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Rules for Posting - Read me!
Some rules and guidelines to keep in mind as you share your great work on our boards: 1 - Be kind and courteous to others 2 - Make sure that any feed
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🐶Introduce yourself! 🐶
Hi everyone! waving Use this space to share anything you want to share with our community - your name, where you're from, what you program in, what
dedyshka54 (2)
самый пажилой сайт в мири очень пажилой дед инсайд заходите
IzanLarumbe (28)
Loader Fail
Hi, i am trying to make my own version of osu-web. And i imported the Open Source project to my repl.it space. The main problem is that whenever i try
Gerardo123 (1)
Domain linking, please help does not work it has been over 48 hours
(IGNORE THE CONNECTED REPL, just didn't want to share the website's code that I had a question on!) Hello I bought a domain from godaddy and I tried t
FranciscoJimen2 (1)
Problem with "run" option
Hi everyone, I've had some problems with the "run" option, I'm coding in HTML and I always try to see my changes in real-time, but since yesterday thi
KaysenMcElroy (2)
i dont understand my 7th grade coding teacher can someone help meh plzz
Anthony_Tonev (78)
🎵 📦 Music Box Editor 📦 🎵
A simple editor for creating music box melodies with an animated music box that "plays" them for you. Very basic: Just click on the diamonds to gener
raghavm (68)
Music Jam Results Algorithm! LEAKED!!
Below is the official algorithm used by https://repl.it to determine when the results will be final: while(true){ if(day == "Sunday" && time == "11:
TeraXploits (0)
Problems in output.
image First of all: I am trying to copy this website inside repl.it for personal use (I own a school bypassed games, and i know that as soon as more
tepihiwhiu1 (0)
This is my first repl.it website
can you guys give me some advice on how to change my name without it messing up my buttons
mwilki7 (204)
Fourier Circles
I saw a really interesting video about a visual representation of Fourier Series. I really wish I saw this before learning about Fourier transforms. F
ryaalbr (6)
My Personal Website
I made my own personal website. There's not much, but I'll add more to it over time.
SolarBoom (75)
Woogle: The Word Google
TemperanceKamil (1)
The Fox
A fox how likes to trick other animals for his/hers own benefit
raghavm (68)
Influxion - A Rhythmic Platformer
Project by @LehuyH and @raghavm Influxion - A Rhythm Driven Platformer The only skill you need is your knowledge of a song! Links: Click HERE to pla
Equation (174)
Three Ways
Hello ! This is my three ways game. You can move the ball with k, l, and m or arrows. Press enter to play and retry. It's better to play in a new tab.
EchoCoding (252)
I made animated headphones that model the ones I wear in real life. For the REPL Music Challenge, I decided to give my project a little twist with a r
WebCraft - A Online Minecraft!
MINECRAFT! IN A WEB BROWSER! AWESOME!!! It's a fun, simple game that you can do many things in! Just try to
joshhies (147)
🎵 An App where you just click and make good-hearing music. 🎵
Well, me and my friend thought that this idea would be cool so we go ahead and make it. By me and and my friend I mean me and B0t. Part we do in this
liagibb (1)
Shop Solution
I edited an ad for a shop. I added an image, and unordered list, and made some adjustments to the overall layout of the ad.
MatthewStirling (106)
Here is my entry for the Game Jam - Swing! (yes, you have to shout it) The gist is pretty simple - you swing around using a grappling hook and you mu
BenjaminNamika1 (20)
CodeGroups post page
Finished project over 500 lines!
Luisfetoga (117)
Goblin Hunter
Hello! This is the game I created for the game jam: Goblin Hunter. There are 2 players, the idea is to hunt (touch) the goblins that appear on the map
lsambrook (284)
MEME Website
I have made a website on my own, and I have decided to share it to you guys on replit. Enjoy and don't forget to open it in a new tab with the symbol
PCL (240)
Lost souls don't come back.
This is a small game with many endings, that I made in repl.it for the game jam. I made this in one day. Please enjoy. I am not going to spoil the gam
caseabj32qj (0)
Hello I am very new to this website, and I was wondering if somebody could tell me how to link a variable to a button. so if the clicked the button it
canteventhink (21)
Hey, you said music. This was the first thing that came to mind. It's ironic the button to submit this says "Let's rock and roll." But yeah, hope you
TheImagin33r (18)
Snek - Snake but better!
I built a snake using HTML. I need to still work on: A score counter - thx @kaldisberzins More blueberries at a time - added by @kaldisberzins more fe
mwilki7 (204)
Canvas Basketball
Time your jump and shot to make it into the hoop. Press Space to jump, S to shoot F for solitaire mode W for walls C to clear screen of all balls D fo
Mooopy (61)
██💎Empty 3: Endgame💎██
NOTE: THERE ARE NO ENDGAME SPOILERS IN THIS POST. There have been many generations of Empty before this one. The legend begun with @mat1's infamous "
ThomasS1 (48)
JS (+HTML) - how to save (leaderboard) data - for music jam!
Hi everyone, I'm making a game for the repl.it music jam, called Name That Tune. The code is here. I've made the game itself (although I need to add