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NeilYe (5)
My Bank
This is a ordinary bank "template"
AmeliaBlackwell (1039)
Fishing game
cowboyyall10 (1)
just an input example. this is my first projeca and my first pose.
TristanLeonard (2)
Frightening Argument Reordering
Reorganizing arguments of the same type within an existing method is a little frightening, but if you're going to break a contract you might as well r...
SanaSinha (1)
I used Python, with Turtle to create Fourth of July Fireworks!
bearbearmo (186)
Node.js Impossible Nims AI
This is a very simple and short AI, in total the AI is one line long. ``` else nimstot -= nimstot % 4 == 0 ? Math.ceil(Math.random() * 3) : nimstot...
LeonDoesCode (371)
GUIs in Python
## Games! Not quite. We will be focusing on software interfaces for this one. I know, I know, you all want to make games, but it's best to start small...
jajoosam (700)
SPACE challenge results!
It was so much fun seeing all your submissions for the space contest! All entries were put up on a pretty huge screen at repl.it's HQ - and it was rea...
GameLight (3)
Guess My Number Game
This is a game I wanted to code.
chocolatejade42 (30)
📂 How to create an SQLite3 database in Python 3 📂
# 📂 How to create an SQLite3 database in Python 3 📂 PLEASE NOTE: This article assumes that you are familiar with importing modules in Python and SQL...
LiamDonohue (279)
Website Security Tips
# Website Security Tips: ## #1: Don't Include file exstentions in your webpage ##### Why? Because someone can easily view your code by entering the fi...
awesomearjun1 (7)
how to share repls?
Like what do you have to do
SwarrothOth (1)
How to make a Discord bot on repl.it with C# ?
Hey, i'm a C# dev (beginner) and I'd like to make a Discord bot and I would like to make it on repl, but i have no idea how to host a bot on repl, lik...
AmazingMech2418 (661)
π in TypeScript
I think I'm pretty much doing pi approximations in every language now, so, here it is in TypeScript! The issue with NASM has been fixed, but I still...
DynamicSquid (2247)
#WEEKLY Number 6
Hit some keys on my keyboard, and things worked.
HahaYes (893)
How to run Python?
![Annotation 2020-05-26 114422](https://storage.googleapis.com/replit/images/1590507923273_98fe55480a742b4c7621c15ed83e6477.png) How to run this in Py...
PYer (3256)
A number guessing game. It gives you clues and you have to guess what the number is with a limited amount of digits and guesses! https://repl.it/@ful...
willstellar (11)
# Hi Peeps I'm new to repl.it and still trying stuff out. I would really appreciate it if any of you give me feedback on my WillCensor project. GoTo:...
Lord_Poseidon (156)
#WEEKLY binary arithmetic because why not
So.. multiplication without loops and the operators, huh? ### IMPOSSIBLE Yes, it is theoretically impossible. All submissions we have are just smart...
earwarmers (7)
Phish is Good Yes
The first actual thing I've coded with Python
VulcanWM (1750)
Can somebody just test out my animations?
Can somebody test out my animation? I just need to make sure people like it. Here is the animation: [Upside Down - Episode 3] (https://Upside-Down-Epi...
ericqweinstein (222)
LISP Tutorial: Write a Language with JavaScript
Hi everyone, I wrote a little LISP in JavaScript (https://repl.it/@ericqweinstein/Lisplet) and an accompanying tutorial (https://medium.com/@eric.q.w...
21natzil (1107)
Weekly Repls #38
Hello everyone! Are you guys having a great summer? I know I am! If you didn't see, we're starting a new jam, with a music theme! I can't wait to see...
Addicting Game
RyanRana (189)
Single Player Pong
It's a cool sigle player game of pong.
AmazingMech2418 (661)
ULTIMATE JavaScript Obfuscator
Have you ever wanted to obfuscate your JavaScript code so that hackers can't *easily* hack your programs? If so, this obfuscator is right for you! Thi...
M4cs (22)
Introducing repl-from-cli, a new way to create GitHub and Repl.it Repos with One Command!
I wrote a new command line tool tonight for everybody to use to easily upload their source code to not only GitHub but Repl.it with one command! All y...
xolyon (332)
Slick python OS
Sup replitors you've come upon this post and I really recommend you check this out, and give it the upvote it deserves, thanks credit to @Jakman for s...
HahaYes (893)
For some reason, people aren't really talking about relevant topics in the comment section, but instead advertising their new projects. I think that t...
Coder100 (3041)
Mr. Lápiz
Did you ever want to learn Spanish but Duolingo was too mean and insistent while Quizlet was just cruel? Mr. Lápiz is here to the rescue! It contains...