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mat1 (2719)
Repl Talk Rules and Guidelines [README]
Rules The Repl.it community is a place for users to share code, ask questions, and discuss coding-related subjects. We're committed to making it a fu...
katyadee (1157)
🐶Introduce yourself! 🐶
Hi everyone! waving Use this space to share anything you want to share with our community - your name, where you're from, what you program in, what...
AllAwesome497 (239)
MMH: Winner announcement
MMH partitcipants, We are very happy to finally announce the winners of the Massively Multiplayer Hackathon. We, the judges, me, @enigma_dev and @21na...
glassdemon66 (1)
how do i get this error out of my way
When i try to connect to my remotemysql database via this line of code: $connect = @mysqli_connect($host,$username,$password,$db); i keep getting th...
V3rmillionNet (11)
Playing Sounds over other sounds.
So, i am working in a fork of some kind osu!mania and i tought of making a hit sound in the game so when you pressed the key the sound played. It work...
mamamia5x (43)
I am making a simple PHP Chatroom, but I've never used PHP before. I just want to know how do you make a login that'll actually save and be able to be...
William3 (10)
Calculator - Simple PHP Calculator (Bootstrap design!)
This is my first project written in/with PHP! It is a simple calculator application that supports addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division....
baciotti (3)
How to connect to an external mysql database?
I am trying to connect to mysql using php but the function is not working. I am receiving this error: Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined...
jonlau (3)
LyricMood - Lyric Sentiment Analysis
Introducing LyricMood, a solo project that analyzes the sentiment of lyrics based of the positivity and negativity of the words. Using PHP, LyricMind...
AudreyCHANG1 (2)
I don't understand
I am in coding class and i don't understand anything
ThomasEttorre (2)
Php cUrl
Is it possible to use the cUrl with php without using the command line version ?
FifiLulu (0)
Bug while sharing ?
I created a PHP server environment for displaying a small PHP example. When the environment is shared, the web view is not updated properly. The cons...
JustinPhillip (1)
"Adress already in use"
Sometimes when I run my code, I get an error saying that "Failed to listen on (reason: Adress is already in use)" Why is this? edit: re...
MichaelSmith16 (0)
PHP, External XML file
U see I am trying to work with the Nationstates API and everytime I try to load an external XML file it gives me a 403 error. Is there a fix?
ClaesWebforms (0)
PHP web root folder.
I want to change web root folder to /web/index.php from /index.php. Is that possible?
JackyGuo1 (0)
Why does external JS not work in this repl?
I've included jQuery, and the navigation bar in navbar.html is not loading. Thoughts?
GDJediKnight003 (0)
php not working
I would like some help with my php code, as it is not working
hcahoon01 (0)
Orange and Apple chatroom
In this project called Orange and Apple chatroom you are able to choose from two options for chat rooms one is Apple and two is Orange. You also can c...
mamamia5x (43)
Way to show shell in HTML5/PHP?
I have a simple program that'll save your files. Is there some way for me to have it actually show a c++ or python program in a new tab? Just a way to...
mamamia5x (43)
Online Repl.it Compiler
A compiler inside of Repl.it I'm planning to style it soon. Share ideas in the comments.
mamamia5x (43)
PHP Chat Room
This is just my first PHP repl, I've never used PHP before. Just keep it school appropriate.
EstaVoce (0)
A live chat room using PHP, HTML, and JS
I know PHP is not popular anymore, but it is so useful for getting form data
chrismellow (0)
Assignment 3-1
chrismellow Name: christian Edet Okon Reg. no.: 17/CSC/197
chrismellow (0)
Assignment 3-1
https://repl.it/@chrismellow/SORTINGNUMBERS-IN-DESCENDING-ORDER Name: Christian Edet Okon Reg. No.: 17/csc/197
webmunchster (16)
How would I add MySQL to
I am trying to make a bunch of random web pages but would like t know if the PHP web server has any SQL support (and if so) how to activate it. Thank...
mailethbolivar (0)
algoritmo 2.php
algoritmo realizado completamente funcional este algoritmo esta diseñado para hacer la vida mas facil al administrador del parqueadero con el fin de t...
AlieksandrKirsh (0)
laravel collection sorted multiple
laravel collection sorted multiple, laravel collection sorted multiple
MarkErrett (0)
A calculator for hospitality workers
I previously used to work in hospitality and found it difficult to figure out how much I had earned that day. This simple calculator makes it simple...
ThomasHagan (1)
How to enable SoapClient for php
Repl.it users, I'm building a SOAP API sample for my payment gateway. I'm attempting to use SoapClient, but receiving the following error. Error: /s...
DEFLOWTham (0)
This is a job to pete and crape dake ngo song khon nho nao
malvoliothegood (274)
This program reads in a json file containing examples of first and last names for males and females. The json data is converted to a PHP associative a...
stormshadonw (0)
Aprendiendo PHP
Estoy aprendiendo PHP, alguien que me pueda decir alguna pagina o tutorial bueno de verdad sobre php. Gracias!
malvoliothegood (274)
Bosch TV series: episodes list
Uses the new repl.it PHP web server to: 1) fetch and parse json data into an array using PHP; 3) selectively display information, based on the data,...