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katyadee (1119)
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Hi everyone! waving Use this space to share anything you want to share with our community - your name, where you're from, what you program in, what
timmy_i_chen (952)
Rules for Posting - Read me!
Some rules and guidelines to keep in mind as you share your great work on our boards: 1 - Be kind and courteous to others 2 - Make sure that any feed
JacobRogers (19)
A MineCraft clone with 4 blocks. It is very simple and may not load right away. Play for fun at https://repl.it/@JacobRogers/Myncraft?lite=true&outpu
jajoosam (566)
Make flappy bird with Python Play 🐦
Make flappy bird with Python Play Demo and Code πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» Flappy bird is one of the classics - and as you'll see, super easy to create, especially when
LD1 (16)
2 player tron game
A 2 player game based on the movie tron. Move your guy using the keyboard, and kill your opponent by making him run into your trail.
eankeen (608)
πŸš€ A Starter Guide to Pygame πŸ“€
πŸš€ A Starter Guide to Pygame πŸ“€ Pygame is an open-source library for making graphical applications with Python. Learn more about it on the official we
argthe1st (75)
So the game is pretty self-explanatory. I made this game when I was in middle school and I haven't edited it since (which is why it's so bad in some p
timmy_i_chen (952)
Physics Fun with Python Play
Using Python Play is seriously so much fun. In like 40 lines of code I wrote this fun little program with physics. Simple instructions: Click anywhe
Russell23 (31)
Improved DVD logo
Me and my friends spent 18 hour on this ( we are in year 9 ) This is our nearly complete DVD logo. Any suggestion on what to do with the code
Ciang (18)
Maze game
Use the arrow keys to navigate the three levelled maze. It will keep repeating.
ajmd17 (25)
Destroyer of Crapcoins
A space invaders inspired game written in PyGame. Destroy coins to collect BTC and move to the next level. Don't destroy Bitcoins or let the "sour" co
Panda003 (20)
Recreation of Pong game. AI and 1vs1 modes (More modes coming soon) AI Mode: Use Mouse or Keyboard. 1vs1: Both players use the keyboard. -Play
AbrahamTinajero (27)
VOL 2D V 1.0
You wake up on an island. WASD around and beat the dungeons in order to get off. About Us Hey guys. It's your group of sixteen-year-olds working for
LD1 (16)
Advanced GUI Dodge Ball
A dodge ball game that entirely uses a GUI instead of console. As you play, you will level up and more balls will be added. Please up-vote.
ChristopherOkor (7)
how could i imporve this
this is an old game I made for the game jam and I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on how to improve it
GregoryRamires (12)
I created this game with https://repl.it/@matheusgois. We made this game in our free time at university. To play the RunningBalls you should run the c
TimothyAnderso1 (55)
3D Cube In OpenGL Python
Uh.... This was a test to see how good it would run, solid 13 fps. Better than what i thought!
byonano (1)
Raycasting Engine
It has taken me a month to understand and 3d line equations and how to calculate the distance to a point from a 3d line. (I'm a highschool student) So
BrainDeadCode_B (16)
Cavern Crawl.
This is another one of my Game-Jam submissions, also being my last (For this year's.). This is a cave/dungeon crawler game with a level editor in it.
BrainDeadCode_B (16)
Block Builder.
Shhh... Mine-Craft isn't as popular anymore, it's ok to bootle... I mean take inspiration from it. DIRECTIONS: Press 5 to alternate colors. Use the ar
LD1 (16)
Mobile Friendly Pong!
This is currently the only game I have that is mobile friendly. Play against the computer in this recreation of pong!
EthanCulp (3)
Need help with pygame
I am making this game and Everything is perfect. Except the enemy. So far the only thing I have programmed in the enemy AI is moving left and right an
BrainDeadCode_B (16)
-Hectic Helicopters!- An arcade shooter I made in a week.
This Python program is a arcade shooter that heavily takes inspiration from many of the popular arcade games in the 80's - 90's. Heres the link https:
BrainDeadCode_B (16)
Hectic Helicopters!
Hello, I'm Brandon Goldfuss, I'm 13 years old. This game, "Hectic Helicopters" was my most ambitious Python game yet. My skills working in Python wer
LD1 (16)
This is a fast 2 player game called Tron. This game involves both speed and strategy. Using jikl keys for player 0 and sedf keys for player 1, create
Animator282 (23)
Put you're mouse on the small screen and start clicking the spacebar!It is cookieclicker 1 now with extra cookies! Be cool and play this game because
BrainDeadCode_B (16)
This is my Game-Jam submission. It's just the way you remember Snake Game, but now with a more interesting color pallet!
BrainDeadCode_B (16)
Carl Wheezer Coin Collecter
You press space a whole lot and look at images of Carl Wheezer. If you can't tell already, I find Carl Wheezer to be the superior definition of charac
a_siebel (2)
Hello, I am a teacher from Germany and have written a Python 2D engine, which is similar to pgzero in principle, but is more similar to Greenfoot and
Bryannguyen (2)
play demo
again I do it for you to play have no more describe
glrudolph (1)
turtle code does not display in repl.it Classroom eval mode
I have turtle code that runs fine in a normal repl. It does not run in repl.it Classroom. It is exactly the same code. What can I do?
HarveyH (96)
Connect4 - PyGame Edition (8-Bit Graphics!)
Connect4! The well known meme of all games that aren't video games, now in PyGame! It has 8-Bit graphics to enjoy! It also supports touch-screen! So y