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mat1 (3146)
Repl Talk Rules and Guidelines [README]
# **Rules** The Repl.it community is a place for users to share code, ask questions, and discuss coding-related subjects. We're committed to making i...
katyadee (1172)
🐶Introduce yourself! 🐶
Hi everyone! ![waving](https://storage.googleapis.com/replit/images/1561489787610_61c528ae0267ed2696f0c625ff66db6c.gif) Use this space to share anyt...
gantr833 (159)
First to 21 loses.
In this game you will be playing against an AI. You can raise the counter by 1, 2, or 3. Then the AI will go. If the other person reaches 20, you basi...
karthikkhatri (25)
Have fun with this simple ai game 💯💯
it's pretty self explanatory all you do is click run and do what it tells you to do.
Vandesm14 (2167)
Javascript Repl is HERE
Fork it to use it! It's the old JS repl, back again! I had this lying around and decided to give it to allow forking, despite Nodejs repls being bette...
gantr833 (159)
Random Card Generator
This code generates a random playing card.
gantr833 (159)
Number Guessing Game
A simple number guessing game built with javascript.
gantr833 (159)
Addicting Rock Paper Scissors
A rock paper scissors against a computer.
adebanjo (3)
age classification
we were asked to make a program that prompts the user to enter an age and then classifies them into an age group
poysed2code (5)
Intro to Classes JS assignment 13
I'm having a little hiccup with the second problem can anyone help?
AilaLu (0)
how come my code doesn't work
// your code goes here if(checkBalance === true){ if(balance > 0 && isActive === true){ console.log("Your balance is $"+balance.toFixed(2)...
KK998 (1)
JavaScript exercise test fail
Hello everyone! While I have been going through the JavaScript exercises I encountered a weird test that for some reason fails my code. I tested my...
Trinadactyl (0)
My code doesn't pass tests but i'm not sure why
Write a function called "extend". Given two objects, "extend" adds properties from the 2nd object to the 1st object. Notes: * Add any keys that are...
Demetrie415 (1)
Hello everyone, i've been stuck on the same challenge for literal days. I dont know if im doing something wrong or if theres a glitch in the system....
MangeshKadam (1)
Loading error
I am not able to see anything , it is just loading. Tried chrome as well as firefox.
MeowC (46)
MeowGAN v0.1 is out!
Hey guys! I just released *MeowGAN version 0.1!* This is the first version ever of this neural net, so MeowGAN is young and only consists of a *single...
sheelpriy (4)
sum of all elements in a nested array
using functional programming in javascript we are add all the elements of the nested array with two different approach, and comparing the time taken b...
pannylewis (1)
My Answers
function exerciseOne(){ // On line 3, create a variable named 'myName' and assign it a string containing your name: var myName = "Panny"; // Please w...
ricardomcruz (1)
FCC - JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures Projects: Cash Register
My code for this challenge. This was made everything without looking for the hints of freecodecamp. It was tuff but it is already working.
garyliggins (0)
struggling with this 1
Challenge 4: Write a function called objectSearcher that takes two arguments called myObject which is an object, and property which is a string. When...
MeowC (46)
MeowGAN, a neural network.
# Hi. I'm MeowC, or if you want my real name: Gabriel. I'm making a new neural network called **MeowGAN**. I'm doing it in JS so that way it's easier...
ColeAmodeo (1)
Basic Checkerboard Problem
Trying out a Javascript challenge where you create a function that can receive a height and width as arguments and then log the appropriate checkerboa...
LymonSkye (0)
Not working. Why?
What did I do wrong when I coded this string to keep it from giving me the result I need?
vivisoaressilva (1)
dimasxmean (1)
Convert Arabic numerals to Roman numerals
charisearter (0)
What am I getting wrong?
I get 2 out of 3 tests correct and when I try to do it to the certain decimal point it fails all three. How do I fix it?
JamesCrowley (0)
Having trouble with emulating logic gates in Vanilla JavaScript
Attempting to emulate logic gates in vanilla JavaScript. So far, I have gotten m y NOT, AND, and OR funcitions working. But for some reason my NAND an...
ShadowofZeus1 (0)
Javascript Assignment question 6
Hey Guys, this is my answer for assignment 6 but for some reason I'm getting an error and I dont get it. Can you assist? Code: let number = Number(p...
ManeeshSriram (0)
I have codes in JavaScript. How can i convert it into Python
//#1 -- For loop in Javascript. const fish = ['dory', 'bruce', 'marlin', 'nemo']; const nemo = ['nemo']; const everyone = ['dory', 'bruce', 'marlin',...
bdanielle092 (0)
having trouble with for of loop
// not sure what to do. I've been researching for of loop on google and still cant figure it out. Can you help with some links or something. Thank you...
SeanBurke3 (0)
Stuck here on Test Question
Hello, I am having trouble getting further than this. The result is undefined, and I'm not sure what I'm missing to complete this. Please HELP!
tuanyVan (0)
'expected is not a function' Classroom Autograder
The auto-grader on this classroom assignment is telling me: "TypeError: expected is not a function" https://repl.it/student/submissions/4947204 https...