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mat1 (3208)
Repl Talk Rules and Guidelines [README]
# **Rules** The Repl.it community is a place for users to share code, ask questions, and discuss coding-related subjects. We're committed to making i...
AllAwesome497 (349)
{{ template_jam }} [EXTENDED!]
# A competition of templates For those who did not know, repl.it has a [templates page](https://repl.it/templates). Templates are premade code that...
AllAwesome497 (349)
# Introducing.... Audio! Sometimes all you need to make your repl come to life is a little bit of audio, whether it's sound effects or music. It's...
katyadee (1182)
🐶Introduce yourself! 🐶
Hi everyone! ![waving](https://storage.googleapis.com/replit/images/1561489787610_61c528ae0267ed2696f0c625ff66db6c.gif) Use this space to share anyt...
Tarunrs626 (0)
Hey guys and girls
Hey in this repository, the code works when run, very simple. I am in the beginning stage and my second home work as me to do exactly what you see. Th...
JDOG787 (138)
View counter webpage
# Hi everyone Thanks to @RohilPatel teaching me some backend basics I made this site to practice backend stuff. It counts the views of this site. I k...
NaolNinja (6)
Volume Caculator
7 different types of volumes don't mess up the spelling or it wont work PLEASE UPVOTE
davish16 (0)
My first MERN application - a blog
I have finished the first version of my first completed full stack MERN website. I would really appreciate if you would have a look & comment with any...
NogieBenida (0)
outputData: [], outputSize: 0, writable: true, _last: true, chunkedEncoding: false, shouldKeepAlive: false, useC...
NogieBenida (0)
outputData: [], outputSize: 0, writable: true, _last: true, chunkedEncoding: false, shouldKeepAlive: false, useC...
faxjulu (0)
it keeps saying need to add expression but idk wut to do pls helpppp
![Screenshot 2020-05-24 at 12.17.22 AM](https://storage.googleapis.com/replit/images/1590293958793_94e38c807446abbbd6061df24bb560e7.png)
Theboys619 (10)
Small Web IDE
This is a small IDE (if you can call it one) I made a while ago. Added some extra things and now i'm posting it. All it uses is the Monaco Editor. It...
loredanacirstea (0)
ewasm node.js virtual environment
Virtual environment for testing ewasm smart contracts for Ethereum. ewasm is a WebAssembly subset.
PythonLuv (8)
A new, fast, chat application with API support
# What is it? *** BackSlash is a new chat application with build in API support. It was built using node js, express, and socket.io. # How do I use i...
AngelaThomas2 (3)
What am I missing
I am attempting to write this code that will pass three arguments to return full reservation details. My first mind told me to try and call the 2 item...
RossJames (265)
This is a completely blank repl
It has nothing, no index file, or anything. Enjoy!
ChezCoder (1135)
Fully Functional Login and Signup System
## When forking this project, don't forget to hash the passwords and replace everything in `database.json` with `{}`. I felt like making a login and...
brandosha (9)
Virtual Cards (with friends!)
Card games are fun, but they require you to be in the same room as the people you are playing with. **Not anymore** This website gives you the abili...
Nyambura254 (0)
// --- Directions // Write a function that accepts an integer N // and returns a NxN spiral matrix. // --- Examples // matrix(2) // [[1, 2], //...
Nyambura254 (0)
// --- Directions // Write a function that accepts an integer N // and returns a NxN spiral matrix. // --- Examples // matrix(2) // [[1, 2], //...
Purple01Flame (30)
Alpha 1.0 for Desktop is Released!!!
It finally upgraded from Pre-Alpha 1.5 to Alpha 1.0!!! Yeah WOOHOO! GET DUNKED ON BIII- anyway. I've added a crap ton of new features since I first sh...
swapnilsharma77 (0)
Strategy Design Pattern
Strategy Design Pattern allows you ti swap the strategies in and out of each others in a very easily manner
HappyGuy84 (0)
Discord Webhook Sender v1.0!
With this you can send the old classic messages and the embeds! More to come! (We are not Discord or The Package Maker in anyway.)
SwitchMaster (15)
My very first JavaScript game. Try to guess the password.
Hey people, this is my JavaScript game. In this game you have 10 tries to guess the password. Don't try to cheat by looking at the code. I'll give you...
IndyCarter (228)
I can't run this repl that I copy-pasted from Khan Academy
Please help me! I copy-pasted code from a thing I did in Khan Academy and it is not working!
ConvertAPI (0)
How to give download url to a file
Our script generated the file and it is saved in Files panel. We want to output message in the console and give download option to user to check the g...
rediar (258)
DefLang Competition Entry: Find Euler's Number
This is my Entry for @TheForArkLD 's DefLang Competition! It calculates Euler's number. You can find the competition [here] (https://repl.it/talk/shar...
HZLPY (19)
MemeCitations NodeJS API
This is an API I made to allow the use of MemeCitations.com inside of Node.js. If you didn't already know, MemeCitations.com is a website where you ca...
EdHeller (1)
A few seconds of fun
I dunno if it's even worth sharing but I wanted to test out PUG so I made a little thing, mixing some code here and there. Seems to be an issue with t...
JefferyJones (0)
Max Subarray
A solution for Leetcode's Max Subarray problem.
AngelaThomas2 (3)
Just a push
I feel semi accomplished on this one, because I was able to return a value independently. However, I am unclear on why I am only able to return partia...
BeratKaya (0)
const crypto = require('crypto'); const alice = crypto.getDiffieHellman('modp5'); const bob = crypto.getDiffieHellman('modp5'); alice.generateKeys();...
JacksonCowie (364)
app is not defined - expressJS
This was working like a minute ago but now it gives me this error. I really don't understand why it says this cause you can see on line 2 it is defin...
garethtcs (0)
JsonSchema to OpenApiSchema
Add a file that contains a json schema and itll spit out a file that contains an open api schema