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mat1 (3272)
Repl Talk Rules and Guidelines [README]
# **Rules** The Repl.it community is a place for users to share code, ask questions, and discuss coding-related subjects. We're committed to making i...
TheDrone7 (1006)
Monthly Repls - June 2020
Hello again replers, its a new month and that means... YES! It's time for monthly repls! And for those who do not know what these are, these are the r...
katyadee (1194)
🐶Introduce yourself! 🐶
Hi everyone! ![waving](https://storage.googleapis.com/replit/images/1561489787610_61c528ae0267ed2696f0c625ff66db6c.gif) Use this space to share anyt...
0901 (20)
now it works! :)
This loads minecraft server using latest paper version.
andliu766 (17)
Square giver
This program gives you the square of the number you enter.
andliu766 (17)
Square detector
This program will tell you if the number you enter is a square.
JulietaInfante (0)
calculadora de ganancias diarias, semanales, mensuales y anuales
Todd0420 (1)
no show
I started over and have no errors but nothing appears(board) when I run it. any suggestions.
dabs364 (45)
WHY Episode I (1)
# HELLO PEOPLES ## THIS TIME IM BACK AGAIN... ### WITH AN ANIMATION #### YES IT'S __WHY!__ _Episode 1!_ Learn Something! # ~~REMEMBER TO UPVOTE!~...
JosephSanthosh (93)
Lightning -The Story of Electrix (Python Animation)
***Whats Poppin***, I just made this short story with the help of an awesome friend @VulcanWM. I hope you guys like it and if you want a part 2, then...
Nighthawk09 (0)
Fun Guessing Game
This is a game that you have to guess a number. if you want, you could re-post this and share the repl with other people. Just make sure to give credi...
Nighthawk09 (0)
Pig Lating Translator
This is one of my repls that i made. Its a translator for pig latin. https://repl.it/@Nighthawk09/Pig-Latin-Translator
santapng (0)
Medidor de boludez segun tu edad
TommyLoading (1)
it's a rainbow spiral. it's an assignment from summer camp.
EllaJu (0)
farm calculation!!! help your math word problems!!!
it helps you calculate math word problems! Be math no.1 again!!
su1oo7 (0)
Using control flow, write a dictionary searching system
ironblockhd (79)
A simple, persistant database + a signup demo
# A easy database So a moth ago @coder100 made his amazing [replit db](https://repl.it/talk/learn/Replit-DB/43305) so I decided to make a completely s...
DSANicolas (7)
Escape from prison. You have to choose your path and see what will happen and try to escape
DomenickMann (0)
Exercise 1: Personal Info
Write a program that prompts the user for their full name, address, and phone number. The program will display their information that they just entere...
DomenickMann (0)
Exercise 2: Sales Prediction
A company has determined that its annual profit is typically 23 percent of total sales. Write a program that asks the user to enter the projected amou...
DomenickMann (0)
Exercise 3: Payroll
Create a Payroll application that prompts the user for the number of hours a person works per week and what their pay rate is. The program should calc...
mrwhy123 (0)
gambling simulator
if you see dumb and redundant code tell me, because i am pretty new to python :v
tpnKukli (0)
pristup k poli a prvkum slovniku
Ukazka pro Dana ohledne parsovani asi ansible.
Todd0420 (1)
any suggestions
line 22 keep getting an invaild syntax error. Anybody able to help me with that
DennisAnaniev (0)
Hi! Who knows why python execute all only in main.py I created folder chapter 1 and one file inside this called strings.py. But after click Run it doe...
komald4 (0)
Training Days - CodeAcademy
Training Days As a seasoned athlete, one of your favorite activities is running marathons. You use a service called Training Days that sends you a mes...
Duvangamer3845 (31)
in which programming language was your first 'Hello World'
only comments,i put the project because repl.it wouldn't let me publish without putting a project
SeanGladdis (0)
Simple Fortune
I just created a simple code. Considering that I only started learning just 3 days ago, I think that it is alright...
viraatvv (4)
Random Password Generator
Want a new, secure, password,? COME HERE!
walshscoding (2)
This solution sets a random, pre-determined value (that is known to the programmer) to be the correct answer and assigns it to a variable. The user is...
suryan1234 (11)
My first post on repl.it: A quiz on Python
# Intro Hey, I'm Suryan, and I am currently learning Python. go ## My first post on repl.it: A quiz on Python This is my first Python repl: it is a...
DSANicolas (7)
Celsius to farenheit converter
Celsius to farenheit converter can convert Celsius to farenheit
Mattzipan (0)
Build a Python SERP checker with a free API
Hey, so this one is a nifty script, with which you can use a free SEO API to check the rankings of any given Google search result page (SERP) in any g...