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Programming Language Jam
$10,000 grand prize
Coder100 (8720)
# **SURVIV3** Hi everyone, is a fun game. However, you can't log in with and can't build stuff. That is why I am going to be creatin...
CyanCoding (1621)
Brute Force Password Cracker I built the Brute Force Password Cracker as a fun program to test out passwords, and to test...
minx28 (359)
Password Vault! #WEEKLY
A password vault! Get it [here]( You can log in with, nice and secure, then store as many password...
EpicGamer007 (592)
Windows CMD tutorial - batch
# Windows CMD tutorial ##### Use the windows command prompt to your advantage! Hey everyone! I was exploring some stuff about Windows and hacking cau...
RolandJLevy (498)
Google translate app
Built with Node, Express, EJS and Bootstrap
ChezCoder (1501)
Stop Animation - Moral of the Story | Ep2 !!!!
Hello, welcome to my new series of stop animations with python! This is episode two. If you haven't watched episode one, [click here](
octopyBot (263)
Newcomers, Over Here! is a great although a bit confusing place to code! lets's get started! # Creating Repls so first, you can creat repls which are sort of like s...
VulcanWM (2180)
Click Click
# Click Click - My First Great Game in Javascript This is my first game which I like on javascript. ### Credits: - @Coder100 for helping me with putt...
CodingCactus (3039)
How To Python Website
# **HELLO** *** This is my first proper html/css/js project that I have done by all by myself (mostly) *** Thanks to @MatReiner for teaching me some s...
SixBeeps (3064)
#WEEKLY 10: Calculator
This took me a few hours to sketch up. Originally, I planned to have a calculator where all the buttons were randomly placed, but I figured that would...
DynamicSquid (3617)
Squid Clicker
So following the trend, @CodingCactus, @Coder100, @BobTheTomatoPie, @johnstev, and many more, here's my very own Squid Clicker! It's algorithm is bas...
Seazyns (212)
🏆Hero Legends - RPG Game🏆
**Helpers:** Ezolite and Xobeen **Full Patchnotes**: **To Fork The Game**:
AmeliaBlackwell (1057)
The Fishing Game
# The Fishing Game *Explore your way through the different regions by catching the rarest fish you can. Catch em all to fill up your fishedex!* Hi!!...
RomeroSchwarz (269)
1300's Peasant Simulator
Inspired by my AP World class, I made a game about the black plague. You play as a peasant trying to survive the plague. Try to unlock all of the endi...
HahaYes (1221)
C++ Tutorial: Day 4!
# Day 4 of C++ Tutorials! # EDIT: Willing to hire people for this for 7 cycles per post. "A cycle a day keeps unemployment away!" - @CodingCactus ###...
AgastyaSandhuja (156)
CoronaStream: A movie, tv show, and video streaming website.
#### ok just saying, the attached repl is just empty We're all stuck at home because of the Coronavirus. We all are relying on screens, Netflix, and D...
Andi_Chin (220)
Python3 interpreter
I poured my heart and soul into this program. It literally took me hundreds of seconds to build this modern python interpreter plz upvote I have a fam...
MrEconomical (2224)
Basics of Blockchain: How Cryptocurrencies Work
# Introduction to Blockchain Money is one of the most important parts of the world, allowing people to exchange goods and services in an economy. The...
CSharpIsGud (599)
Facilis - A Low Level Functional Language
Facilis is a strongly typed functional language that aims to be low level. Facilis uses a hand-written recursive descent parser made with love. # Fac...
JimBob5 (171)
Pokemon Battling Simulator
Play Pokemon against a friend with 6 random Pokemon. 30 Pokemon are currently available with 8 different types. Check out my other games: https://re...
potatojs (804)
i made my own website!! spoiler alert, it's the best!!!
# potato website is here!!! # open it in a new tap # and press the image of the section you want hi this is my website where i'm going to put all of m...
HahaYes (1221)
C++ Day 6!: Pointers!
# Day 6! of my C++ Tutorial! ### **Note: I realise that there are now competitors, but please be more nice.** Featured Shoutout: @CodeLongAndPros che...
Seth01Master (5)
Can lua language be added please?
I just started learning python code because I originally was doing lua language. Sadly, nobody really likes lua and it's really uncommon. I can only u...
PowerCoder (618)
🌳 Fractal Trees! 🌳
Create stunning virtual trees just by configuring some settings **live**. Here's something you can make with this fractal tree generator: ![image](ht...
Coder100 (8720)
How to change your username
# How to change your username Please please please **never** *ever* do this! It's basically like deleting your account but you still have your repls (...
ChezCoder (1501)
Moral of the Story | Episode 5 - STOP ANIMATION
# heeloooo!! SO basiCallY heres ep 5, hoep u ENJoy :D:D:D:D:D:D: ## Missed an episode????? HEREs a full LiSt: - [Episode 1](
eekboi (272)
Getting a sound... From an image.
# Make sure to read the full post before pointing out errors please. Hey! I've made this trash for you all to enjoy. This was made using @minx28's ci...
CodingCactus (3039)
"Animated" ASCII Cactus
## Dancing Cactus *** The most beautiful thing (a cactus (obviously)) can now be endlessly shown in front of your face. *** # Enjoy
RogueHalo (403)
Python Easter Egg
Not many people actually know about this easter egg in python. By typing ```import this``` into either a python interpreter or a python shell you can...
JDOG787 (415)
Cycle Risk Game!!
# Hi everyone I made this cool game! I made this because I just recently learned frontend js so to practice I made this game! ## How to play! - Try...