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mat1 (2712)
Repl Talk Rules and Guidelines [README]
Rules The Repl.it community is a place for users to share code, ask questions, and discuss coding-related subjects. We're committed to making it a fu...
katyadee (1157)
🐶Introduce yourself! 🐶
Hi everyone! waving Use this space to share anything you want to share with our community - your name, where you're from, what you program in, what...
AllAwesome497 (238)
MMH: Winner announcement
MMH partitcipants, We are very happy to finally announce the winners of the Massively Multiplayer Hackathon. We, the judges, me, @enigma_dev and @21na...
RossJames (39)
Fetch Request Body Not Logging
Hey! https://repl.it/@RossJames/test-fetch This repl has a webpage that makes a fetch request to a website, in the network tab of chrome, under resp...
RossJames (39)
NodeJs Express tutorial
NodeJs Express Basics! YAY Welp, I'm back! posting again, this time, I have got some web server basics. Even if you already know what Express is and...
Vandesm14 (1218)
A Free Public Billboard
Welcome To Speak! Have you ever wanted to publicly say something to the world? Well now you can! Take a look at Speak, your dream come true!
caiocampos (4)
A new URL shortener Some days ago I created my account here on Repl.it, my main idea was to check if the platform was good to recommend to a friend o...
AndrewPaige1 (4)
Google AdSense
Is it possible to add AdSense to a website hosted on Repl.it?
PDanielY (280)
Multiplayer Challenge
On November 28, 2019, at 3:00 PM EST, I will be hosting a challenge. The challenge is to build a chat system with other people. I will invite you to a...
Vandesm14 (1218)
EJS Example
If you guys needed an example of how EJS works and how awesome it is, here you go: https://repl.it/@Vandesm14/EJS-Example EJS is a server-side render...
jajoosam (614)
Build a WhatsApp bot in 30 minutes 🕐
A few months ago, I'd started making chatbots on Telegram - I'd seen APIs for WhatsApp but they were unoffical and there was a chance for getting your...
TheDrone7 (650)
GoodAnime Hi! This is my submission for the contest. (Barely managed to get it done). About Firstly, this is a link to the website. Nextly, the pur...
SamuelWaller (0)
Using fs.appendFile to log responses
Hello! I am trying to make a simple express site, mostly for practice. I made an HTML contact form, and the server receives it and everything works. H...
timmy_i_chen (1003)
July Competition: Create Multiplayer Games
We're bringing back competitions, and this one is all about Multiplayer Games! Previously we shared Hop Fighter by @kaldisberzins as a shining exampl...
superwhiskers (25)
undertale-themed realtime text chat thing
it's a really simple textchat site with markdown support. i themed it in the style of the undertale textboxes and kept it relatively simple. any time...
MatthewDoan1 (206)
Import vs Require in JS
Hey everybody! I'm currently learning JavaScript and trying o build a turn-based game with Colyseus and Express. However, the Colyseus examples show...
Vandesm14 (1218)
Anonymous Chat
Anon Chat! This is a chatting system which is completely anonymous. The only form of identification is a hex tag, which is only used to provide a way...
MikeShi42 (100)
Two Player 2048: Race w/ Friends!
Fork the repl, and share the link with a friend to race in 2048, side-by-side! competitive 2048 game gif If you're intereseted in learning how it's...
rafaelcastrocouto (43)
3D Online Tag Game
Vanilla JS 3D Online Tag Game
426729 (144)
3D Blocky Jump--Make your own levels too!
--TRY IT OUT at https://platformer.426729.repl.co/ This game, Platformer Jump, is a game where you use WASD to reach the top of a level. Water is blue...
LukeZeller (3)
Problems with Repl.it not able to find module 'express'
Hello! I've been having a problem where whenever my repl wakes up, it throws this error: internal/modules/cjs/loader.js:550 throw err; ^ Erro...
jajoosam (614)
🤟 Skrrt - Music recommendations, done right.
I'm so excited to finally share skrrt with all of you! I spend several hours every week curating my music - I can't rely on spotify recommendations t...
kaldisberzins (281)
My multiplayer game
I know I am a bit late to the party but here it is: http://hop-fighter--kaldisberzins.repl.co/. It is an online multiplayer platformer shooter. Play i...
kaldisberzins (281)
Hop Fighter 0.5 is out!
If you don't know, Hop Fighter is a platformer multiplayer game where the objective is to shoot your enemies and have fun. Ever since it got featured...
rafaelcastrocouto (43)
Space shooter with HTML5 and Node.js
Introduction Welcome to my first web game tutorial! My name is Rafael and I'm gonna guide you in this amazing code journey. First of all I'd like to...
StefanGisi (3)
Interactive Musical Language Lessons
Aloha from Honolulu friends, foes and fellow Replers! Please let me know if my repl is within the boundaries of the rules. I think I might be walking...
SamuelWaller1 (0)
Help with res.sendFile()
When I send the form submission, it gives this error: TypeError: path must be absolute or specify root to res.sendFile I looked it up and things said...
mjshi (8)
Multiplayer Fences
Adapted from the 1991 Windows 3.x classic: Featuring spectator mode & a fully functional queue. Press H for help/instructions, left click to join the...
rafaelcastrocouto (43)
Space shooter
3D Multiplayer express nodejs gif
AugustoFerreir1 (4)
Start Building Bot on whatsapp
megatron0000 (15)
While completing LFS (a book, it stands for "Linux From Scratch"), there were so many packages to install that I easily forgot which package each prog...
Helixable (5)
HTML function Issue?
line 32 of index/index.html is supposed to send a function to client.js. Client.js is not recieving it. What's going on?