kidgaming46 (14)
It's my pokemon theme song spam.
It is a spam of the theme song for the first Pokémon series from the Kanto region.
BrandonKeele (33)
Idle Dice save game editors?
Hello, Users of Repl I was wondering if anyone can make a Idle dice save game editor ---Link To Game--- ---...
Ekashrejaiswal (3)
I need some beginner and intermediate experience and knowledge PYTHON PROGRAMMERS to work with me!
Hello All. I am Ekansh Jaiswal also with my brother Shreyansh Jaiswal . I am a beginner in python Programming. I want someone who is a beginner or ave...
MarcusWeinberger (680)
Chat on any Minecraft Java Edition Server!
By logging in and connecting to any Minecraft Server (Java Edition), you can type in chat and use commands, straight from your browser! Alternate li...
hoop4life (267)
Number game
Forgot to share it earlier, a number game which gives you hint until you think of the number.
hoop4life (267)
Number game v2.0
A better version of my earlier number game where you only have 10 tries.
MrEconomical (2285)
Simple HTML Metadata Template
# HTML Metadata Starter Often it is annoying to need to include all the metadata in your html for each html file you create, which is why I created t...
jamesabela (28)
CAIE Python2Pseudocode
This program tries to convert Python to Pseudocode as used by the Cambridge International Exam board. Its a fun tool and not meant for any really ser...
Coder100 (15763)
React Get Started Tutorial
# React React is a ~~verbose~~ JavaScript framework for making reusable components and improve workflow. # Why this tutorial This tutorial shows you h...
Rasum (20)
House (from python with turtle)
This is a program made through python (with turtle). In it, I have made a drawing of a small hut. Enjoy repling! ![Capture](https://storage.googleapi...
timmy_i_chen (1143)
Recent Changes to JavaScript -> Node.js
# Recent Changes to JavaScript -> NodeJS We recently made a change that redirected new JavaScript repls to create Node.js repls instead. We recognize...
MistahSplootch (1)
This this this this this this afasfasfasdfasfasfasfasfdf
MichalWujas (1)
import turtle t = turtle.Turtle() def pieciokat(a): for i in range(a): t.fd(a) t.rt(72) x = 40 if x > 10: pieciokat(100)
AdriaDonohue (51)
Classical Cats Monthly APRIL EDITION
This Is April Edition Of My News Report.Enjoy!
OminousDependen (8)
E-mail scrapper
YouTube course by Clever Programmer
hoop4life (267)
Number Guessing Game
One of my first python projects. It will pick a random number and will give you hints until you guess it.
JakubSpatny (1)
Fibonacciho posloupnost
Vypíše Fibonacciho posloupnost.
aavalos9 (14)
Not Loading
I am trying to finish my code for my class but, the console/terminal is not running. It's stuck on loading and does not finish loading. I open other t...
DarkSide8 (3)
Turing Machine
This helps you understand how TuringMachine works.
danielhu1630 (1)
Steve (Carell) vs. Angry Enderman
Who will win? Which one will get away?
JoeyLent (19)
Python Obfuscator
# Introduction I've always been fascinated with obfuscation. To me, the fact that you can translate your code into an unintelligible mess but still be...
MetaMan (30)
Pokemon Adventure Game
Incomplete, but tell me what you think. Criticism is appreciated!
GyanC39 (2)
Pokemon Website
This is the pokemon website. Please give upvotes and share. ####Easter Egg There is a easter egg. Find it and you will be surprised. (Open in new tab...
theangryepicbanana (1692)
Connect 4 in the console (with color and animations!)
Using the new xterm terminal in Ruby, I've created a Connect 4 recreation that runs in the console, has color, and has animations. The game is two-pla...
Dominicl645 (429)
so i got stuck on this part and this is what i tried, but it didn't work...any ideas?
this is what i have to do: Favorite Food program. Get user input for 1 favFood. Iterate through the letters in favFood and print each letter on a new...
techstuffstuff (4)
New HTML IDE (created in
## Free-o-cites (a geocites related thing) ## It will save your site and you can reach it at https://html-ide....
How do you give someone the hacker plan?
How do you give someone the hacker plan?
98129182 (0)
How can you create an Error page using HTML, CSS and Flask?
How can you create an Error page using HTML, CSS and Flask? Do you have to create an Express server? I am trying to find access to the .htaccess file,...
PaoloAmoroso (186)
Missing window frame after running GFX app more than once
This REPL demonstrates an issue with X-Window graphics output. It's a Python REPL running a Tkinter PySimpleGUI app that displays a text label and a q...
RolandJLevy (759)
Animating Circles and Squares
Experimenting with CSS to animate circles and squares on mouseover