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mat1 (3140)
Repl Talk Rules and Guidelines [README]
# **Rules** The Repl.it community is a place for users to share code, ask questions, and discuss coding-related subjects. We're committed to making i...
katyadee (1171)
🐶Introduce yourself! 🐶
Hi everyone! ![waving](https://storage.googleapis.com/replit/images/1561489787610_61c528ae0267ed2696f0c625ff66db6c.gif) Use this space to share anyt...
JacobRogers (43)
Python OpenGL GLUT Playground
If you want to make a GLUT project in python, just clone this repl.
sugarfi (243)
antivirus - Code Jam #9
# antivirus This is our code jam submission: antivirus. It is a point and click game, meaning you click on items to use them. You play as a person. Yo...
Coder100 (1197)
Webbot not working
So, with Polygott, I ran the command: ```polygott pip3 install webbot ``` which worked fine. ``` [insert install prompt] ``` However, in `index.py` wh...
SPQR (493)
DOOM (1993) on repl.it (yes, really)
I put the trial version here, if you want to use the full version you'll have to buy it Alternatively, you could use community WADs, which are typical...
PDanielY (694)
Repl.it Desktop Signup!
This post is for people who either want to help with the repl.it the desktop app or want to test the app when we are done. Here's the form: https://fo...
Firefox web browser on repl.it
SPQR (493)
Wolfenstein-style graphics
Based on the console FPS engine, I have created a program which will generate *Wolfenstein 3D* style graphics right here on repl.it. Controls: W/A/S/...
SPQR (493)
Hard stop a REPL
Is there a way to manually stop a repl non-programatically, through the shell perhaps? I have an issue where my program finishes executing but X stays...
UniqueOstrich18 (146)
Firefox web browser on repl.it
Got Firefox on repl.it when I was bored in class. It uses a python script to delete a useless log file. It will take a while to install Firefox and Py...
superwhiskers (25)
pypy.repl - python3.5 compatible pypy on repl.it!
this polygott repl contains an easily modifiable makefile that installs pypy3.5 with pip on your repl automatically (and won't reinstall it if it's al...
SPQR (493)
SFML on repl.it POC
I, SPQR, have successfully installed SFML on this repl, so that you all may use it for your enjoyment. Feel free to fork this and modify it for your...
vityavv (53)
Month of Code Challenge 1: Julia January
Starting off 2019, we have the Julia programming language! Julia is a new but growing language that is fast, optionally typed, and open source. Make...
Highwayman (961)
Edit: _ ** *THERE IS A NEW REPL/SHARE LINK* ** _ here it is: https://repl.it/join/lkgjltwz-highwayman I just got the hacker plan for free and to cele...
Alt_Plus_F4 (2)
How to install local .deb
I am trying to install discord into repl.it polygott in order to do some tests and access discord from alternate environments (e.g. at school) but I c...
SPQR (493)
Repl.run for a separate display (Polygott/C++)
I'm trying to use SDL with repl.it, I'm hoping to run my program's window in a separate tab, such as in repl.run for terminal applications. Having to...
Highwayman (961)
I made this repl maybe 5 days ago? But yesterday while I was editing it, the whole thing just crashed on me and now It immediately crashes or just sit...
a5rocks (732)
Subject yourself to a pretty ~~terrible~~ great programming language. Uncomment "#example.o", and edit the file "example.o" to make your own scripts.
UniqueOstrich18 (146)
Surf Browser on repl.it
Runs the Surf Browser. The browser itself is not made by me. It's website is https://surf.suckless.org/. ![Screenshot 2020-01-22 at 5.17.40 PM](https...
SPQR (493)
USE ANY LIBRARY / PACKAGE / ETC ON REPLIT (C++ / SFML used for demonstration)
For those who didn't know, replit has the ability to directly interface with the linux system on which all this runs. Using this functionality, one ca...
brycecneocities (1)
firefox proxy
ok so its not working it says its having a hard time executing the child process. Can anyone help
SPQR (493)
3D graphics POC
DISCLAIMER: Very little to none of this code was my own original work. Nearly all of it of it can be accredited to [javidx9](https://www.youtube.com/c...
SPQR (493)
[SOLVED] Referencing member 0 of uninitialized vector (array)
I've been getting the exception "std::out_of_range" and the program aborts ever since I tried to implement projectiles. The error persists even after...
SPQR (493)
Ncurses on repl.it (c++)
I've created a program which runs ncurses on repl.it, and can have other compilation options added as well. Thanks to @Scoder12 for the general idea....
Akcool (0)
how to code in polyglot
i am new to coding so i need to learn how to code in polyglot
PaoloAmoroso (130)
Polygott REPL stuck downloading Pygame
This is a fork of a Polygott demo featuring a Flappy Bird like game based on Pygame, but otherwise I haven't changed it. When I click `run`, the conso...
Alt_Plus_F4 (2)
Keyboard Won't Work Correctly
When the discord client finishes installing and finally runs, I can't use shift or alt. This means I can't type @ symbols (required to type my email)...
CullenDAvello (18)
Having trouble with textures and sprites
Ok so, (I’m using SFML) I have (had) set up a Texture texture; if (!texture.loadFromFIle(“texture.json”)) and I had the sprite code but when I went...
SPQR (493)
Platformer game (Made in SFML with C++)
This is a game I worked on for about two weeks for the jam before switching to a different concept which i am currently working on. Features: -Movem...
IzanLarumbe (32)
Information Gathering tool
# Not made by me, just imported it on repl.it Most of the functions wont work since it is not root. But it would be great if there's a path to repl.it...
AmaanHussain2 (0)
Graphics with SFML
I am unable to produce the graphics according to the code. I have been able to get the sfml in the my code but the graphics are not appearing. If some...