GatewayDuckYT (30)
Anyone Want to help
Hi ya'll i am back and i need to ask for some people to help me make a 3D game named GoobaGindo If u want to help please tell me why u are someone who...
Haaruun (98)
Text based game engine colab
I have a idea for a text based game engine that uses yaml files to make a game, you then would be able to post it and others would be able to play it...
hoop4life (267)
password hacker
a brute force password hacker enjoy please thank you and give me a like I never got one
XanderEhlert (148)
Gravity Simulator using Python and Tkinter
As said in the title, this is just a gravity simulator. It essentially uses Tkinter text bindings, time.sleep, and <tkintervarname>.move() to move a...
gopesh123us (3)
Random Password Generator
This program generates a random password based on your choice of numbers, letters, and symbols. ![Bright Blue and Grey Key Security Logo](https://stor...
DerekCharolla (8)
Even or Odd
This program determines if the values entered are even or odd. https://repl.it/join/thmtmulf-derekcharolla
AlexGrinshteyn (2)
Just sample for stack overflow
SixBeeps (4767)
One of the simplest concepts in programming is the if-else statement. ```java if (someCondition) { doAThing(); } else { doAnotherThing(); } ```...
JordanDixon1 (451)
Why use BASH?
Bash can be used for multiple things. However, the most notable is that it can be used to rename your index file into anything. for example: If I have...
AbhiT22 (1)
RomanNumeral Converter
Converts from Roman to Decimal **AND** Decimal to Roman
000022 (17)
Fade Draw
Let's You Draw On Your Computer In Fade Form And This Uses Pygame. Type In These Letters To Change Color In Which You Are Drawing In. g = green b = b...
Corwin_Strahan (15)
Game made for a class: D-2200
Just a fun lil' text-based game I made for my highschool C++ Programming class. Based off of [SCP Foundation](http://www.scp-wiki.net/).
matthewproskils (461)
A website which I made... It took sooo long -_- -MatthewProSkils Sponsored by: The official website of MatthewProSkils credits to @codingcactus
LuckyOreos (186)
# 🥳📱🍩🍦🍟100 Cycle Special 🍟🍦🍩📱🥳
**This program will put bots in your Kahoot! It actually one hundred percent works if you have the right code!!!** I also made my first HTML repl - ht...
PYer (3642)
A number guessing game. It gives you clues and you have to guess what the number is with a limited amount of digits and guesses! https://repl.it/@ful...
Jad0Sawaf (2)
Turtle game
Hello people this is a game idk just a game made by my teacher. (btw i copyed it)
elburg (36)
A command-based calculator
this is a calculator made completely in python. please tell me how broken it is. EDIT: NOW THERE IS MORE UPDATES YAY! GitHub Repo: https://github.co...
bonnym512 (104)
Minecraft Adventure Game
Welcome Minecraft Gamers. This is a repl.it rpg game of Minecraft. Hope you enjoy. NOT ASSOCIATED WITH MOJANG OR MICROSOFT!!!
LueyK (1)
My application port
How do I see which port my application is hosting?
AidanAguilar35 (1)
hoop4life (267)
Age finder
a quick age finder. I am doing a challenge sheet and this a new project. pls enjoy :)
Mosrod (504)
Number Guesser
An Entertaining Number Guessing Game Written in Python LINK: REPL: https://repl.it/@Mosrod/NumberGuesser GITHUB: https://github.com/Mosrod/NumberGuess...
CyberHacker101 (109)
Why is the npm taking forever to install
# run the repl and see for yourself ~~this might be a simple fix, I know I'm stooooopid I got my dunce hat on~~
amasad (3262)
How to submit your PL Jam entry
Hello everyone! We're less than a week away from the end of the jam so it's time to start polishing up your projects and submitting them. We'll close...
RolandJLevy (759)
Animating Circles and Squares
Experimenting with CSS to animate circles and squares on mouseover
SudhanshuMishra (66)
Buy an anti virus template Buy Buy
So I made an anti virus template ... First sight This emoji is scared of unethical things that can happen ... yes I could give the mouth animation som...
headiscoding (941)
Does anyone recommend a custom domain registrar?
Hello Repl.it community, I've recently been trying to get a custom domain for a project and I found Freenom. Freenom works, but it takes away my custo...
Addicting Game
TimmyChen1 (122)
READ ME BEFORE POSTING - What is a web app?
A web app, in the context of this competition, is defined as an interactive application accessible on the web. This means that it can be purely HTML/...
kidgaming46 (14)
It's my pokemon theme song spam.
It is a spam of the theme song for the first Pokémon series from the Kanto region.