melissavk (1)
Additional solutions I worked on. Solved using for loops and .includes
ToqYang (1)
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SpicedSpices (296)
2D Canvas Framework - Renderspice Alpha V002
A while ago, I released Renderspice Alpha V001, it contained many features for creating games in the HTML5 canvas with Javascript. Today, in light of...
ryanhcode (87)
Calendar/Habit Tracker
I’ve been starting to code a new project that I aim to be a multi-platform habit tracker, calendar, and class manager. Would anyone be interested in h...
DuncDuncan (0)
rocket game
How do I get my rocket image to rotate accordingly as the left, right arrows turn its direction??
syflexer (461)
problem with monster health when trying to deal damage
so for some reason i dont think the varible is saving itself so the monsters health never goes down even though it should and i have spent a bit tryin...
Andi_Chin (220)
WallBound: Popular Maze Game
# WallBound ASCII edition ## Directions: * In this game, you will try and reach the target by moving around. * According to newton's first law: an ob...
GabrielLee5 (1)
dog scissors
sdnhdcgnhgvbnb vo i hope no one else had my idea
Snowflake (48)
# ruby - A cryptocurrency mining game *** Have you ever been wondering how is it like to mine cryptocurrency but you don't have a powerful enough comp...
MrMinimax (147)
This is the beta of a game I am making! You can play the beta
ericqweinstein (262)
Game Tutorial: Tetris
Hi everyone, I put together a little [Tetris]( game and thought I'd write a tutorial on how it works. (This co...
Naghiyev (10)
Turtle Crossing Game
A simple yet very tough game. Keep the turtle alive by avoiding all the cars and crossing the road.
426729 (170)
Potion Hospital
You are a patient in a hospital where all the medicine labels have been mixed up. Each medicine has a name and a description: For example, "Healthy Le...
19wintersp (1046)
[TESTING] 📞 Voice and Text chat with WebSockets! 🌐
# PolyphonyPreview ### Communicate with your friends over voice and text. This is just a testing site for a bigger project; you may have guessed tha...
amasad (3247)
How to submit your PL Jam entry
Hello everyone! We're less than a week away from the end of the jam so it's time to start polishing up your projects and submitting them. We'll close...
MemeManHimself (100)
Search engine help
So, I have been trying to make a search engine, but, the thing is, I don't want it to scrape websites. I just want to put in custom results. So say I...
NuclearSorcerer (13)
Ummmmm....I have no idea why this does not work. Anyone know why? Asking for a fix. Please help me
Bookie0 (5643)
The Most Fastest Program Ever
Hi, This is a sequel to The Most Simplest Program Ever (that you can access here: Please...
RolandJLevy (757)
Animating Circles and Squares
Experimenting with CSS to animate circles and squares on mouseover
MaxwellY27 (7)
Python Snake
This is a old game from a tutorial so it might break. Hope you enjoy!
retronbv (127)
I made a funny sentence generator. It really funny! Just run the repl down below and it will generate a new funny sentence every 4 seconds! > thanks...
SeamusDonahue (159)
Basic: basic drawings
introducing basic drawings (i say that like this is impressive lol) this is a program for drawing basic drawings written in basic controls: wasd - m...
XanderEhlert (148)
Gravity Simulator using Python and Tkinter
As said in the title, this is just a gravity simulator. It essentially uses Tkinter text bindings, time.sleep, and <tkintervarname>.move() to move a...
ThisScript8Me (7)
Fun Black Jack game made in Python Made by JustJee/ThisScript8Me (17/2/21)
CreeperBoyKoray (3)
How do you change text colors and fonts in python?
like changing how print statements look like
matthewproskils (459)
A website which I made... It took sooo long -_- -MatthewProSkils Sponsored by: The official website of MatthewProSkils credits to @codingcactus
CursorsDev (718)
Originally was for helping someone with a project within the [Odin Project](, but I got carried away and started addin...
Zavexeon (1178)
[JS] ES6 Import/Export Syntax Not Working
Does support Javascript ES6's `import`/`export` syntax? For example, I'll have this line: `import module from './module.js'`, but it'll give m...
BriannaThompson (19)
Adding a Link
How do i add a link into my code
Kognise (433) Instantiation POC
I made a a proof of concept for instantiating a bunch of repls. As you may have seen, I recently made a [Node API client](