ThatCoolCoder (14)
Click on the canvas to launch fireworks. Under the canvas, you can toggle automatic fireworks and change the likelihood of them spawning. I didn't ori...
RohilPatel (1428)
No more onclick listeners - ever!!
# Time to ditch the onclick() function!! ## well, not *entirely* I made a function to make this more simple. ```html <button id = "btn">hi</button> `...
SpicedSpices (284)
Renderspice - A 2D game engine for the HTML canvas
To make a game in the browser, there are many choices, but usually the main option is to use the HTML canvas. The HTML canvas is a section of the webp...
Coder100 (11092)
Mr. Lápiz
Did you ever want to learn Spanish but Duolingo was too mean and insistent while Quizlet was just cruel? Mr. Lápiz is here to the rescue! It contains...
ExplosionScratc (156)
JavaScript Weather Utility!
This gets the weather and makes nice little cards with it! Still a WIP.
mwilki7 (1111)
Code Golf - Rock Paper Scissors
I know this has been done on other sites before but I thought this would be a fun one to play with non-code-golfing languages. # Code Golf: Write the...
neevcuber (2)
> "Color is a power, which directly influences the soul" > -Wassily Kandinsky Hello guys! A few days ago I made this color palette project and had re...
joshhies (206)
🎵 An App where you just click and make good-hearing music. 🎵
Well, me and my friend thought that this idea would be cool so we go ahead and make it. By me and and my friend I mean me and B0t. Part we do in thi...
CodeSalvageON (596)
The School Bathrooms
Ok. This isn’t a serious post. Don’t worry. My next project will be better.
AtticusKuhn (233)
<About:Me> Hackathon Submission
### Link visit []( to view my hackathon submission ## About my submission It is a...
CatR3kd (361)
Make your own levels! -Scribble Countdown-
# Hey Guys! A lot of people wanted to help make levels for my new game, Scribble Countdown, so I made a template for it! ## Instructions: ### .ttf fil...
Fire_Kiwi (17)
Yay! It's finally out! Enjoy!!! *Quick note as a clarification, this is NOT my project, is NOT being entered into the game jam, but is solely on re...
ComputingSquid (47)
How come it shows up as NaN even though it is a number?
I'm confused. So this was a project for my Dad to calculate mean deviation. But then i was like yay it should work and the JavaScript looked ok, but...
52eagle (44)
Ask a garbage question, and get a garbage answer.
you might have to open in new tab
AstOwOlfo (227)
#WEEKLY 14 - Conversion Calculator
# AstOwOlfo Converter The most adorable weekly challenge submission for Week 14. A converter starring the star of the show; everyone's favourite boi A...
JamesThornbury (15)
How do I change font/colour in HTML?
how do i change font and colours
Kudos (35)
Unity platformer!
# This is a WebGL game made with Unity on! ## Help fox reach his home! Play it on a separate tab:
RohilPatel (1428)
Best HTML Clicker Game With Upgrades!! (Grades Clicker)
# This is a website for fun > Here, we intend fun full of clicking. **I haven't seen a clicker like this, and thought it would be cool to make with my...
CodeSalvageON (596)
Vaporwave Mall
Thingy I've always wanted to do, ever since sixth grade. Finally did it.
RohilPatel (1428)
Geometry-click Clicker [Game]
# Geoclick What is it? Well, it is a dumbed-down version of @Coder100 's Finger Gang. ~~Props to him for sponsoring this project~~ # Whats the poin...
MrEconomical (2236)
Simple HTML Metadata Template
# HTML Metadata Starter Often it is annoying to need to include all the metadata in your html for each html file you create, which is why I created t...
AdCharity (1329)
Serverless Repl Auth
## This project is in no form endorsed or created by I am not responsible for any: leaks of data, misuse of data, etc. If it doesn't fit or d...
MatReiner (112)
Mobile-friendly JSON editor
I've also included a prototype BCO encoder/decoder for up to 80% compression rates.
CodingPseudonym (41)
A better CPS test
# New CPS test Well a while ago I made a cps test. Now I made it a lot better and added a nice color changing rainbow background. Try to beat my re...
iliavialykh (8)
School Canteen Website template
SBS school canteen website. Please use it as a template to follow along.
RobloxianGreen (7)
Windows Mac (not completed)
Hello, my friends helped me create that OS. Soon UPDATE and OS not completed!
Ravens0606 (36)
2004 Scratch Website Recreated!
This is a *WORKING* recreate of the 2004 Scratch Website! When you click on things it will bring you to the correct pages thanks to Internet Archive's...
CodingCactus (3088)
Access cycles from to put on bio website
Hello, I have my bio website thing ( and as you can see, It has how many cycles i have under my name on it. At the mome...
Viper2211 (83)
A Calculator Template!
# What is it? Well, it's my post for template jam. # How does it work? The calculator works with a display, which has a value of a string. To call th...
userSM (244)
Zoom Meeting Generator
Something I made for fun. Should open up your meeting in the browser, but sometimes might require the app. These links work without the need for a pas...