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PeterGabriel1 (0)
Value of valuable J in for()
I wonder if the value of the valuable "J" is reset to 1 after each repetition? Because otherwise it wouldn't work and the programm would only print 1
yqin_tcspa (15)
Tic Tac Toe
This is a two person game based on the original Tic Tac Toe. Have Fun!
AlcidesCunha (1)
Help please!
I found this solution for the problem of "eight queens" in C, but i cant understand this code and it backtracking. Anyone can help me/
Dave1 (1)
I have a problem with my final code the calculation is wrong and I do not know why this my code: #include int main() { int child1day = 92; int adu
lindseycode (0)
https://repl.it/@lindseycode/FullHummingQuadrant not sure why im getting an error
jagdishhatwar (1)
#include int main() { int a; int b; int c; printf("enter two number add\n"); scanf("%d %d",&a,&b); c=a+b; printf("result of two nos = %d\n",c); retur
ArjunArunkumar (1)
minor bruh moment - generates streams of bruhs deepfried_1560618155919
manishpradhan (1)
Fingerprint Detection
Detecting Fingerprints using Minutia. ANSI C
ManoelWeber (0)
I dont know what i do
If i use a scanf("%s",string[i]) inside for(i=0;i<n<i++). The spaces I use is writed in the string or not?
patricknascime2 (0)
Warning popping up
I don't understand why this warning is popping up. Well, seems like this warning is coming from an array that has two elements.
gcregier (2)
Lock Cracker
My final for CIS161
doohyun0625 (1)
plz help starter, guys :(
I just made codes to translate celsius temperature to absolute temperature, but this code's output is wrong. What is the problem??
MutluTeksin (1)
//Basa ve sona eleman ekleme linked list Muhammet Mutlu Teksin... #include #include struct node { int data ; struct node *next; }; struct node* star
Faça uma função chamada range que retorna a diferença entre o maior e o menor valor de um vetor.
AtulyaSharma (3)
know your personality
this code will tell you about your personality
SylvianBryan (1)
Array Sorting
Any ideas or suggestion why sorting does not work entirely for this program. It sort the index but skip around. Any advice and help would be much a
AtulyaSharma (3)
decoder game
a game where you have to decode a code using the hints provided
SimonLowe1 (0)
I can't add it to FILE TREE So it doesnt work? What do i do next?
ericPERRAUD (1)
LeJeuDuPlusOuMoins 2.0
C'est le même jeu, sauf qu'il y a un choix de nivaux, un menu, et une fonction pour recommencer une partie.
ProgrammerAI (4)
All-Purpose Calculator
This is my 2nd C program. It inputs 2 numbers and adds, subtracts, divides, and multiplies them. It even finds the hypotenuse
ProgrammerAI (4)
My First Published C Program
Hi guys, ProgrammerAI here with my first official program in C that I made from scratch.
please help with this code..it isn't working rightly
#include #include int main() { char a[100],b[100]; char *p=a; char *q=b; int i,j; int c=0; printf("Enter a string: \n"); scanf("%s",&a[
jagdishhatwar (1)
18 AUG 19
#include int main() { for(int i=1;i=i;j--)//it varies with value of i { printf("*"); } printf("\n"); //it is reposible for the new
shaikshafiya (0)
how to save my c programs on repl.it
I have typed a c program how to save that program on repl.it
jagdishhatwar (1)
17 Aug 19
#include int main() { int a,rev_sum=0,rem,x; printf("Enter the number:"); scanf("%d",&a); x=a; while(a!=0) { rem=a%10; revsum=revsum*10+r
Ohjihye (0)
I don't know
why I don't know exactly.. haha wow wow really don't know well
SimonLowe1 (0)
I don't know how to use this Disk File locator on here! Is there Disk space or do you have to do it from modem only?
alkramer (0)
10.10 Binary Tree
I keep getting an exit status -1 on this. I'm not sure if it is one of my functions or what because repl.it is not underlining anything that should be
lnwppoo555 (0)
My first success project