masfrost (106)
Repl.it Code Intelligence
At Repl.it our goal is to provide state of the art in developer tools to everyone in the world, for free. When we started moving our product beyond a...
tysoncash28 (1)
My Very First Quiz (for myself)
This was my very first quiz and my very first project that I’m proud of and i like coding even more now it lets me think more in-depth
coucoubonjour (11)
Mario SuperStar 16*16 pixel art
Jump up, super star! this repl as maked by Cra (@coucoubonjour) french creator.
blbbrayan (41)
Material Login
I built this with my girlfriend on international woman's day. After showing her some sample material design websites and seeing how excited she got...
ArchieMaclean (881)
Learning Web Development w/ Python Part 4
# Learning Web Development with Python and Django ## Part 4 _[Part 1](https://repl.it/talk/learn/Learning-Web-Development-with-Python-Part-1/12880)_...
PYer (3571)
Buddy TheChat Bot!
https://repl.it/@fullern000/Buddy-TheChat-Bot-Vs-10 An amazing chat bot. Please vote and comment recommendations to make this bot better! ![image](ht...
SixBeeps (3514)
Cool repl.it easter egg
Poking around at a REPL can lead you to the domain "ProjectName.Username.repl.run" located above the console window. Interested to see what would happ...
matthewproskils (447)
How To Make An Upload Button
Simple Upload Button ``` <input type="file" id="input" accept="application/pdf" multiple> ``` Explanation: Input: take input, type: type is file, i...
Coder100 (12436)
#weekly 13
# Weekly 13 Hello, world! My todo list: - Make this post - Learn more C++ so I **don't** have to use C# - Build the exe - Get Unity on my new computer...
Kurplunk100 (16)
2 player War (Card Game)
Bad war game in free time, don't judge. Press enter to draw.
esimankova (3)
Chehov Chatbot
Chehov, is an intelligent chatbot capable of doing many things. He can play games like rock paper scissors, guess the number, and flip the coin. He ca...
SilentShadowBla (545)
Brawl Stars Battle Simulator
### Brawl Stars Battle Simulator Game **All brawlers are in the game** **Realistic Brawler Health and Damage** **Functioning decently** May ADD: -B...
c4syner (77)
Find Angle to Target Location in Minecraft
15 Lines of python later and this program was made! As the title suggests you simply input the x and z coords for yourself and your target location. T...
eankeen (1485)
📰 XKCD Comic Viewer 📝
😌 So I made a viewer for the [xkcd comics](https://xkcd.com) ![gif](https://i.imgur.com/CQQAe6g.gif) Features - Automatically switch through comics...
Pankak (46)
ncurses color
What color standard does ncurses use? It has 257 different shades although the coverage is quite pathetic. `init_color` doesn't work for me so I'm lim...
Hello! In this project, I made a repl kinda like the funny storys that include morals by @ChezTacos (Sorry if I got your name wrong)! I was inspired b...
AdithyaOlivanna (9)
Yep, repl.it is down at the moment
Everyone, don't worry if you get the 'failed to connect, retrying' error. Apparently a lot of people are facing this issue right at this moment. We sh...
Zimonze (9)
Python Console Game Template
This is a template for a simple console game in Python. It's best played using the `repl.run` link. The game might not work properly in this post. Th...
SkyyCivil (120)
Make the longest code you possibly can BETA -GOOD LUCK!
coderash (285)
Is there an actual trophy like in the picture?
Is there a awesome trophy that looks like the one in the picture next to the countdown, because If someone could 3D print it, it would be sick!
TamingTheTech (14)
Over half of my files just disappeared.
I was working on my biggest HTML CSS JS project last night and all of a sudden every file alphabetically higher than "i" disappeared. It looks like th...
headiscoding (782)
How would I make a UI pop-up
For a game im making, I want to make it so that when you click the (in this case **urmom**), a **+1** text pops up on the screen and fades away. thank...
Renise (14)
Personal Calculator
This is your personal calculator! You can use the symbols: + (add), * (multiply), ** (exponent), / (divide), and - (subtract) There isn't that much i...
Useless string reverse thing
This is useless. This does not help with anything. All it does is reverse a text.
alanchen12 (24)
I made a simple calculator in js and html.
Hello everyone, I made a simple calculator! It takes only 2 arguments which I plan to update. You can view it here: https://calculator.alanchen12.repl...
Whacko (277)
# ***HEEEEELP!!!*** I got stuck in this team, and the team owner made me an admin. So now I can ***NEVER LEAVE THE TEAM!*** I would really like to lea...
Puffy2017 (10)
How to decorate your button, simple steps.
HTML Website Decorative Buttons. Making a simple button with the old same code: # A header <button><a href="Example.html" type="submit" class="btn">Ex...
RolandJLevy (750)
🥑 Psychedelic avocados!!! 🥑
This is what happens when you're stuck at home because of lockdown! Something strange like this appears... just experimenting with CSS animations. Var...
ironman88 (4)
Snake Game
Just a simple classic snake game
RossJames (305)
Send emails with NodeJs w/ Nodemailer
# NodeMailer Well, well, well, It's Christmas, and boy, do I have a gift for you! ### But first, a quick intro: I joined repl.it not to long ago t...