Language jam
Programming Language Jam
$10,000 grand prize
SaltyLizard96 (1)
Play hangman or let the AI play it!
9751 (25)
Can you crack the code?
**Crack the code. It's that simple. But also hard. But... IT IS POSSIBLE. I HAVE DONE IT BEFORE.**
nsedler (21)
Linear Search
Made this a few days ago, thought i'd share this with you all!
pole55 (232)
6.F. While: Fibonacci numbers
Fibonacci numbers are the numbers in the integer sequence starting with 1, 1 where every number after the first two is the sum of the two preceding on...
aGlitchyFox (2)
the name says it all, this is a recreation of the classic pong game by the Atari Company in November 29, 1972. and if you are wondering, i did use a...
HarveyH (159)
Thank You!
I am honoured that I have been put on the repl newsletter! I am very thankfull! I am more than glad that you have considered me good enough to be on t...
HarrisMBrad (0) HW Functions & Randomness Practice/Questions/Blocker
Here it is as I still work on it. This is still a blocker... Still requesting help from here: <pre> var inputString = prompt('write some hay stack');...
AH3973 (39)
I made a super fun game! It is very easy to win!
Tell me if you win, and be honest about it. I have no way to make sure you're telling the truth.
KhaledZaben (1)
(Complete) Lesson 2 - Randomness and Rainbows
tfue is my brother
SpaceFire (111)
What does _init_ do in Python?
I think the question is explanatory but i don't know what this function does and i see it everywhere.
bhavika29 (5)
What does strip() function does??????
pole55 (232)
6.D. While: Number of maxima
Given a sequence of non-negative integers, where each number is written in a separate line. The sequence ends with 0. Find how many elements of this s...
ThomasHinkle (1)
ERR_CERT_INVALID - Certificate Errors when full-screening site made with HTML
I've been using in a web-design class and it seems about half the time I try to full screen a student's code, I get a certificate error. Here...
MariaStoyanova1 (1)
Homework; pipes in a swimming pool
Hello,everyone! I need some guideness ... I have homework and the task is,as written: "A pool has two pipes that fill it and volume V. Each pipe has...
JTCG7684 (1)
Can someone explain how multi-threading and threads in general work in Java?
Don't mean to be a bother but I have been learning Java in one of my high school classes, and I am curious how it works. An example code would be nice...
ZobDuTurfu (37)
Yahtzee Score Sheet App
This is a Yahtzee App that you can use to enjoy yourself during your Yahtzee game ! <3 Yahtzee explanations :
pole55 (232)
6.B. While: Greater than previous
Given a sequence of non-negative integers, where each number is written in a separate line. The sequence ends with 0. Print the number of elements of...
SharkFin (31)
Here is the GitHub link: I would put it on but it requires, and some of the modules don't have a web api. Th...
pole55 (232)
Trimorphic numbers
TASK: Write a program to check whether a given number is trimorphic or not? In mathematics a trimorphic number is a number whose cube (expressed in a...
SamuelRooney (1)
Running with Flags Unchecked
This is less of a programming question, and more of a Repl question. So I'm working with template classes (or generics, or whichever other names there...
Custom Email + Database
# Hello, I'm trying to make a **project** where if you type in some credentials like, a user answers the following questions... > What do you want...
bhavika29 (5)
Can anyone help me with for loops in PYTHON???.I'm not able to get a clear picture about it.
caotic (6)
Maybe c++ can to proof little expressions.
I was thinking if is possible to construct a proof using c++ type checker and templates. NO AT ALL. But i try... I can't formalize proofs like this be...
anthonypham (3)
Numerical Sum of a String!
Only spaces and alphabet letters allowed, no numbers or punctuation
dimasxmean (1)
Convert Arabic numerals to Roman numerals
LoganMeyer (3)
Can you tell me what looks wrong with this
if action == "up": if current_floor==3: print("invalid action") elif(floors[current_floor][current_room])== "stairs": else: current_floor=cu...
sugarfi (520)
Teammates for Jam
Hi! I am looking for teammates for the language jam. I have a bit of a language idea fleshed out already, but I am totally willing to change it. I am...
Leazy (0)
line ur elements
hmm i don't see my grid why?
ash15khng (691)
Bitcoin price checker (updated)
The last time I posted this, I mentioned the API is being retired, so I changed API and now have this.