CodingRobot12 (181)
July 4th Weekend Special
# The July 4th Weekend Special As you know, this weekend is July 4th weekend. So I decided to make a repl that would have fun activities that you can...
mrhallbkk (1)
Flask installation failing due to itsdangerous package not found?
Hi, this was working this morning. Now, my students are reporting the following error when trying to complete Flask-based assignment I gave out today....
JillPythonBeast (1)
Just a little hangman game I made! :P
ThunderPython (36)
Plz let me know that who are ready to join / make a team to make python project
YuvanVighnesh (82)
Weird bug happening
A few of you might have seen my calculator. Recently I have seen that whenever you input a number greater than or equal to 4, the program terminates i...
AustinSiler (1)
I am trying to update a score in a function called in a while loop
import random def shuffled_deck(): basic_deck = list(range(2, 15)) * 4 random.shuffle(basic_deck) return basic_deck def player_turn():...
millah (3)
be my friend
I need some friends to help me developed a website where we can bypass school filters and play youtube videos etc... i have already made scripts to do...
isaiah08 (51)
Really basic SQL problems
Hey i decided to learn SQL, but as soon as i started i got an error. I'm clueless on why this isn't working, can somebody help me? Thanks!
How to read things in a txt file and assign them to a variable(PYTHON).
I am trying to make a system in Python that recognizes your username and password because they're written in a TXT file. Though, I can't find out how...
WilliamLindenbe (7)
The Twin Crystals text game
![Screenshot 2020-05-01 at 11.52.05]( This DnD style c...
bissem (0)
How can I connect database to java swing project
Hi there, can you tell me how can I connect database to a java swing project on
matthewproskils (346)
Why was my post locked?
I posted this repl and I don't see why it was locked:
Imthebestthe (97)
how do you become a moderator!
Moderates of, how did you guy become mods? I was wondering because I hope to be able to help in this diverse community of cool and interesting...
rishabhdhurvey (1)
the turtle code not working as qazi sir told?
the making of square one in the beginning of the video , it not showing in the display?
RafaSikora (0)
ZIP archive contains old (removed!) files
Hi, I found that after removing files from the repl through the console commands like "rm" they are still present in the ZIP archive downl...
katyadee (1231)
🎶 What music do you listen to while you code? 🎶
I listen to Hot Sugar while I write the newsletter. [Here's]( a favorite album. I hear a lot of people...
awesomearjun1 (14)
This program can tell you what the current day is
torokoko (1)
Homework, i need a 50 word description
AndrewQuire (1)
Everything terminal
Contains a number generator, dice roller, and games.
DJWang (1246)
Meet Kan! A talking robot!
This is Kan. I created him on December 21, 2018. He likes to chat with you. but he is VERY detailed. He likes to learn! I hope you like him!!!
RolandJLevy (649)
Node.js and Express.js language translator
This is a Node.js and Express.js language translator that uses an API for Google Translate. Using EJS for templating and Bootstrap for styling. Emojis...
taban1b (4)
web scrapping.
code not complete, i cant print the csv file on my laptop. Help?
mathsdautry (2)
learn and teach
Hello, I have created a module (to begin with Python) for the pupils in my school. But when somebody search it in the learn/teach menu, it is impossib...
kbaumgart (1)
require.cache undefined, require.resolve() invalid function
I'm creating a bot to post to Discord, and looking for a way to reload required modules without having to stop/start the bot. Based on my reading, I s...
Teju999 (1)
Why am i getting error at the 1st line
num=1 for i in range(0): num=1 for j in range(0,i+1): print(num,end='') num=num+1 print("/n") n=5
OfirLiron (13)
Hi, I have created two empty text files, and functions to check if the content is equal, the results is False but the files equal. What do I do wrong...
andliu766 (21)
What is 2 to the power of 10
What is 2 to the power of 10?
Wotevah (1)
WN Tea recipe two
My version the the tea recipe with some changes just for fun....
ironblockhd (388)
Bash emulator!
This is a javascript bash emulator i spent many hours on. Features include: - a working file system - ">"-redirect operator - "|" pipe operator - nano...