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enigma_dev (554)
🎉 Announcing about:you; !🎉
Hey everyone, and welcome to a new Hackathon! It's been a loooong month without any new Hackathon and no big challenge, so I am happy to finally anno...
mat1 (2867)
Repl Talk Rules and Guidelines [README]
# **Rules** The community is a place for users to share code, ask questions, and discuss coding-related subjects. We're committed to making i...
katyadee (1166)
🐶Introduce yourself! 🐶
Hi everyone! ![waving]( Use this space to share anyt...
JacksonCowie (149)
Have you Mooed Today?
Earlier today I shared a Python Easter Egg and it got a good response from the community, so here you go. Another Easter Egg. (No further descriptio...
rjlevy (5)
Node.js Repl showing up as Bash
Hey Could you help me solve a problem I'm having with this repl? It was originall...
V3rmillionNet (44)
How to setup a .replit file to make an HTTP Server with Ruby.
Hey guys! So not a while ago i had this problem that i did not know how to set up my http server imported from github. I found a solution, but it mig...
M4cs (19)
Introducing repl-from-cli, a new way to create GitHub and Repos with One Command!
I wrote a new command line tool tonight for everybody to use to easily upload their source code to not only GitHub but with one command! All y...
M4cs (19)
How I Made A Jailed Shell Webpage with and an iFrame!
# How I Made A Jailed Shell Webpage with Recently I was inspired by []('s Jobs page. It uses their runtime to host an...
JonMarsh (1)
Error code for some reason?
![ - beginner-2 - Google Chrome 1_1_2020 12_40_24 PM](
theangryepicbanana (1216)
Painting app in the terminal
A (work in progress) painting app in the terminal! Things to note: - it's a bit laggy (upvoting this post makes it faster though). - click the color...
EdvinasJoniskis (2)
Calendar on bash
How do i display the calendar in bash shell? If i type cal, it says command not found. Is there another command for this? PLEASE HELP
JonMarsh (1)
What would the end result of this look like?
Can someone show me what the end result would look like on this question? (I'm new coder trying to learn and I learn better if I see how it is and pra...
JonMarsh (1)
Please help! I don't understand what this is asking me.
Or rather, I don't know how to format it! ![ - easy-1 - Google Chrome 1_2_2020 8_32_48 PM](
JonMarsh (1)
Please help me understand this.
No tutorial video has shown me how to work with multiplying or defining functions with parameters. Does anyone have an example that this lesson is try...
theangryepicbanana (1216)
Experimenting with mouse events in the terminal
A drag-and-drop test. Might be a bit laggy. Upvoting makes it faster
PokemonCoder (2)
Puzzle thingy i tried to use my bash coding skills to make this 10-line puzzle game. first repl.
LINUXFIRE 🔥 THE (NOT YET) OFFICIAL terminal (not an emulator) ITS REAL!
A better linux terminal because its not an emulator its the real deal Has my special tools on it too so enjoy and be responsible with it No theres no...
nham (0)
Preview upon fork and questions with embedding
There are a few things that I'm not sure if you can do. How does one best propose changes to the development team otherwise? 1. When you send people...
proofofconcept (20)
"Object oriented C"
I've been trying to mess with some weird features in C to make it look object oriented. I created that repl (linked), and it defines a struct that has...
Pranay144 (0)
OSError: [Error 122] Disk quota exceeded
Why am i getting this error? Everything was working perfectly until yesterday, Please let me know if this is an error from my side or it's a technical...
nathanHeath1 (0)
editing a text file
What is the command to edit a text file in the bash shell, the nano command is not working
DavidSobolewski (0)
Running a Java file imported from Github
I cannot run Java files imported from Github as I would with files created on Everytime I do, I get the error, "'run' isn't configured in the...
iaj (0)
admin access
If I want try sudo with runner , what pwd should I use , want to brush up some admin commands like create users, dele users create groups, assign acc...
lopecg (0)
Is there a way to paste to the shell what's in my clipboard?
S4NS (0)
google coding is EZ here's my link
CSMaster (0)
Default File Displayed
I am developing a project to translate Psudocode to C++. Because I need to run a python script to translate from Psudocode to C++, and then use g++ t...
rjlevy (5)
Express movie search no longer works
Hi The last time I looked at this repl it was working fine but today it stopped working without me making any changes. I opened it up and it just doe...
JacksonCowie (149)
An APT Frontend
This is just something that I quickly russled up on Github cause I wanted to try all the features for Github to Replit/ replit to github. Its an APT...
GabeEE (3)
Fsociety Hacking tools
Cloned from the github repo. Tends to crash, so use with caution.
SaeedBello (0)
Need help to isnatll this package
I am new using Python and Need your assistance to install this package from Github: Thanks
proofofconcept (20)
Object oriented C part 2
I've tried to boil down the problem of to a simpler program that still fails. It causes an error whic...
KasaiRyane (0)
Need help getting a simple for-loop and string interpolation working
Hi! I'm trying to make a loop which will take a directory of .m4a files, create a directory with the m4a file name, then run 2 different ffmpeg comma...