
I talked about, its history, vision, and technology in a recent episode of Software Engineering Daily. Check it out: https://softwareengineer...
EpicGamer007 (1485)
Looking for experienced Java devs!
Hello repl. If you are experienced in java, me and @Funkus really need your help. We are creating an rpg game but this will be with graphics and in s...
xxpertHacker (768)
Using CSS for evil
5 months ago, I made a post about using WebAssembly's high execution speed to crash browsers. You can check it out at
timmy_i_chen (1143)
Byte: The Game
# Play the game [here](! Best played in a separate window. Requires a keyboard - sorry mobile users! ##...
spybrave (340)
UMM...IT'S A PIANO AND YEAH THAT EVEN MADE WITHOUT USING AUDIO FILES ☺ ( Don't forget to check out the 'Info'.)
Dominicl645 (429)
how would you make a audio tab play?
@Coder100 @Highwayman can this be our chat?
EpicGamer007 (1485)
MyCMD V 1.4 TON OF NEW STUFF(Image editing, terrain generation, and MORE)
Hey hey hey, what is **up** my fellow replers(Please don't reply with the sky). After getting an outstanding 15 upvotes on [MyCMD V 1.3](https://repl....
YuAndy (73)
Hi! Previously, I made [Blue Square Adventures](, and this is an upgraded version of it!...
AmazingMech2418 (1014)
Star Wars Scrolling Text Engine - Node.js
Well, today is May 4th. May 4th = "May the fourth" In Star Wars, "May the force be with you". Therefore, May 4th = "May the *fourth* be with you" =...
isaiah08 (61)
CSS not working
Line `13` of [static/style.css]( Why does the background image not show up? Thanks!
JorgeCatherine (11)
Completely destroy jpegs with this corruptor.
Create god-forsaken images! Make your friends and family worry for your mental health! Give yourself nightmares because you decided to do this at 5:41...
MrHiTech (7)
Shoot the Spaceships
So this is a game I made where you shoot spaceships with a laser gun
CodeLongAndPros (1578)
C wars: Chapter 4: A new loop
# Chapter four: A new loop Today, I'll talk about one of the most important structures in programming: ### This series is taking a 24 hour break. Ye...
replitcode (125)
A fully-functional chatbot program written in python3! Has over 300 input and output messages! Includes: ascii text, functional username/passwor...
amasad (3257)
Hiring a Coding Interface Designer
Hey everyone, we're hiring our first designer (outside of @hayaodeh, our cofounder) and we're looking for someone who can both code and design. If you...
CodingCactus (4093)
Maths Test
Asks you random questions (+,-,/,x) Two attempts to get it correct: 2 points if you get it first try 1 point if you get it on your second try...