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Hi everyone! waving Use this space to share anything you want to share with our community - your name, where you're from, what you program in, what
derpdizzzzy (5)
A Love2d throw em up in under construction
A Love2d throw em up where you are an general. This only a movement and throwing test so far but it may show how to do it in Love2d.I had to use sourc
lukel_lv (11)
Asteroids game made with Love2D
simple game of asteroids made with Love2D
Oscar05 (6)
COIN RUSH is a skill based sidescroller jumping game with 4 different scenarios and thematics that change and challenge you based on your score. The
lukel_lv (11)
Flappy bird remake
this is a Flappy bird remake using Love2D. the controls are ←for going to the left, →to go right, and ↑ to go up. don't forget to upvote. Enjoy!
lukel_lv (11)
Eyes that follow your cursor
the controls are: 1) move your cursor around. 2)that's it. have fun!
masterniting (4)
Adventure of Cash for Treasure
Controls :- WASD for movement , left mouse click to shoot , Gun will point in the direction of mouse. In this platformer game. You have to collect all
Big_EpicEpic (8)
2D Sandbox Game! (Totally not Terraria)
Come play my 2D Sandbox Game! I developed this over a year ago, and I only just realized Repl.it had Love2D!
IsabellaRobinso (0)
how do i start a code is all just 1 and 0 so please help me
derpdizzzzy (5)
Update I added a animated background.Love 2d!!!!
With a little help of sheepolution’s lobe2d animation tutorial I added an animated background to the game.and it is beautiful.I actually did was use P
zleap (0)
basic movement
I am trying to get this working, however despite the code being as it is in my book, it seems to fail below the point indicated. I am not sure if t