Flyingcrabs (5)
when is the discussion board ready to use in team
Help. I realy want to create a team thing
aiden765 (12)
random number js
so i tried ``` console.log(Math.random()*10) ``` but i didnt work it returned a decimal i want a whole number
skethini (0)
This is a code that displays my current year's class schedule.
Arnu515 (8)
Real time markdown editor and viewer
Markdown editor with side-by-side preview made using react and flask. If the in-repl browser doesn't work, please visiting the website from another b...
thorariise (0)
Carlos wants to buy a ticket to new york.
thorariise (0)
Luvin Perez Exercise number 2
Powfu (0)
How to merge multiple js files into one file, using js
Ok so i have this here: var Class = (() => { let def = require('./lib/definitions'), i = 0; for (let k in def) { if (!def.hasO...
fujavica (0)
test tic-tac
im just testing tic tac toe and tkinter view
CaliSara (0)
but why?!
I am trying to code a page for school, and i have created a class for my paragraphs. no matter what I do though the first paragraph on my page is not...
PlaySoccer (45)
GAME! Guess the word!!!!!
I spent about 4 hours creating this. What this game does is you enter some words, the program tinkers with them, gives you hints, and then you have to...
orangemonster6 (0)
The saber sim prob
Do problems for saber and maybe get a zrrr.
ValeriuFceru (0)
GI Gacha Sim
Genshin impact gacha simulator with pity system
RobloxianGreen (7)
Linux and JS prompt
Hello, this is my best project in this world. U can do Linux commands and JS commands too! Enjoy.
Duvangamer3845 (124)
please give me a code to get a key and return a event
i am working im a game(secret) and i wanna if a key is pressed return a function(example, if press "D" key return the character moving for the right(I...
Leroy01010 (382)
what's the best way to say goodbye ()
what's the best way to say goodbye i'm leaving for scratch without enraging hundreds of people? (I am working on a project that need a few pe...
afarms (0)
Código Huffman
implementação do Algoritmo de Huffman
techde (123)
Empire tycoon(W.I.P)
HI guys, just wanted to share this with you, I will be releasing final version with @cancrusher later today, mod's pls dont unlisted this for descript...
Muffinlavania (1390)
Welcome to the Muffin Chat!
> Any people out there that know Dank Memer chat? This is a project i made that acts like a bot! Tell him commands, but all commands must start with...
TheDrone7 (1441)
Weekly Challenge #22
Hey there replers! 1 week ago, we started the 6th batch of weekly challenges. And here is the 2nd challenge of the series. So below are the r...
PushkarShingte (2)
Here's another calculator with the option for scientific calculator. Tested and checked. It took me 3 to 4 days to make it and test everything. Will...
isaiah08 (51) file clearing
Does a .txt file that i have written into using python (filename.write()) clear after an hour? I have heard about this but never seen it in action.
Z34L0t (1)
2FA Login option on ?
Hey all! I do not know if this is the right place to post a question, but I'm taking a chance. I miss the ability to log in with extra security on r...
yass123 (0)
Pole Trapezu
<iframe height="400px" width="100%" src="" scrolling="no" frameborder="no" allowtransparency="true" allowfu...
PythoNinja (1)
How to fix a "EOFError: Ran out of input" problem?
Hi! I know it has something to do with databases, but I can't seem to know how to fix it.
bluewolfgh (204)
Online Minecraft!
I have used my Three.js skills to create an online version of the game *Minecraft*. Now, you may be thinking: "This is not Minecraft at all! There's n...
NDcoder (0)
My Factor/Prime Finder
This program finds the factors of the numbers in between the entered upperbound and lowerbound numbers, and will tell you if any of them are prime num...
RayhanADev (902)
Not Good at Particle Effects xD
# Good Day People! ## I Need Help With On-Click Particle Effects Well I spent this morning trying to make a particle/explosion effect in HTML Canvas,...
toxicmodderyt (0)
Spams the doodoo anonymous messaging software "Yolo"
programmeruser (128)
Run command in .replit file not running
In my repl above, I set the run command to build the JS file with React, but it isn't running. Is this intentional or is it a bug?
ufukfidan (0)
database module
I cannot load database modules to the projects I have opened. I use node.js