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timmy_i_chen (988)
Rules for Posting - Read me!
Some rules and guidelines to keep in mind as you share your great work on our boards: 1 - Be kind and courteous to others 2 - Make sure that any feed...
katyadee (1151)
🐶Introduce yourself! 🐶
Hi everyone! waving Use this space to share anything you want to share with our community - your name, where you're from, what you program in, what...
Clubpenguinded (3)
Coming Soon
Making a battle simulator, coming soon! Just started making it today, so hopefully it will be done soon.
MLGhotdogdude (0)
Wait function
I need to have a working wait function. Can you give me a command please? Thanks.
XxsnIKkErZxX (1)
How do I disable auto () in the IDE?
I want to know so I can have maximum control over my code. I hate auto indices and auto quotes.
IzanLarumbe (28)
Theorem Of Pitagoras
Note: This repl is used for when you don't have the catetus. Not the hypotenuse. Important: This is a part of my "Math For High Schools framework in...
peter634 (0)
Does anyone have good knowledge or previous experience with lua. That can give me some help tips and tricks.
MLGhotdogdude (0)
Hi guys. I just want to know how to set a working enter something lua thing. Can you help?
MLGhotdogdude (0)
Nil user value
The users in the first two lines of code are appearing to be a nil value. It was working before. Can anybody help me?
mrsprinkletoes (128)
Life Simulator
Life simulator - Simulate life. Will you die young, or will you die over 100? Or maybe you'll die in birth.
ratatawuar (2)
V - Kill Aura
idespacito (0)
A computer that insults you
Just something I made for fun with my friend. I am making a 3rd one that's better (or should be better) If you find any bugs then shame on me and or m...
AdobeZev (11)
(Updated) Rock Paper Scissors coded in lua!
Update: Saves loses, wins, and ties. Smarter bot. Don't need to re run to play again! Just a classic RPS game made in lua!
AdobeZev (11)
Lua Rock Paper Scissors
A simple game of rps made in lua! I had a great time making this in class.
derpdizzzzy (6)
a text based adventure game
MLGhotdogdude (0)
Hey guys. Can you critique my code? It’s pretty cool right? Thanks
IzanLarumbe (28)
Pitagoras Theory calculator.
Calculates things. Is in spanish due i dont know the translation First thing can be height or base. the other one too.
kevinbrowne (0)
Conway's Game of Life Text Edition
I got bored and went ahead and made this, I like to think it's pretty neat. I tried looking for repl's on this website for Conway's Game of Life and f...
Lamby777 (42)
Food Finder
I'm new to Lua, ROBLOX got me interested, so I made a basic app where you have to find a random hidden piece of food. You can choose a custom range or...
TryAgain (0)
How to set decimals on the moon?
I am doing a circle area code and i need to delimit the number of decimal places, but i do not know how it works on the moon
IzanLarumbe (28)
Pitagoras Theory With Diamonds
This is the hardest one i made in my math series. It calculates if you don't have "d" give me cycle. I wasted lot of time debugging with a book examp...
IzanLarumbe (28)
This is a lua terminal game. Is pretty bad. But i made it due my sister had this dream. (She dreamed all things you see in-game.) I am not the best c...
xNick (0)
Lua 5.1.5 Game
Hello, coders! I love to code with Lua 5.1.5 so, can u help me with a code to create a simple platformer game. (I mean a square made form letters, nu...
Akkoza (0)
Neat little string.byte based lua encryption and decryption
I made this in school because I was curious while wondering, it's not perfect yet, but I plan to work on it as a little side project! :)
KassemSrhiri (0)
Indexing a Table’s indexes to another Table raw.
A problem I had was solved. I’d like to help others who may have struggled with it as well. Irregardless, if there is a bug or you have a suggestion,...
kingretracted (4)
The Infinite Calculator
I made this in Lua. Its pretty simple just a calculator that can have infinite inputs. This took like half an hour I think
Wikipip (1)
Lua Functions that we NEED!
Copy the code in this program, and use it for yourself! I personally think this is perfect for new programmers!
EvanYang4 (0)
String Generator
Has a very simple API that has a variety of settings to generate the perfect random string. Seeds are automatically generated,
ParthAhuja (0)
~Under progress~ Advanced lua binary converter
Advanced lua binary converter. In beta. Example - num = math.random(10000, 65000) num2 = "function toBits(num)local a={}while num>0 do rest=math.fmod(...
coalesce (1)
Lua missions
Hi! I just have clone Lua koans aka Lua missions from here https://github.com/kikito/lua_missions and patched them to be playable in Repl.it. Enjoy an...
TheLonely (0)
Happy Assistant
A demo of Happy Assistant. You can support me. ^-^
SilverWolfSapphire (2)
Old Project
Feel free to make a better version, this is a discontinued project that I made quite a while back.