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OliverZhang2 (0)
https://repl.it/@OliverZhang2/Java-Exercise-21 I don't know what I did wrong
RiyaJain (0)
I can't run any program except for the one provided to me.
I am unable to run any programs except for the default Main.java program. I tried to create another .java program with a main method called Hiya.java.
JohnnyHo1 (0)
I am trying to get this code ran correctly but it keeps on telling me an error? I have saved the file as MyFirstProgram.java and this is program is fr
CameronPelkey (0)
How to add
I am trying to add, here is a link to it: https://repl.it/@CameronPelkey/WhisperedRespectfulBooleanalgebra
dantehaji (0)
why wont it run
import java.util.Scanner; public class Circle { public static void main(String[] args) { //declarations Scanner scan = new Scanner(S
farkhad (0)
Printing double as integer if there are no decimals
Why "s1" and "s2" are different in the provided example code?
JavasLava (0)
How do I make multiple classes and name them in java?
Whenever I make 2 classes I sometime's put Main as its both of there names, but then I create an Error, So I obviously rename the second class, but it
LewisSun (0)
cannot find symbol
im not sure what is that, i'm learning, it work on teacher's example, but mine says cannot find symbol... teacher is not here but I need to finish...(
JaedanSmith (0)
I Keep getting 1 compile error everytime I Run,
I need help discovering the 1 error i keep receiving when i run this java script
MdKhalid1 (0)
given a digit n as input print digit n, n number of times on screen. example :- 55555
silasoyewale (0)
what is the task?
Please I am confused. What is the task to be coded? I don't seem to know what the question really is.
QTTipsy (1)
the four fours equation from 1-10
For a class project i used the most basic coding to code this mostly a math challenge
luseufert5 (1)
My code does not work after being transferred to replit
I coded this in* Eclipse* but for some reason, it is throwing out random errors on Repl.it that it did not have when on Eclipse
Wendigo0937 (0)
How to play sounds in java
Hello there, I am trying to create a program (in java) that takes input representing music notes, and then plays them back. In order to have this prog
golazo08 (0)
Creating and running a public class
Why does my public class SecondClass not run? Do I always have to use public Main? What if I want to create and run a public class?
lamchau (0)
REPLs creating using OpenJDK
Each time I create a REPL from my account it uses OpenJDK, previously it was running JDK 1.8. How do I switch runtimes? (OpenJDK doesn't support JUni
DeliciousBurger (0)
Fix please
If anyone could fix my code so if the input is equal to a list it will print out the message below it. https://repl.it/@DeliciousBurger/MildHeftyCell
blancosj (0)
This is cool and it would be cooler if it implemented git
This is cool and it would be cooler if it implemented git
nikhilsir786 (0)
how to transfer code to github
i m suffering for code transfer to github how to give extension or how to manage
BriannaScott (0)
breescott code
https://repl.it/@BriannaScott/cmis141-hw-1 i cant seem to find the error in my code says only one error could you be another set of eyes for me pleas
IsaiahLarkin11 (0)
Computer Science A Activity classroom assignment
kusumajati51 (0)
interview testing for new job and new opurtunity
VuDo (1)
(Java) Could not find or load main class Main
My program works as intended on my IDE IntelliJ but couldn't run on Relp.it. I don't know why. Any help figuring out would be appreciated.
Semester Grade adam zhu
average average average average average average average average average average average average average average average average average average averag
LukasDerBoss (0)
the fluss
I am from germany but i have not the greatest english, o.k. I learn this with my teacher sp i can speak good bald
GabiSilva (0)
Exercicio unidade 3
Esse java foi descrito para calcular a soma dos numeros
marthatovar55 (0)
find a mistake
Hi, this is the first time I'm using Java and I can't find what is the error in the code. I would appreciate any help. Thanks
KennethChamberl (0)
A and B are playing a game. A is trying to equalize B, but B keeps running away up in numbers. However, he then runs off a cliff and dies.
Arithmetic Assignment
Trying to find the correct coding for java to solve a math equation.
RehanRizvi (0)
jagged array
playing with jagged arrays