RayhanADev (905)
Client-Side, Server-Side Communication Troubles
Okay so I’m new to client-side, server-side communication. Can someone tell me what’s wrong, because I get this error: `Unexpected token “ at JSON po...
Bromynamestars (2)
Hello I started coding since yesterday and this is the game I created.I havent finish it yet.
Feel free to give me any tips or point anything out! Also I want to say that this game was inspired by: @SmartOne ‘s among us game. So credits to the...
TheDrone7 (1441)
Making a discord bot using the discord.js Commando framework
# Discord.js Commando Framework tutorial *First of all, I recommend you all that you first go through the basics of JavaScript and Node.js from anywh...
LucasAllori (19)
Where would I start making programming languages?
I want to make a programming language, but I don't know where to start. (This is not for the jam.) Does anyone know what I should do? I program in Pyt...
ericqweinstein (240)
LISP Tutorial: Write a Language with JavaScript
Hi everyone, I wrote a little LISP in JavaScript ( and an accompanying tutorial (
Alicia1994 (7)
3 chances to guess the number
I implemented a program that picks a pseudorandom number between 1 and 10, inclusive, and gives the user up to 3 chances to guess that number, each ti...
Epicmuffinepic (63)
# MARIO This is a Mario animation that took me about two hours it is super cool. If you have ever played super Mario please, please, please upvote. I...
blbbrayan (40)
Material Login
I built this with my girlfriend on international woman's day. After showing her some sample material design websites and seeing how excited she got...
RedPandaCode (24)
I am Making a Life Simulator...
# Hello!! I am making a __Life Simulator__!! It is far from being done but if anybody wants a specific feature let me know so I can implement it!! Ke...
Ryanand (34)
Your chance to join TestOS2 development!
Sooooo developers get bored. So i wonder if your guys could spice up TestOS2 examples: apps new decor for program ideas submit the program in the c...
FatimaAnjum (1)
Secret number
Using a random number generator, you can get a different number each time. Using hints you can get told to go higher or lower untill you finally get i...
qualladoom (332)
Repler Spotlight featuring our new designer Tyler!
# Hey folks, welcome to this Repler spotlight with @tangert ! In this interview, we are talking about uhhhh Minesweeper, design, and the meanings of l...
Spacecraft (135)
Testing Post
Please disregard. This post is for testing purposes only.
MrMinimax (139)
This is the beta of a game I am making! You can play the beta
52eagle (44)
I ripped this off from a game from like 30 million yrs ago, I hope no-one gets mad at me for being unoriginal...
herrerika (8)
I tried to make a submarine.I hope you like it even though it is a little rough
greninja1357 (30)
train your pet
in this game you can create a pet and train it to be a strong warrior as you fight to the top
katyadee (1228)
What advice would you give to someone new to coding?
In the spirit of our new ask features... * What advice would you give to a newbie? * And what advice do you wish someone had given you? * What advi...
DavidShen2 (58)
Password Generator
Have you ever struggled to create a decent password for an account? Now, those struggles are history with this basic program I created. Just enter the...
JadenGarcia (39)
Why am I Getting an Illegal Signature Function Call Within JavaScript?
Once I call my function called "main," from /script.js, I get an error, why? The code seems perfectly valid, in every single way.
Snake Game
HELLO PEOPLE OF REPLIT! I just finished a pygame Snake game that I have been working on. Also, just as a friendly reminder, please upvote if this wa...
RogueHalo (404)
Have you Mooed Today?
Earlier today I shared a Python Easter Egg and it got a good response from the community, so here you go. Another Easter Egg. (No further descriptio...
ChristianThone (57)
A Slightly More Advanced ChatBot [Intermediate, Python]
# Hello Fellow Replers! Welcome to my next tutorial with a ChatBot, if you haven't seen my last tutorial, then you should [click here](https://repl.i...
eankeen (1388)
Learn ReactJS on Replit! 📙
# Learn ReactJS on Replit!📙 ![react-logo](*y6C4nSvy2Woe0m7bWEn4BA.png) Some of you guys may have heard of ReactJS...
RayhanADev (905)
[Answered] Custom 404 Redirect Page
Hey, it’s Ray and okay, okay I know that Kognise made one before on his FontKey project, and I tried to dissect it but... that didn’t go well. Beside...
katyadee (1228)
✨✨Introduce Yourself! 👋 ✨✨
Hi everyone! Use this space to share anything you want to share with our community - your name, where you're from, what you program in, what brought...
OlauPla (154)
My chat bot!
Hi this is re-uplode of my 'chat bot or console' I fixed stuff! Hope you like itttttt! Also this is not final version this is only to get feedback o...
An online Sketch Pad...
# SketchPad Online So yeah the new project I made is called SketchPad Online, and it is kind of a work in progress. It has multiple bugs, which I mi...
PyCoder01 (59)
Hey it's PyCoder with another intresting project. With this DoS_Attacker you can bring down your own website. Also, if you do something illegal with...
mat1 (3436)
❌TicTacToe⭕ 💻TERMINAL 💻 + 🦃TURKEY🦃 Edition
🤔Ever wanted to play ❌TicTacToe ⭕ in the terminal 💻 with TURKEYS🦃? Me neither, but I made it anyway 🤷 because i want upvotes ⬆ and because of Than...