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Some rules and guidelines to keep in mind as you share your great work on our boards: 1 - Be kind and courteous to others 2 - Make sure that any feedback you provide is constructive. 3 - Outside links are allowed, but you must provide the source. Ideally, things that you post will have been created on 4 - Avoid posting overly promotional material - the focus is, and always will be, a programming, learning, and collaborative community. :) 5 - Don't spam! Keep things SFW (Safe For Work). We may revoke your access to these boards if you are found to be in violation of any of these rules. Feel free to ask clarifying questions. Last updated 7/10/18 12:09 PST
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🚨THE THEME IS MUSIC🚨: WIN $5,000! We're having another competition!
### Friends, foes, loyal Replers, Boy do I have some news for y'all! On July 1st, we're kicking off another competition and the stakes are higher than ever. ![richrichrich]( **Types of programs accepted:** *Any.* **Theme:** MUSIC! **Rules:** As always, *must* be original content & MUST be created *and* hosted on **Prizes:** $5,000, $2,500, and $1,000 **Dates:** July 1 @ 00:00 PST to July 21 @ 00:00 PST **Judge:** Tom Lehman, the CEO of Genius ## To submit, all you have to do is share your repl on [Challenge](! Check out [our FAQ]( if anything is unclear or you have any questions. And feel free to ask anything you need there, too!
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🐶Introduce yourself! 🐶
Hi everyone! ![waving]( Use this space to share anything you want to share with our community - your name, where you're from, what you program in, what brought you here... whatever you're comfortable with! Can't wait to get to know y'all. 💖 Katya
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all you have to do is play it go to how to play and read the instructions
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🎵 📦 Music Box Editor 📦 🎵
Simple editor for creating music box melodies with an animated music box that "plays" them for you. Very basic: Just click on the diamonds to generate a note and press play. There are some featured melodies included. * As a bonus I have added a database - it's a separated repl because I don't want the player to load longer. My official submission is the Music_Box_Editor, the DB is just a storage for notes that I can't finds space for in the actual application. To find more melodies or if you wan't to submit one to the database - click the button "MUSIC BOX DB". Fill the form to submit or press the magnify glass and copy the note data. Load it in the player - it will figure out the number of blocks and the type of the melody - but the delay is up to you (either use the optimal one suggested by the creator in the database post or the one you feel plays best). * The note sounds are from Animations are created by me in After Effects and exported as SVG animation which is then played in the browser with the lottie player. Make sure you tune-up the box when first loading to cache the sounds for better first preview. Features: -edit notes -play speeds -save notes and load notes -generate random notes -tuning up the music box -copy notes from sheet and auto-paste on next sheet -add new block "+" and delete block "-" or press "++" to generate N blocks from input and "clear" to delete all. -move notes with arrows -switch between two sizes of boxes - mini(9 notes) and grand(15 notes) from the cowbells button switch -toggle hold notes -two preview modes - show one block at a time or all blocks being visible while playing -mixing notes - combines two or more pieces together of any type. -build-in tunes: Ode of Joy, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Star Wars Theme, Jurassic Park Theme, Elf Song. note mixing feature user guide - paste notes on load input field and press +add -then put another one and another one and so on. Every time +add is pressed, load input field will be erased and the piece will be added in memory. When all needed peaces are collected - press mix'm button - this will merge all pieces together and the final type will be the one of the last piece. However don't mix mini with grand type (doesn't sound very good) - mix same types of pieces together ( mini + mini , grand + grand). Then all you have to do is press play - no load necessary. Bonus features: --save notes to a database My idea was to write an app that is simple enough to be beginner friendly so anyone can learn to write simple music peaces without knowing complex note notations and also have an open source note sharing system where users build melodies on top off or inspired by other users melodies. Works best on desktop with chrome in full screen repl view. ![image]( ![image](
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Play chess and listen to music
Listen to the extremely relaxing and very quiet "ode to joy" while playing chess. Try playing chess while the chorus starts screaming. # Note UCI notation works like this: square the piece came from to square it went. For example: * Pond from e2 to e4 is e2e4 * Promotion from e7 to e8 (promoting to queen) is e7e8Q
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search in the search bar and enjoy the videos watch all you want
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Fruit ninja clone game made with PhaserJS
I started to use to developt my html5 games :) ![Screen Shot 2019-07-12 at 10.02.30 AM](
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Canvas Basketball
Time your jump and shot to make it into the hoop. Press Space to jump, S to shoot F for solitaire mode W for walls C to clear screen of all balls D for debug info Smartphone controls: Touch down to jump release touch to shoot New "Clear balls" button added (I should have added this long ago) - Thanks democat for the feedback Also added hotkey for it, along with a scoreboard - Thanks ebest for the feedback
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I made animated headphones that model the ones I wear in real life. For the REPL Music Challenge, I decided to give my project a little twist with a recent update - when opening up the website, music will begin to play! This project was done entirely by myself, @EchoCoding. Please up-vote if you liked it - it'd be greatly appreciated!
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Hey, you said music. This was the first thing that came to mind. It's ironic the button to submit this says "Let's rock and roll." But yeah, hope you enjoyed this :)
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Why won't my CSS nested element rule work?
In my CSS code, I created a rule that only affects `#banner .content h1` but it simply does not affect the h1 with id="banner" class="content"
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Musical Waves!!!
YAY!!! ---------- Introduction ========= Welcome to my project, _Musical Waves_. I created this project by myself (not a group project). In this program, you will journey into a new world filled with magic and some other amazing stuff. Actually, in a much more realistic point of view, you will waste time staring in awe as you watch lines dance across your computer screen representing different types of oscillators generate sound wave patterns and listen as the beautiful world of music takes over your mind (more like the sound of the sine oscillator gets stuck in your head for the rest of your life). Instructions ========= ![Screen Shot 2019-07-08 at 6.37.42 PM]( The wave displayer on the top represents the wave created from the overlapping sound waves, whereas the displayer below that shows you multiple sound waves drawn on top of each other. _Note that this can only display four sound waves plus microphone input for performance purposes on the bottom wave displayer, however it still adds the sounds into the output sound._ When you click `Add Oscillator` or `Import Audio`, some controls will appear at the bottom of the screen. You should be able to figure them out yourself, so I haven't added labels yet. Have Fun Experimenting!!! ==================== Also remember this is still a work in progress, but it the current part of it works great, so feel free to give me any suggestions or tell me if you run into a bug! One More Thing ============ The microphone input only works if the program is opened in a separate tab, (not in this page) Please feel free to look through the code if you are interested!
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Clone of
Type like a hacker in the browser. Enjoy and vote. ![1_XYL3uiKBKSvLaNtbJOpa0Q](
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WebCraft - A Online Minecraft!
MINECRAFT! IN A WEB BROWSER! AWESOME!!! It's a fun, simple game that you can do many things in! Just try to explore!
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Three Ways
Hello ! This is my three ways game. You can move the ball with k, l, and m or arrows. Press enter to play and retry. It's better to play in a new tab. I hope you will enjoy it. I'm still working on it, so it's not finished. I will add a system to change the size of the game on the screen, change the menu screen, and add a config to move with the arrows. You can tell me if you find bugs or things to improve. __If the screen is oversized, you can go to this link :__ You enjoyed the game ? Don't forget to upvote ! Now available : gold rush ! Go on the paddle to earn gold ! Have fun ! (Sorry for my bad English, this game comes from France ;)
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MEME Website
I have made a website on my own, and I have decided to share it to you guys on replit. Enjoy and don't forget to open it in a new tab with the symbol (" little square with a diagonal arrow ") because it's way better that way. Also don't forget to put a comment like a suggestion or an appreciation or something like that, and it will be very nice it you could vote for me on the top left. ** It is very important to open in a new tab !! ** _____________________________________________________________________________________ **For the challenge :** 1 - Hit, press or smash the **space bar** on your keyboard while you are on the main page and it will show you this : ![image]( - Keep pressing the **space bar** until you get to the end of the "story". 2 - Again, for the challenge i have made a page where you will need to press the **space bar** to get some photos memes, press this : ![image]( ** I hope you will enjoy and if you do, don't forget to up vote! It will make me happy**
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Rap & Fame
There are 8 Rappers and there bio. Made by myself.
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A geeky way to say “Happy Birthday”
It’s my friend’s birthday. I plan to send him some JS code that when pasted into DevTools plays the happy b’day song. This is the result. (Solo project.) - I used Web Audio API to create a simple music box. - Developed this in by creating a “Preview” button to let me test the code to copy. - Melody and chords are encoded into CJK characters to “disguise” the Happy Birthday song. The first 47 characters are the melody, the rest are the (broken) chords. - To not pollute the global scope, while being concise, local variables are declared as default parameters. e.g. `((paramX, paramY, localA=1, localB=2) => …)`. - The `t(f, b)` function plays a single note of frequency `f` at time `b`. - Each character is processed in forEach loop. The index is used to determine when to play the note. HBD @phoomparin!
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Here is my entry for the Game Jam - Swing! (yes, you have to shout it) The gist is pretty simple - you swing around using a grappling hook and you must avoid dying. Don't touch the red blocks and don't get shot by a Turret (duh). Play through the Levels or enter the Arena and try to survive. The way the game relates to the theme of Cash is.. uh.. you get to keep your cash because this game is free! For the best experience, open this link in a new tab: Full DevLog: version 4.2 - current (17.04.2019) - added guided missiles - added rope block wrapping - added level 4 - added explosion recoil - changed turrets appearance - added idle turret animation - added arena menu display turret behaviour version 4.1 (13.04.2019) - added practice mode - altered arena to account for easy winning strategies version 4.0 (12.04.2019) - added explosions - added super predictive turrets - added arena survival mode - added level 3 - redesigned menus - got rid of title card animation - added bouncy bullets - added death animation version 3.0 (05.04.2019) - added a main menu - added buttons - changed appearance of predictive turrets - made level 2 final challenge easier - added peak text version 2.0 (30.03.2019) - added level 2 - added turrets - improved hook sticking mechanic - changed controls (again) - optimized forces (jump strength, friction, drag) - added predictive aiming - removed 3 challenges from level 1 version 1.2 (23.03.2019) - added title card - added safe area at beginning - added checkpoint text version 1.1 (23.03.2019) - added 3 more challenges (total now 13) - made controls more intuitive - added checkpoints
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Goblin Hunter
Hello! This is the game I created for the game jam: Goblin Hunter. There are 2 players, the idea is to hunt (touch) the goblins that appear on the map, first to 20 points win! Player 1 moves with the arrow keys, and the Player 2 with WASD. Feel free to give feedback, if you want, you can look at the source code, I added comments so it's easier to understand. I recommend playing in a new tab/window.
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Press Space for FREE 👏 MEMES 👏
# [FREE 👏 MEMES 👏!]( How can you say no to that? 😊 It has a nice style (I made the CSS, it's not gonna blow your mind), a bunch of content from Reddit, and you can even see how many upvotes a submission has and who uploaded it. It takes a random submission from a given subreddit (defaults to r/memes) with the reddit API when you press space. I am not responsible for any weird things you see there. [Have fun](! Some recommendations: + memes - get free memes! + dankmemes - a more abstract alternative. + me_irl - selfies of the soul + unixporn - woah those are some epic Unix setups! + programmerHumor - some programmer jokes + dadJokes - sorry for that one + programmerDadJokes - same but for programmers + anything else on Reddit... ![freememes](
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🎶🎵 FEEL THE MUSIC 🎶🎵 (version 2)
**Hey guys !** I present you my **Feel the music website**, I made it all by myself using a template that I modified. **Please upvote if you like it.** FOR NOW It tells you about music in general and what I like the most in music. It is the Beta version of the full website, I already have some good ideas of what I will be making, what type of pages I will make. New stuff will come out everyday so stay on alert. If you have any suggestion or ideas for me to improve my website please tell me everything you are thinking of. _____________________________________________________________________________________ **New page** : About groups, go and check it out. _____________________________________________________________________________________ I hope you will enjoy it and thanks for reading ;)
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Lost souls don't come back.
This is a small game with many endings, that I made in for the game jam. I made this in one day. Please enjoy. I am not going to spoil the game.If the character moves slow, it is because of your computer. If you like this submission, then check out: .
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Qake demo
This is a threejs demo of pixelized games. This is how i made one of my games ... - code at . Click recreate to make your own game and add your own js and css. Original content by Magnus - LINK: Post by: @vvc
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CROWDSOUND. Music. By People. For People.
“When plain words are not enough to express the heights of your feelings, add melody to it, a grandiose harmony, plus a great amount of authenticity and you’ll know the maestro deep inside bringing forth the hidden things to be seen and heard as exactly as they are.” - Anonymous Imagine a world where music is produced and listened to because of, well... the beauty, the art, and the expressiveness of music. If you could dream of a world where music are composed without the extra baggage of seeking for wealth, fame and popularity, it will definitely be a world with different songs and music compositions than ours.. This is what CROWDSOUND is all about! It is a platform where songs and music compositions are owned by the people for the people. CROWDSOUND is an open-collaboration to music production. You thought of a song lyrics and title? Write them in CROWDSOUND and invite or just let other interested people contribute by uploading, say for example, guitar, bass, or drumkit tracks that could be used to produce the song. But what if someone else prefer a different guitar track? No problem, let him/her upload or choose from the uploaded tracks of other people and have his/her own version of the song. In CROWDSOUND, everyone is free to contribute, everyone is free to listen. It is the place where everyone could make playlists from the songs of the people! By the end of the competition, the application allows: * Users to initiate a song * Anyone could contribute by uploading tracks (voice, guitar, drums, etc.) * Users could choose and generate the song based on the available tracks * Users may choose to * Play the most liked version of the song * Play a chosen version of the song from another user * Play own version Don’t forget to upvote!
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██💎Empty 3: Endgame💎██
**NOTE: THERE ARE NO ENDGAME SPOILERS IN THIS POST.** There have been many generations of Empty before this one. The legend begun with @mat1's infamous "Empty" and continuing on with none other than "Empty 2" (wow, what an original name) by @eankeen. However, I plan to finally end the saga with Empty 3: Endgame. That's right, the **ENDGAME**. No, I did not steal this from Avengers, I haven't even heard of that before. This is the Endgame because it is truly the most ultimate of all Empty repls that have preceded it, and provides a much more empty experience. Edwin, aka. eankeen, attempted to expose the lies of mat's "Empty" in his post, but that is not the empty way. He was showing anger and annoyance in his post, while what is truly required is simple emptiness and discipline. That is why I will abstain from condemning either of them, and simply explain why my Empty is the ultimate adaptation. # The Infinity Files The six infinity files were created before the universe itself: *, giving the power of TensorFlow, data analysis, and the power to develop machine learning algorithms. ![mindpy]( * Power.js, boosting any plain HTML and CSS web page with immense power and abilities to do things that plain HTML/CSS would never in their lifetime be able to accomplish. It is the front of the frontend. ![powerjs]( * Reality.css, shaping reality and defining the color, boundaries, and senses that we experience in our everyday lives. Without reality.css, the world would be a dull void. ![realitycss]( * Soul.png, shaping all of our souls and giving us hope for the future. When you look at a meme that is in a .png format, you can't help but feel relieved and regain your hope in humanity. ![Capture]( * Space.txt, which is an empty text file just like the void of space. Think of how much space can be saved by having an empty text file instead of text files with characters in them! ![spacetxt]( * Time.csv, providing all of the data of the history of the universe and of time itself. Time is documented within .csv, making it a great file to hold the time stone. ![Capture]( # The Power of the Files I, Mooopy, plan to use these Infinity Files with my Infinity Repl to wipe out all input and create perfect emptiness, thus saving thousands of gigabytes in storage and allowing us to save our resources. With the power of all the six stones, in combination with index.html, the gauntlet that binds them all together, I hit run repl. ... And what do you know? It's true emptiness. Nothing. A blank white canvas. But wait! You may be thinking ... what about the output? Well, if you switch over to the console tab, there is also nothing there! Not even a line telling you the version of the language or anything! And thus, thousands of EXABYTES of data can be spared and replaced with emptiness, which takes up almost nothing. My work here is done.
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Ring, my entry for the <space> competition, is a simple web app that adds a spinning ring with random properties (e.g. color, thickness, size) to the screen. Here are some pictures I took of what this can look like: ![img1]( ![img2]( ![img3]( remember to upvote if you like this!
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Use ASWD or the arrow keys to move.
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Superstar© SongWriter
### Ever wanted to become THE next big superstar? With Superstar© SongWriter you can"! When I heard about the music jam I was really excited! I have recently taken a statistics class and wanted to toy with music lyrics and bigrams! Perfect match! This is my slightly sarcastic take on modern-day advertising. I am not a designer and do not intend to hurt your eyes with my choice of colors =). The site is best enjoyed when it is a bit larger, so you can see the background image (just pull the code lever up). I hope you guys enjoy it and become the next big superstar! I would be honoured to land any place at the jam! The money (if any) would go to [open-source]( of course. DISCLAIMER: I take no guarantees for any bad wording included in the chart songs =)
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