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katyadee (1152)
🐶Introduce yourself! 🐶
Hi everyone! waving Use this space to share anything you want to share with our community - your name, where you're from, what you program in, what...
mat1 (2628)
Repl Talk Rules and Guidelines [README]
Rules The Repl.it community is a place for users to share code, ask questions, and discuss coding-related subjects. We're committed to making it a fu...
DamienVapes (0)
highest number on arrays
here we go for the highest number in an array thanks the @@leondoescode
Zavexeon (457)
Node.js Router
This is a router I built for node.js. If you want to use it, feel free to fork the repl. Here are instructions for it's use. 1.) Initialize the rout...
AdCharity (95)
Determines if String is a Palindrome
Shoutouts @AllAwesome497 Thanks for the suggestions @theangryepicbanana Your way is better but I'm a rookie Palindrome A palindrome is basically a wo...
MrEconomical (72)
Better setInterval() for JavaScript
This is a better version of the evil setInterval() function in JavaScript Why is setInterval() evil? Does not wait for function to finish executing...
Vandesm14 (960)
A super simple chatroom that is fast and secure
Hate the fact that you either don't have discord or don't have access to it? Well now you can enjoy the fun of human to human communication though Low...
peepoopee (4)
this is my first repl
this is my first repl it isn't good but i tried¯\(ツ)/¯
amasad (1515)
📦Bundle Repl: Use Node.js repls in your html 📦
Writing a Node.js library on Repl.it is so fun and easy but it's hard to use it anywhere else. Well, now you can! (Very early alpha release) Bundle...
PDanielY (226)
Keep Repl Online
This idea has been in my head for a while so I created it. This website allows you to keep your repl online forever. I know you can use uptime robot b...
PDanielY (226)
A new repl!
So I was just thinking about some idea then I decided to create a URL shortener and I did! Heres the website: https://web.ashorturl.ml I am still work...
amasad (1515)
Realtime file updates
Repl.it now will sync your files in realtime. It even has a neat little cursor for when the system is giving you file updates 🤯 Try forking this rep...
Anthony_Tonev (80)
Basic Card Game
Node js socket.io multiplayer card game. The game is just an experiment. Please try running it at full screen https://basic-card-game--anthony-tonev....
Vandesm14 (960)
Github on Repl.it
On your repl hit “F1” or “Ctrl+Shift+P” to open the Command Palette. Then type in “shell” and hit enter to open the shell. Input the commands below to...
JamesCopeland1 (0)
Declare two variables, a string and an integer named fullName and birthYear, and set them equal to your name (just first and last, don't include middl...
nfoseik (1)
Cheryl's Meal Maker
Need help with addDishToCourse code Thanks for your help. cheryl
rshetty (66)
BeatKeeper - Make a rhythm game out of literally any song
BeatKeeper Although I did all the coding on this game, I have to give a huge thank you to the p5.js and JsMediaTags libraries for making my life easi...
eankeen (767)
██ Empty 2 (⚠️warning: this one is super cool) ██
██ Empty 2 ██ You may have seen the original "Empty repl", posted by @mat1 a while back. If you're not familiar, Mat called his "Empty" repl a "phi...
BradyDew (8)
Save The Axolotl
Hello programmers, I have created a project representing axolotls, more info inside.
sojs (87)
Play this amazing rock paper scissors game. It's fun. It's amazing. It's ROCK PAPER SCISSORS
xthom001 (1)
Issues with starting the Repl
Hello, The issue isnt anything with my code but the actual instance isnt starting. It just says loading.
personmanguy (17)
learn about red pandas NOW
MrEconomical (72)
javascript slow in repl.it
When I run my simple js-speed program in repl.it, it produces times of roughly 4 ms for 1,000 ops, 2500 ms for 1,000,000 ops, and the last 1 billion o...
Snowflake (43)
musiPix - Create music from images!
musiPix create music from images https://musipix.snowflake.repl.co Ever wanted to make your own song but don't know how? Well, now you can... kinda....
JSer (1144)
3D Online Multiplayer Shooter 🔫🔫
📰 Featured in the Repl.it Newsletter Made with pure JS (Node.js for server-side) Used the Three.js and Socket.io libraries Play 👉 https://3D--jser.r...
morenoh149 (0)
Bug, cannot log from secondary file
on repl I cannot log out from a secondary file. Bug report.
vedprad1 (744)
Environ - The Bridge Between Music and Code
Environ The Bridge between Music and Code Environ is a new coding IDE that sets up the perfect environment for coding. It has an editor workspace an...
eankeen (767)
Repl Webpack Boilerplates
repl webpack boilerplates so a while ago i created some repls that essentially consisted of boilerplate, mostly related to webpack and frontend devel...
eankeen (767)
📰 XKCD Comic Viewer 📝
😌 So I made a viewer for the xkcd comics gif Features Automatically switch through comics every ~10 seconds ** to manually switch comics. "Manual m...
jajoosam (605)
Starbot adds support for appreciation in a discord community! You can give people who helped you stars, and the bot will note it - also creating a lea...
eankeen (767)
📝 Replit Talk Post Fetcher
📝 Replit Talk Post Fetcher What it does If you're into helping other people in repl.it, you may be continuously checking replit talk for recently ask...
Nanowrimoijk (32)
RPG Maker CE v1.0 is out!
I added a whole lot to the engine, and it can do a lot more now, from using skills in battle to inventories. Check it out! The instructions are inside...