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Programming Language Jam
$10,000 grand prize
Charrey (19)
ParseLang: The language that expresses itself
# ParseLang _The language that expresses itself_ *(Use the PDF readme for a table of contents and better layout)* ![ParseLang logo](https://storage....
Spacecraft (46)
Increase Your Reading Speed by 2 or 3X - Spritzlet Reader
This reading program speeds up your reading rate by eliminating the need to move your eyes across the page and allows your eyes to focus on a single s...
PYer (3403)
We need questions... PyAssist
Hello everyone! You may have heard some chatter around repl talk about a new project, "PyAssist". The @PyAssistDevs team is working on developing a bo...
LizFoster (605)
Tic Tac Toe
Yes, I have been gone for a while, and I apologize for that. My huge PocketMonsters project has been put on hold for the sake of my sanity, and I want...
minx28 (348)
Password Vault! #WEEKLY
A password vault! Get it [here]( You can log in with, nice and secure, then store as many password...
KobeFF (432)
Hey y'all, I just finished this test that will determine your mental age! Have fun! Special thanks to @CodingCactus for finding an error, and @Ava...
CodingCactus (3067)
2048 (In Python Console)
# **2048** *** # What it is: If you've never heard of it, basically, you have to put 2 squares of the same number together, which will combine those...
JDOG787 (220)
Statistics Calculator!
# Hi everyone! I made this cool statistics calculator! I was kinda bored and also I wanted to make something so that I wouldn't have to find the mean...
DillanSokalczuk (38)
(v0.3_01) Battle Pets!
tl;dr: My first Repl project is a text-base simple RPG game. More will be added later so comeback every now and then :) Hello all! Battle Pets is a...
amasad (2517)
New design -- pog or cringe?
What do you guys think of design update? Here is what it looks like but you can easily open a new repl to see it. ![Screen Shot 2020-08-04 at 8.40.2...
Orca20 (48)
This is the first game I made!
I hope you enjoy my game! You can go fight lots of zombies, skeletons, and trolls! Drinking a potion will give you some health, and every time you win...
CodingCactus (3067)
Typing Speed Test
### How fast can you type? Find out using this test *** # How to use A sentence is shown to you, you have to type in each letter correctly, if you g...
EpicGamer007 (398)
How to save data(Web)
Ok, SO I want to be able to create websites. But I want to create websites which can save data **ON A SERVER**. I have been thinking about 2 options...
CodingCactus (3067)
How to python (GCSE/The Basics)
Made into a website here: <> Firstly, this is a guide on how to code in Python up to GCSE level, as I know...
robowolf (35)
Work - Part 2
Part 2 to my Work Text Adventure Game. There's no bug that I know of. Enjoy. -RoboWolf
Minecraft WebGL Project Core
# Minecraft WebGL Credit to @duck132912 for the menu. Thanks a bunch! ### About This is the final version of my WebCraft and MC-Engine projects. I mer...
JustAWalrus (1124)
Clean Code Introduction
Hello, at the moment I am working hard at a **HUGE** full web dev course with @Coder100 so I needed to get something out here. # Clean Code: An intro...
BobTheTomatoPie (1066) A Website
### Generators You can generate excuses and other stuff. ### Pie Clicker I also put pie clicker on this ### Enjoy -BobTheTomatoPie
fuzzyastrocat (273)
λ — A delightfully hard to read esoteric language
I present to you a little language I made (with similarities to the λ-calculus) that I named "λ". The interpreter was whipped up in 63 lines of (un-m...
Jakman (441)
Professional Python Antics
Ok since you guys seem to like python so much and every other language's tutorials die in new here is something for you braindead script kiddies. # C...
ChezTacoz (297)
What's Your Gamer Tag?
This wonderful program will help you choose a gamer tag so you won't need to worry about thinking of one yourself! All you need to do is tell it your...
Bookie0 (3659)
2K Cycle + End of School Special!!! 🎉🎉
### Salutations children of repl! This is my **2000** cycle special and **end-of-school** special!!! Indeed, **today**, no more school for like 3 mon...
SpicedSpices (255)
All your Code Snippets compiled into One
# Welcome to Codeplates! This has by far been my biggest project that I have made. It has taken me an entire month working on this post. If you are v...
RogueHalo (402)
Ace your online classes with Kahooter!
So, this is a very simple yet amazing program that simply sends a request to get the answers to any Kahoot quiz! Cool Right? It has a few bugs in cre...
adsarebbbad (99)
Snake Game (Java)
after 1 hour of work, i made a snake game in java. arrow keys to change directions, and get the fruit. Don’t crash into yourself OR the wall.
People keep saying smash the like button, here, you can really smash the like button. Also, please check out my other posts. Thanks!
VulcanWM (2124)
Daedalus discord bot
Daedalus is a discord bot which is based on the Greek inventor Daedalus. The main aim of the bot is to get as much land as you can get from the Labyri...
Bookie0 (3659)
4 Chances 🍀 🤞
### Hola everyone!!! Welcome to a collaboration between ** @ChezCoder ** and ** @Bookie0 ** !!! *** #### what is it? This is a hard game of a chan...
Cryptos100 (54)
Password Generator
This Repl is the most efficient password generator that is designed to help you stay protected online. # What does it do? It generates a password fr...
amasad (2517)
🎹 Discord Music Bots Native Support 🥁
At we believe programming should useful, fun, and exciting. Discord bots have been something people loved to make with ever since we e...