Coder100 (12434)
How to change your username
# How to change your username Please please please **never** *ever* do this! It's basically like deleting your account but you still have your repls (...
AnthonyMouse (56)
Beta IDE
@Battledash2 and I have been working tirelessly for this IDE, called Beta. Still in its Beta version (lol) this is definitely far from complete, but i...
pepelaugh (659)
Kahoot Spammer!
Spam Kahoot Games with bots. Note: Not my fault you get in trouble or something using this tool. # Features: AutoPlay: The bot/bots will automaticall...
CodingCactus (3190)
# TODO List Hi! This took quite some time to make and I am actually very proud of it. #### What you can do + Create an account + Log into that acco...
SixBeeps (3484)
Tips for BGJG2 from last year's winner
# Tips for BJGJ2 ## From last year's winner It is the wonderful month of October, And spooky day's getting closer, Let's look at some tips And neat li...
Vandesm14 (2554)
Spritzlet Clone
I was disappointed that https://www.spritzlet.com/ wasn't totally free so I decided to make my own. All you need to do is look at the red letter to r...
AmazingMech2418 (984)
Introducing: ServerFire!
# ServerFire So, you might remember ServerLight, a previous Node.js server package I created. Well, now, here's an even better version: ServerFire! G...
TejasvMaheshwar (7)
Why there is invalid syntax error in q2.py
Please try to explain in very simple manner to run q2.py type "python q2.py" in shell
adl212 (152)
Hash Your Strings!
Here I've made a site that has an api to hash your strings/passwords so that you can secure it. You can use the site [here](https://encrypt.adl212.rep...
CodingRobot12 (181)
Search Engine v1.1
This is my second version of my search engine and many more better features are coming soon. This has been a very big project and I have used lots of...
mkhoi (309)
The Last Stand #BJGJBoo
The last stand in the heart of your lab against a demonic invasion. Demons will crawl through vents to reach you. They can drop bloodkits or ammo. You...
PowerCoder (713)
If you're bored... Flappy Bird! (Works on mobile.) (And has a highscore.)
If you're bored in quarantine, here's a fun and addicting game for you. #### Cool features: + Highscore system + Good graphics #### How to play: To...
CodeLongAndPros (1536)
RunApp— Run your apps, your way
# I see you've found this. This is runapp, an app to run other apps, and a bad build system. To use this, place `runapp.py` in your project root, and...
DaRubyMiner360 (3)
How to change the file extension for every file in the current directory
Have you ever needed to change the file extension for every file in the current directory but didn't want to have to manually do it for every file? We...
IAmLufffy (2)
Who would like to join me?
Who would like to join me and create fun games, cool websites, or just do what ever? Team Link: https://repl.it/teams/join/ogoqqjfopdfvotbbwfitknejwm...
MerlinKnight (157)
Maze game
A maze game where you have to gather stars. -There is a score system -There are 3 levels so far -There is a timer Check out my YouTube https://www.yo...
CodingCactus (3190)
How To Python Website
# **HELLO** *** This is my first proper html/css/js project that I have done by all by myself (mostly) *** Thanks to @MatReiner for teaching me some s...
matthewproskils (447)
Portfolio Template
This was actually going to be my portfolio, probably still would be, but you guys are free to use it (i know people spend way too much time making por...
gjirtngisnt (8)
Why are there no C++ developers on repl
Axrevyn (273)
Human Worth Calculator
A quick game I made. It takes a survey from you and calculates your worth from it. (This is a joke post, no human can be measured in something like mo...
RohilPatel (1459)
Corona Clicker
# Corona Clicker! > We believe that you need to work together in order to get rid of this corona virus. So, we made a clicker to simulate what would...
minx28 (482)
Interactive Mandelbrot Set
Drag and scroll to explore the most famous fractal - the Mandelbrot set! ![image](https://storage.googleapis.com/replit/images/1606078367793_1d790be2...
TheDrone7 (1502)
Weekly Challenge #18
Hey there replers! 1 week ago, we started the 5th batch of repl.it weekly challenges! So below are the results for the last weekly challenge aka [Wee...
rjohnson2025 (3)
My first post! — A Simple Cookie Clicker
Hi! This is my very first post. Everything is described in the "README.md" section. Please look through that. It has a few questions and it has other...
My First Repl 🎉
My first Repl and its about me!
Warhawk947 (533)
# WarhawkOS! # BETA ### GUI UPDATE # View this project in fullscreen! Thought it was annoying to constantly type "@" every time you ran an app? Gues...
KunalHedaoo (18)
box background animation
this code is for the background animation in the webpage and make it look awesome😎......
sojs (258)
Code Runner
This *amazing* project I worked on with @PYer. # What is CodeRunner? Introducing... The (almost) most bestest, text editor: CodeRunner Probably the...
Muffinlavania (1421)
Welcome to: 2048 in Python!
> But its janky Hi! You read the title im guessing, its the game 2048. This is a game where you use the arrow keys (Or WASD) to move around pieces in...
Enderdragonspy (10)
Quiz(and more) Game!
A quiz game with other options like coolness!