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Repl Talk Rules and Guidelines [README]
# **Rules** The Repl.it community is a place for users to share code, ask questions, and discuss coding-related subjects. We're committed to making i...
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🐶Introduce yourself! 🐶
Hi everyone! ![waving](https://storage.googleapis.com/replit/images/1561489787610_61c528ae0267ed2696f0c625ff66db6c.gif) Use this space to share anyt...
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Share your loopback!
If you didn't see my email, we released an app that lets you --look-- loop back on your year. Check it out https://replitloopback.repl.co/ Let's use...
NoahVanderLinde (0)
Lua Calculator test
I don't know, just a 7th grader learning some Lua.
HxKprogram (10)
HK-DOS (beta)
This is something i really wanted to share, Beacuse i spent a really long time This is my DOS-Operating system, Inspired by MS-DOS 1980 This is pret...
BladeBeenken (0)
When Attacking The Health And Armor Is Not Lowered After Attack?
I'm Trying To Make An Output RPG Type Game For Practice But When You Attack It Does Not Lower The Health Or Armor Of The Target?
zhenhuaa (0)
lua json encode
lua json encode example for qn
ElieRotenberg (0)
ERT Groups Export
Export ERT Groups from copy/pasted list of players (e.g. copied from google docs)
knaro009 (0)
As my description must be 50 characters long, I will now use correct grammar to reach the demand of 50 characters.
furrycode (5)
test lol
my first code i learned to do thanks to a roblox game i played the roblox game 3 months ago i can remember things :D
S1mon33 (0)
S1mon's Calculator V1
This is a simple calculator with more fixes and options to come. Enjoy!
Kookiez (305)
🎄 🎁 Save Christmas! 🎁 🎄
# Save Christmas! Ah, yes, Christmas, Kookiemas, Whipmass (they celebrate by doing the whip the whole day, if you're confused, then look at @Whipping...
ArgentoCamill (0)
Brien's auto transposer
Repost bc it died and now its back
no5pace (0)
i made minesweeper in the terminal in Lua. it's my first real game, enjoy. you can customize things like grid size and mine concentration in the men...
salaleser (0)
Regex: Capturing Groups
Simple example how to capture groups in Lua
Andromida (4)
Scream at mom
she will get mad cuz u screamed in the house, learn your lesson so next time u don't go AAAAASJIJKSJIEHUIEHUIEHUEIEHIU
nicacioliveira (0)
Co-rotinas em Lua
Código da apresentação de co-rotinas em lua para o curso de programação concorrente da UFCG Link da apresentação: https://youtu.be/vpu10sKbYck
ChaiTea (0)
Freeware A320 developed for X-Plane https://github.com/JonathanOrr/A321Neo-FXPL
CoolAbhi1290 (0)
Weight Based Selection System Lua (inefficienct)
Weight Based Selection System Lua (inefficienct)
TylerSowinski (0)
Upgrade Cost Calculator For Idle Miner
It's an upgrade cost calculator for the Idle Miner Discord bot.
ZakMcCall (1)
Edit this if you need help with math
Outputs Decimals but works use a decimal to fraction for this
ZakMcCall (1)
Edit this if you need help with math
For n and n2 are just NUMBERS no strings. It will put the answer for the equation in the Console.
giosal (0)
La Champions League di Ivan ed amici
La finale di Champions League di Ivan ed amici
JohnHidalgo2 (0)
2D Array and Grid in Lua
I made a grid using 2d arrays and lua.
Scpreviewreview (6)
Quick game I made in a few hours. Press the enter key to mine, and type "xp" to view your XP, same with your level and coins. To buy swords, type in,...
headiscoding (790)
Uno game I made in Lua!
# UNO game I made in **Lua**! Hey all, here is a UNO game that I made with Lua. If you enjoyed it, please a comment of how good it was on a scale of *...
Bishman_K (3)
LOL, I just want to show you this epicness
I am lerning lua now and I wamt to shaw yu the dankeist thing I have ever writeen B)
BobBuilder5 (0)
DU Lua PLayground
DU Lua PLayground DU Lua PLayground DU Lua PLayground DU Lua PLayground DU Lua PLayground DU Lua PLayground
W4LRUS (35)
RPS in lua
rock paper scissors game coded using lua.
dipdab (0)
Lua week 3 Work
Exercise: Define a Lua function s(n) that calculates the value, ∑i=1,10,∑j=1,i,(i+j)^2 .
W4LRUS (35)
Information | General
information that I recommend you guys read.
W4LRUS (35)
description of a bitwise operator.
W4LRUS (35)
set operations are useful in lua coding.