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timmy_i_chen (962)
Rules for Posting - Read me!
Some rules and guidelines to keep in mind as you share your great work on our boards: 1 - Be kind and courteous to others 2 - Make sure that any feed...
katyadee (1134)
🐶Introduce yourself! 🐶
Hi everyone! waving Use this space to share anything you want to share with our community - your name, where you're from, what you program in, what...
SPQR (414)
Procedural dungeon exploration in the console using C++
A sneak peek at my current project. Current features: -non-blocking unbuffered console I/O -Display class to handle treating console as a screen and...
mwilki7 (280)
SoftCPU - Assembly Programming
Ever wanted to write an assembly program on repl? Now you can do it with this program! An 8 MB file is used as memory and a place for the instruction...
Highwayman (38)
I’ve been totally lost lately on what to code, so I was wondering if anyone had some ideas on what to code in c++?
mat1 (2509)
🔴[NEW]🔴 **🎮Play 2048 2️⃣🅾4️⃣8️⃣ In The Terminal💻** (in C➕➕) With *SIXEL* Graphics
2048 YOU HAVE TO PLAY 2048 AT 🎮 https://2048.mat1.repl.run/rob/ 🎮 OTHERWISE IT WILL NOT WORK Capture > 😁 Fun fact: > ⇪ Upvoting this post will mult...
CowNationz (41)
C++ Keyboard InputManager v1.0.0
This expands on @SPQR 's 'NON BLOCKING UNBUFFERED CONSOLE INPUT in C'. This is used to be able to whitelist and blacklist certain keys from being outp...
Highwayman (38)
Exploiting the system() function
That’s right. It’s literally just a bash interpreter now. :) I think. Sorry not interpreter, it just hands it to the shell - still cool though
Edgod (58)
The Best Way To Code (Joke)
How to write code in the most cursed way. Using C++, I've renamed every token and keyword necessary to print "Hello, World!\n" using different variati...
SPQR (414)
Console input which runs in parallel to the rest of the program (and for which pressing Enter isn't necessary) via CPU threading. Just a proof of con...
SebastianOuelle (0)
I created Minesweeper in C++ in the console :)
This was a project I worked on in my spare time in CS class (high school). I added win detection, and lose detection too, which is cool. Try it out an...
SPQR (414)
They've done it, everyone. You can now use ncurses on replit via the shell.
The repl.it team made some changes to the compiler this morning. You can now compile via clang if you use the shell (accessible via the command palett...
Game of Za simulator
This is a schoolkids' game where i come from. Enjoy the fun of a time past your consciousness when you could not worry about stuff. With crosskill, st...
PasAdam (1)
Flash piano ϟ
I created a program to learn piano and I want to make it shorter. Here is it :
PasAdam (1)
faster loading screen
Try to make the loading faster and send your code to: [email protected]
ProgrammerAI (4)
Cost Predictor V1
Intro Hey guys, it's me ProgrammerAI. My mom (check the bio on my profile) proposed me to make a program that predicts the price of a house in a perio...
ProgrammerAI (4)
Encoder Error
Hey guys, it's me ProgrammerAI. I need help with my encoder. i don't know what is going on. please help. just run it and you will see.
CodeRKane (3)
First Sorting Library (Still Incomplete)
Feel free to suggest any improvement :) .... I know there's countless implementation of such program, but I'm just happy I managed to make one .... (w...
GitOverHere (0)
Is it possible to clear the screen?
Is it possible to clear the screen in repl.it. I want to be able to clear the screen after the player has entered some input.
Shaheen_Fathima (6)
Tic Tac Toe Game
Tic Tac Toe Game designed in C++
MichelleA8 (2)
C++ OOP help
I don't know why it doesn't highlight "Circle" and "Color" as valid data types in "Circle.cpp" REQUIREMENTS: • no global variables or constants, param...
pelumis (0)
reverse modified string
ChandlerMorell (71)
Funny Insult Genereator? Maybe?
This generates a random sentence with an insult!
Prime finder with factorial
basic prime finder, cant take more than 6 digits
Highwayman (38)
RUNTIME IS LITERALLY MINUTES! GAH! c++ random numbers and functions
I’m made a function that adds a bunch of modded random numbers together and puts them in an array, but my random numbers keep on being wildly big or n...
YOSHI_48 (1)
Project 0x01
some random stuff i did
theangryepicbanana (857)
C++ dynamic typing
Not sure how I figured this out. Compound data structures coming soon.
Highwayman (38)
How do I use a switch statement in c++?
How do I do a switch statement? I completely forget
GatorGirl (2)
How do you use windows.h in Replit?
I have used #include in Visual Studio before without any problem, but now it isn't working when I copy and past the code to change the text color. Are...
HarveyH (97)
PolyBit is a C++ Kernel (or OS if you prefer that) and is very early in development. How to get your software into PolyBit Just send me the repl (it...
TheRealGMG (0)
Loop Problem!!
For some reason after the spin machine at the end of my code is run and you say you want to login as a new user, the code doesn't loop back to "progra...
ChandlerMorell (71)
Minutes to Eminem Songs
Translate minutes to Eminem songs!