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katyadee (1160)
🐶Introduce yourself! 🐶
Hi everyone! ![waving](https://storage.googleapis.com/replit/images/1561489787610_61c528ae0267ed2696f0c625ff66db6c.gif) Use this space to share anyt...
mat1 (2940)
Repl Talk Rules and Guidelines [README]
# **Rules** The Repl.it community is a place for users to share code, ask questions, and discuss coding-related subjects. We're committed to making i...
21natzil (976)
What is AMA?
AMA (Ask me anything) is a board to ask any questions you have about repl.it to get answered. You can ask *anything* as long as it follows our Rules &...
Baconman321 (2)
Installing sendmail.
Is there a way to install sendmail for PHP? I want to use the mail() function since emailing services seemingly don't work.
ChezCoder (128)
ChezRooms - A Chatroom made using PHP
~~First **TEN** to comment~~ > ~~PHP LOL~~ ~~gets added to the moderator application list! Only ___2___ will become moderator!~~ ### RECOMMENDED IN...
Baconman321 (2)
How would I email someone using the mail() function?
RohilPatel (355)
PoultryArt! (Art Gallery)
This is poultry art. It has lots of pictures drawn by @CaptainPoultry . This was made to be his first webpage, where I would teach him the basics of h...
Baconman321 (2)
Mail not working.
In the submission form, you will see that I use the mail() function. But when I input some text and try to send it, it gives me this: sh: 1: /usr/sbin...
CodeSalvageON (236)
I learned PHP and created a guestbook. I would've used CGI and Perl, but those were dead.
Baconman321 (2)
Help with regex
I tried running this and inputted 5-5, but it said there was an unknown modifier: '*' in line 5. Please try running this for yourself and explaining w...
Baconman321 (2)
Multiple operators
I could use some help with this. I have it set up so you can only input 2 numbers. I would like to have it so you could input something like 5+5 inste...
CodeSalvageON (236)
Multiplayer Online Rock Paper Scissors
multiplayer online it is. Much work i did not put into it.
mamamia5x (67)
Submit New Stock Name
Submit a new stock name for C++ stock market sim found [here](https://github.com/mamamia5x/C-Stock-Market) Warning: I made this really quick, it's rea...
mamamia5x (67)
I am making a simple PHP Chatroom, but I've never used PHP before. I just want to know how do you make a login that'll actually save and be able to be...
William3 (10)
Calculator - Simple PHP Calculator (Bootstrap design!)
This is my first project written in/with PHP! It is a simple calculator application that supports addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division....
RohilPatel (355)
Choose your own story!
This site designs a custom story for you! It basically just inputs your responses to a page through a backend, in this case, PHP (yes, I know it's old...
jonlau (4)
LyricMood - Lyric Sentiment Analysis
Introducing LyricMood, a solo project that analyzes the sentiment of lyrics based of the positivity and negativity of the words. Using PHP, LyricMind...
baciotti (3)
How to connect to an external mysql database?
I am trying to connect to mysql using php but the function is not working. I am receiving this error: Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined...
ChezCoder (128)
Data sender 2000
my first PHP project, not bad... not bad at all... below is the php server, nothing will happen. You have to [click here](https://server.chezcoder.re...
glassdemon66 (2)
how do i get this error out of my way
When i try to connect to my remotemysql database via this line of code: $connect = @mysqli_connect($host,$username,$password,$db); i keep getting th...
Baconman321 (2)
How to retrieve env variable in php
I set secret to 1 in an env, but when I asked to print it, it didn't work. How do I retrieve an env file for php? I could use some help. Thanks
AudreyCHANG1 (2)
I don't understand
I am in coding class and i don't understand anything
V3rmillionNet (53)
Playing Sounds over other sounds.
So, i am working in a fork of some kind osu!mania and i tought of making a hit sound in the game so when you pressed the key the sound played. It work...
DragonStrike406 (3)
Please look at this and write me in it what to make better with the style...
ThomasEttorre (2)
Php cUrl
Is it possible to use the cUrl with php without using the command line version ?
Baconman321 (2)
Private Webserver
I am making a website and want to include PHP in it. I am pretty nooby to PHP, but I know it is a web server scripting language. I want to make a code...
SCSPsyco29 (0)
can i put this into an html,css,js repl and have it work
so while trying to use w3schools ajax live search in an html css js repl it didnt work, it works in here though. please help
Baconman321 (2)
Env file
I want to know how to retrieve .env files in php. This is what I have in php. ``` USERNAME1="Thisisausername" ``` When I try to echo it doing: echo...
mamamia5x (67)
Rest of Round 1 Tourney Voting
Voting is open for the new stock names. This page is really ugly. Winner gets put in game. Play it [here](https://repl.it/talk/share/C-Stock-Market/25...
mamamia5x (67)
C++ Stock Name Round 1 Voting
Yeah, voting has started. Play the game [here](https://repl.it/talk/share/C-Stock-Market/25209) I made this quick, it's still really ugly.
FifiLulu (0)
Bug while sharing ?
I created a PHP server environment for displaying a small PHP example. When the environment is shared, the web view is not updated properly. The con...
Africancircus2 (0)
All Africa circus
Hello We are Africa .this Group is Based from Ethiopia (East African) And is Comprised of best Talented Performers. The group ...we shall be ready to...
JustinPhillip (17)
"Adress already in use"
Sometimes when I run my code, I get an error saying that "Failed to listen on (reason: Adress is already in use)" Why is this? edit: re...