studentAlfredAl (440)
I challenge all you JAVA CODERS OUT THERE to do this...
I challenge all the people on that code Java, that in EACH post you share, type in #javagang at the end lol don't ask why, just do it XD
SimonHaySutton (0)
Why can't I change my favorite languages?
When I first joined, I picked a couple languages that I thought I would want to work with, but I changed my mind, and I can't change my favorites.
JuanSebastia114 (0)
The sum is not conmutative
lorem ipsum lorem ipsum lorem ipsum lorem ipsum
ReaperZ0v (48)
Guns and Python
A fun little tutorial on how to work with the basics of pandas like series and data frames, but with guns!...
hadthelad (11)
how can you make an if statement based on the difference between two variables
so this is just me being curious but how do you make an if statement where say for example you import random: import random and make random randint...
MihaiTIRZIU (0)
How do you print certain messages based on what you type?
For Example: answer = input('Is maths easy? ') if I say 'no', how do I make it so it says 'wrong answer'?
PythonPrograms (14)
What would it take to start your very own Code Jam or Hackathon?
Very Recently, I have been taking part in some Hackathons and Code Jams. But I have always wondered... # What Would It Take to Start my own Code Jam...
Highwayman (1439)
Github merge
How do I merge a repository if I don’t have an account on github and I just hit make repository
rishirepl (0)
why \r doesn't work in repl. Output should be somesh
#include<stdio.h> int main() { printf("ramesh\rso"); return 0; }
potatojs (816)
hi how to make a thumbnail that contain an img and a comment under this img?
hi i want to know how to make a thumbnail that contains an image, a comment under this image and a border like this with html5: ![examplexxx](https://...
tcscerncarnow (8)
Guess the number 1 to 5
its still a work in progress and this is my first repl
ughleeperson (0)
How do you stop repls from creating a separate main file with random characters?
Recently all the repls that i've been running have been creating another main file that is filled with question marks and other symbols and i don't kn...
NoahJospeh (18)
Text Adventure
Hi, I have a text adventure code that I made, but it gives me an error and I don't know why. Can you please help me out?
YusiruMadurappe (0)
I need HELP
![92289092_554236185196597_7379211512012865536_n]( Pr...
daemonique333 (0)
Could a kind person please help me with my issue here?Thanks
Hi there folks, I'm Sam and I'm a total codingNewbie so if anyone can help me with this I would be truly grateful.I need to complete this exercise bef...
MadPickle (0)
I have a problem with while loops.
# While loop is still true I am making a PC simulator but a while loop is still true. ```python3 print("Login") print("[1]add user") print("[2]load us...
namkim2 (0)
Custom Domain
So I recently bought my first domain name on NameCheap yay! and I made a website using the domain name it keeps needing the www in the name for exampl...
GabrielCuevas1 (8)
Anyone got any game ideas???
Anyone got any game ideas??? thats it thanks
JannaYoussef (17)
Can somebody help me with this Hangman game?
I created a word guessing game in python and would like some help. I would like the code to make it so that when the person guesses the word correctly...
ironblockhd (412)
Does the replitDB id stay the same?
Does the replitDB id stay the same or is there another way to uniquely identify a database?
How to generate random numbers in Python?
I want to make a generator that will provide users with a random number but don't know how to do it. I've tried storing the numbers in a list and usin...
miguellomba (0)
How to view/export generated javadoc files in
I generated javadoc for a repl and it created all the html files but I don't see how to export these files to view on a browser. I tried downloading a...
datada (0)
Is there a key short cut to jump or between Editor and Console?
In Visual Code, ctr+~ lets you toggle between Editor and Console. Is there some thing comparable? If so, does that work with vim mode as well?
jgrif17 (2)
Learning, need help
For some reason I am getting "0 is a palindrome" or "O is not a palindrome". The answer is correct, if I enter 121 the program recognizes it as a pali...
AphixDev (204)
Text based animal catching game
I guess you can say this is like Pokemon. I was bored, so I made a purely rpg based animal catch game! I hope you enjoy! Btw, the -__- glitches out th...
Shivanizvaikar (0)
how to run??
except file any other files are not running how can i fix this issue
Josh4Lovelace (2)
1 of 3 programs for Exercise 4.3B
zhidao (13)
# Help I am making a website that people can **"buy"** tickets from, but I have no idea how to. I have thought a lot about it and I want to have a c...
HamzahAl (0)
Im new to reply, and wanna know if repl could do this
I was wondering if it was possible to draw shapes in repl and put codes inside of them (technically making objects, and giving them a name, that's the...
sjangid (0)
Guess the number
Here is a guess the number repl have fun playing it might be boring.