dhruvPATEL564 (16)
earthlings vs space
a5rocks (801)
(somewhat) dead simple multiple dispatch
Now, I know this is python, and really low effort, but this is a Proof of Concept. PS If you can think of a way for `**kwargs` to work well, I would...
ike_fite (12)
How do I get data from the stuff.json file in javascript
I don't know if I can elaborate further
AustinCharb (6)
Distance Conversion Calculator
Guys! I'm finally done. This is my first real project! Please feel free to fork. Also, please report any bugs or fixes that need to be made to me....
SusanSmith (2)
This is a python program that simulates a vending machine.
ThatCoolCoder (14)
Click on the canvas to launch fireworks. Under the canvas, you can toggle automatic fireworks and change the likelihood of them spawning. I didn't ori...
katyadee (1231)
If you could ask the Repl.it team anything, what would you ask?
It could be about the product, a coding question, or even something personal (within reason)! I'll see if I can wrangle answers for ya.
kyryloorlov (1)
Snake Game
Snake game coded in Python with less than 50 lines of code.
KlaviyoEng (8)
Kick users off (revoke) Multiplayer
Hello! We are working on making our coding challenges remote friendly and are excited to use repl.it! One issue we're running into is that we can't...
RileyScorbunny (4)
this is just something i made and i want to share it!
Thorpedo101 (24)
What is the best language to hack in, and can somebody make a good course in hacking because I want a career in cybersecurity
mat1 (3443)
Flappy Square
I made a really simple Flappy Bird type game using Python turtle https://repl.it/@mat1/flappy-test
angoveos (11)
The sad truth of myself
Big sigh and sad while writing this, I can't code -_-
Renise (28)
Does anyone have any cool beginner ideas of Python games I could do?
I ran out of ideas for games LOL. But, if you have an idea (already made or completely made up) I will use it! I will not delete this post, so if yo...
matthewproskils (346)
Run Js
Type Javascript CODE In The Comments And A Very Smart Person Will Reply A Result
pydevthon (35)
Caesar cipher bot
Encrypt your message using Caesar cipher. Enter your text and key, to generate the encrypted text. Has the Brute Force Decrypt option as well Link :...
RohilPatel (1428)
No more onclick listeners - ever!!
# Time to ditch the onclick() function!! ## well, not *entirely* I made a function to make this more simple. ```html <button id = "btn">hi</button> `...
VulcanWM (2200)
Why is this error occuring?
So I'm making this bot that stores its data in repl-db, but I'm not an expert in repl-db and now don't know why this error is occuring. The error is t...
elijahnik1 (170)
Final(huge) update for coolest AI
this is an AI that I have made that uses both the repls I've made and repls others have made.
0901 (22)
youtube downloader GUI
Python youtube downloader GUI using flask
12608335 (19)
Python Type Writer Effect
**I DID NOT MAKE THIS** i found this code online somewhere i do not remember where and decided to share as it is very useful if you ant to make some t...
JustAWalrus (1161)
Intro to BASH.
BASH is the language used in linux and on mac to operate the terminal, this tutorial will be a small intro to BASH. If you run windows, I will do a cm...
SixBeeps (3221)
Adventures with _ separators (and how I found a bug with the C# compiler)
## Adventures with _ separators (and how I found a bug with the C# compiler) In C# 7.0, a neat little feature called the underscore separator was add...
christianbm1 (16)
OOP Battleship Game
OOP C++ Battleship Game. It's a simple, 1 way game: player battles the computer. There might be bugs. Thanks a lot, Captain!
Leroy01010 (387)
Nigerian independence day
HAPPY NIGERIAN INDEPENDENCE DAY === let's all share this repl and celebrate with some puff-puff, jelof rice and gari with egusi soup and tell everyon...
FluidCycling (60)
Hey guys. Here's our new Deleter Cannon game.
Here's our new Deleter Cannon game. (Note: You have only one option. TO DELETE SOMEONE!)
nywillb (26)
90s Website
Haaruun (97)
Text based game engine colab
I have a idea for a text based game engine that uses yaml files to make a game, you then would be able to post it and others would be able to play it...
SpicedSpices (284)
Renderspice - A 2D game engine for the HTML canvas
To make a game in the browser, there are many choices, but usually the main option is to use the HTML canvas. The HTML canvas is a section of the webp...
immainsane (8)
4. Rock , Paper , Scissors Game , pretty fun.lol
the age old classic game in a program.