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katyadee (1151)
🐶Introduce yourself! 🐶
Hi everyone! waving Use this space to share anything you want to share with our community - your name, where you're from, what you program in, what...
timmy_i_chen (988)
Rules for Posting - Read me!
Some rules and guidelines to keep in mind as you share your great work on our boards: 1 - Be kind and courteous to others 2 - Make sure that any feed...
securethebags (23)
Card Matching Game! Fully animated
This is a card matching game I made using this video from web dev simplified as a reference (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=28VfzEiJgy4) and this one...
MrEconomical (18)
2048 Game and Bot
2048 Game and Bot Hello! I have made a working 2048 game and a bot to play 2048. The game works like a normal 2048 game, except there are no fancy a...
Vandesm14 (915)
Fast & Lightweight Notebook
This is a fast and lightweight notebook for your note-taking needs. Your notes are saved automatically to your device each time you make a change. You...
AshwinBose (81)
Quick Game I made
Simple game I made. Use arrow keys to move. Avoid the blue boxes moving towards you Open in new tab to see full screen CHECK OUT MY OTHER GAME HERE...
AztecStudio (3)
My Website
You can play games, read comics, and do some maths on my website (more stuff to be added with time). If there is a game you want me to add, then reque...
amasad (1502)
Framebook: The Social Network for Iframes
I was inspired by the "Crude, Vulgar, Really Should Be Condemned 'Social Media' site" to make a social network for iframes. The only thing you can pos...
AshwinBose (81)
Jump! | A simple yet fun game!
Another quick game I made. Use arrow keys to move. Aim of the game is to not touch the bottom of the screen. Don't get shot You can jump as long as...
Africa project for school
CodeSalvageON (21)
Crude, Vulgar, Really Should Be Condemned 'Social Media' site
I made this for me and my friends, and over the months, it kinda got destroyed. Please upvote!
glassdemon66 (0)
Does anyone know how i could change the url when i run this is a new tab
When you click run this in a new tab the url https://fun-with-web-devlopment.glassdemon66.repl.co/ shows up does anyone if i could change than and ho...
RojanRagunathan (2)
A website which I made for my School German Project (Written in German)
AdCharity (57)
NOVA_HAVEN Unblocker
:( This project will no longer be maintained and used due to complaints by the school and me not willing to make Nova Haven a reddit unblocker. DriveP...
AlexanderBirabe (27)
I made a basic version of noughts and crosses where you can play against a bot or with 2 players
It's not anything amazing but I'm pretty proud of the basic ai
nulll (84)
A simple idle game
This is something I did pretty quick and it's pretty simple, so if you want to post some feedback in the comments, that would be appreciated! As I sa...
Vandesm14 (915)
💻Git Command Generator💻
For all your git needs. Just input the details and press the button. You will instantly get a set of commands configured for your repository. Perfect...
VincentJames (0)
How do i make a circled dot
Could someone tell me how to make a open circle Feeling: Stuck >???????/??/.........................
TheBough (18)
Wanna play the game Snake?
There might be some bugs, feedback always welcome. Have a play: https://snake.thebough.repl.co/
GabrielArctic (1)
Transgender Awareness Week Website
Just a young trans guy trying to learn code and make a difference. :-)
pythonb5 (28)
Wolfenstein 3D style raycaster in JavaScript
This is a raycaster styled after Wolfenstein 3D, and is based on this tutorial. I'm planning on making a game with it sometime!
JackRayfish (14)
A simple idle clicking game made with Javascript. Please share any suggestions or improvements that can be made for future versions!
Vandesm14 (915)
Custom Keyboard Typing Setup
Have you ever seen stenography keyboards? They allow specially trained stenographers to type really fast. But they're not typing individual letters, t...
securethebags (23)
LOG-IN Page for website (GIVE ME NEW IDEAS?!)
Hey guys I'm posting a homework for my web dev class however I added a lot of functionality my professor didn't ask for lol. I wanted to keep working...
Dayax (2)
Just learning
I need help, I am a beginner and I would appreciate to get more tutorials. Thanks a lot guys for repl.it
OrangeFran (0)
Hey guys, I coded a small Tic-Tac-Toe game js. I recently picked the language and enjoyed it. Improvements are well appreciated! Enjoy.
SaptarshiHalder (37)
Google Play Store alternative: Game Store
Hi I have at-last completed making this website: Thanks to w3school for support. Here you can browse game and play them which are created exclusively...
AnthonyChang (13)
Some project
The game that I have created.
PYer (2514)
Cookie Clicker! Dark theme. Reach 1,000,000,000 cookies to win!
Cookie Clicker (New Window) I have been working on this cookie clicker for a long time. I was inspired to create one when @pyelias created a terminal...
caseabj32qj (0)
I am trying to make a game using Html, Css, Js (I do not know any other languages ): I was trying to make it so that the circle could move anywhere on...
jfarley (1)
My first thingy
Yeah, this is my first thingy. It's cool. Read it. I'll soon be moving on to cooler stuff but as of now this is all I got for you.
VincentJames (0)
How do I insert an image? ______ Feeling: Confused