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mat1 (2659)
Repl Talk Rules and Guidelines [README]
Rules The Repl.it community is a place for users to share code, ask questions, and discuss coding-related subjects. We're committed to making it a fu...
katyadee (1153)
🐶Introduce yourself! 🐶
Hi everyone! waving Use this space to share anything you want to share with our community - your name, where you're from, what you program in, what...
littleg0d (0)
how to create a superuser on django
I want to know how to create a superuser in repl.it because it dont work for me :/
katyadee (1153)
This week's App of the Week is designed around creating the perfect music queue. Introducing: Smartify. smartify1 There's no quicker way to make thi...
satwikbhatt (1)
Project not starting
my django project is not running ,it stopped working and still not working even Uploading Screenshot (7).png... after restarting
samdevz (31)
🎶SynthSource: Discover, learn about, create, and share music on a brand new platform!
Are you ready to discover new cultures? Screen Shot 2019-07-21 at 11.28.23 PM Do you want personalized recommendations based on your tastes? Screen...
ShadowCypher (29)
Smartify - A Spotify-Powered thematic album queue
smartify introduction We all know how it feels to be listening to an energetic song and suddenly getting pumped up, only to find that the next song...
jessenaomi1 (0)
dose anyone know how to make something cool in python with turtle i have some experience and i have tried it on my on i just do know what else to mak...
tflet (1)
Can't seem to get MySQL working with my Django Project
So I'm attempting to connect a MySQL server within my Django Project however I either get Package installation failed when I attempted to install a ne...
jessenaomi1 (0)
i don't have much experience with pygame so i don't know where to start with spot the difference game so it someone can give me some ideas on how to s...
kess (2)
Django - Learning Web Development with Python
I have followed the first tutorial by @ArchieMaclean on creating your very first app using Django but nothing happens when I refresh the page or hit r...
VikasTomar (2)
Hurry , this web application is build on django. Working of this project is optimize the text. if wanna the text-transform i.e - Uppercase,Lowercase...
katyadee (1153)
APP OF THE WEEK: SamDevz's SynthSource
Sursdaiye, Replers (that's Khmer, for those of you wondering what that greeting is all about)! Welcome to another edition of App of the Week. worldof...
ZWoodB (3)
Django Website
Hello! I am looking for people to help me with my Website/Application. I am not focusing on the Application itself right now, I just kind of want to g...
ShadowCypher (29)
Smartify - A Smart Way to Generate Playlists
smartify introduction We all know how it feels to be listening to an energetic song and suddenly getting pumped up, only to find that the next song...
venturetech (0)
Can you social media app like facebook with Django framework
tflet (1)
Can't seem to install psycopg2 to get postgresql working
Hi guys, I've been trying to get postgresql working via the use of ElephantSQL. However when I attempt to run it comes up with an error to install psy...
JeetZawab_Ul (2)
Having Problem in making the migrations
I am having problem in making the migrations and creating the super user in Django project in repl.it. Looking forward to have your support. Thankin...
newCrisco (0)
How to use Django Rest Framework in repl?
I want to make an api for my Django project however, the ide is no recognizing the module. How do I stop this, it wont even let me import the module i...
juanfvilla (0)
Hello World it's the first and the last word for beginnig a code
emooji (0)
Weather App
A simple weather app used by a simple API. It took me approximately 20 minutes, as I was rushing. However, I think it turned out well for a 20 minute...
kess (2)
Creating first App with Django using Python
I am trying to create my first app using the tutorial "learning web development w/ python by @ArchieMaclean . However i am not getting Hello world to...
VikasTomar (2)
This Website is used for optimize the text because now a day we need bench of optimization tool . so i try to do my best (website) i know this is not...
MobileManiac (0)
launching built-in Django unit test : how?
Hello, How can I launch Django built-in testing routines ? The Django reference says to launch the command: python manage.py test I don't think I can...
JeetZawab_Ul (2)
Making Migrations and Creating SuperUser of Django Project in Repl.It
How can I run "makemigrations" command and create a superuser in a a Django project in repl.it? Do I need to manually create the file "0001initial.py...
OkayJosh (0)
Am new here, please i need help with runing my django server
laksh5 (83)
Django Project: Word Count
This is my first project with Django. This is called word count. Basically, you just enter some words and it tells you how many words you inputted. Th...