Smart0ne (667)
CSS Transition
Okay, so I'm back with a simpler problem on CSS Transitions. How do I trigger an animation when the element is completely in view?
ZacharyWood (22)
Use this script to translate English -> (Other Language) I have 5 languages right now, but if you want more-- TELL ME
EthanHorowitz (79)
Keyboard Guitar Hero
Moving blocks are coming your way, and you have to press the letter on the keyboard corresponding with the block (v, b, n, or m) when the moving block...
SPQR (563)
SFML on repl.it POC
I, SPQR, have successfully installed SFML on this repl, so that you all may use it for your enjoyment. Feel free to fork this and modify it for your...
BasSpitters (2)
Adding the Coq language
I'm using the Coq language for teaching in github classroom. repl.it seems like a good service to my students. Where do I request Coq to be supported?...
UselessStudios (2)
The Oregon Road
This is A 2020 Remake of The Oregon Trail. This is my first project, so enjoy!
lclarkejhdf (12)
Minesweeper (Game Jam Edition)
# Background This is just something I originally made when I was bored during free periods at college when I had nothing to do; it started with a bas...
DannyIsCoding (690)
Goose Encyclopedia
I made an encyclopedia website about Geese. Thanks @CodingCactus for the inspiration. Any ideas on how to improve the website are more than welcome! I...
lyscodingblox12 (2)
Mommy’s Bday repl
Hi Daddy! I made this Bday repl for mommy. Btw, mommy isn’t even here yet! She is taking FOREVER. See you in 15 min.
lukebowler7 (13)
Draw it
https://repl.it/@lukebowler7/8D just a little program I wrote that should be some fun
MicroSoftHelp (70)
Email Spammer
#Bypasses any anti spam! With the random text that gets put at the end of a message, it is guaranteed to bypass antispam.
DiveshTheReal (76)
What is the best way where Me can learn Rust?
What is the best way where Me can learn Rust?
SharkFin (31)
Pong bot
https://repl.it/@SharkFin/Pong-v2 This bot will play pong against you! It is very easy though so have fun and try to get 1000 to 0 :P
adl212 (153)
AI Chatbot
Here's an AI chatbot I made. Not entirely sure if it is completely artificial intelligence, but if you know how to make this a better program, do tell...
firefish (880)
#WEEKLY 20, Unique Instances inside the Times Table
# Weekly 20, done in golang Input two numbers, (SEPERATED BY A SPACE OTHERWISE SPRINTF WILL BREAK) for example, `3 4`. Then it'll display the table. `...
Wilke000 (504)
I Need Help With @Bookie0's Loading Screens
Whenever I run my repl with @Bookie0's loading screens, the repl just shows an error :(
Spandan14 (14)
Stonks! A new stock simulator/game!
A stock simulation where you will verse a computer. There are 4 computer levels, and only a minute to make as much money as you can. WARNING: Immense...
techde (123)
Sign up???
## Sticky nav? Hi everyone, I have a question about how to create a python Django 2.0 sign up form??? So far I have this:: ``` from django.contrib imp...
LeonGrin (30)
Running a file other than the main file for Unit Testing
I created a test_main.py file to unit test the main.py file. But every time I click "Run", it only runs the main.py file. Is it possible to run a fil...
johnj (33)
Pattern Finder
https://repl.it/@johnj/pattern-finder. Put in a sequence of characters, and it will try to find a pattern! (it can only do simple ones like 121212, w...
tamkerl (5)
I built an account system with PHP
I built an account system with PHP a while back. Here are some features that you can do on the website: * Sign up / Log in * Create comments (if logg...
PasAdam (15)
Do you guys have ideas how I can improve it? I'm really in lack of ideas... Say anything that goes through your head! You can also try to find some bu...
nianp (11)
For my website, how do I keep everything center
For my website, how do I keep my words and pictures center
Is there a way to redirect to a view-source page in vanilla javascript or jQuery?
So I'm trying to make a web browser, and I want to manipulate the Ctrl-U keyboard shortcut so it shows the source of the browser window. To do this, I...
Vandesm14 (2575)
Remove Random Elements [Bookmarklet]
# What is it? Have you ever wanted to break a website without taking the time to learn JavaScript? Well now you can! Just save the "RemoveRandom" book...
Turtle Race
Any comments about this cute race?
Infiniti20 (30)
Why are all the files running?
From what I can tell, `test.py` is running, and then `recorder.py` is running, then `main.py` is running, then `test.py` runs again, and finally, `rec...
ChezCoder (1582)
DONE - Need CSS styler for my project!
So I am okay at CSS but I am very bad at designing. I need someone to be the `styler` for my project (I also need more people for my credits lol). ``...
thenamesh (2)
The Agency Mission 5 Technical Checker
Check if your response can be submitted to Zone Echo.
Kognise (420)
Introducing **DomBoom**, a fun game to raise awareness about deprecated HTML elements. The rules are simple: - Shoot all the deprecated elements - L...