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enigma_dev (562)
🎉 Announcing about:you; !🎉
Hey everyone, and welcome to a new Hackathon! It's been a loooong month without any new Hackathon and no big challenge, so I am happy to finally anno...
enigma_dev (562)
🚨IMPORTANT: 🚨 End of the Challenge is postponed!
After popular request, I decided that the end of The Challenge is postponed until 24th of January. 🚨 Thats almost a whole week more to submit your pr...
katyadee (1160)
🐶Introduce yourself! 🐶
Hi everyone! ![waving]( Use this space to share anyt...
mat1 (2879)
Repl Talk Rules and Guidelines [README]
# **Rules** The community is a place for users to share code, ask questions, and discuss coding-related subjects. We're committed to making i...
Islandthecoder (2)
I NEED HELP PLZ! I can't seem to get my code to work. I am making a random username generator, please don't mess it up. use this to get there: https:/...
PurePanic99 (15)
PYphone OS
I have seen a couple of cool mock operating systems on, and I really liked them. So I decided to make my own mock os. It is called PYphone. PY...
LD1 (20)
No GUI dodge ball
A dodge ball game with only text! Use the J and L characters to move your character (the 'D') It is easier to play if you open it(top right) button....
HarveyH (106)
HOS (Hellewell Operating System)
HOS is a basic text based operating system that is similar to DOS. HOS is only able to do a limited amount of things. However, in the future I will b...
malican1352 (3)
Thank you God, it's our first software.I hope you'll like this.
xolyon (106)
Hangman game
I dug deep in my files and found this - it still works completely fine Enjoy guess the word, if you know it - enter the whole word - otherwise, stick...
pashrickbob11 (1)
The Christmas Test!
This 7 questioned Christmas themed quiz will test even the most basic Christmas fanatics. Have fun, and Merry Christmas!!!!
RuthiEbbinghaus (5)
a fun game with a fun ascii art end
franciscoareasareas (7)
Searching xml in Python 2.7
# Searching an xml in Python Starting with version 2.7 `ElementTree` has a better support for XPath queries. XPath is a syntax to enable you to navig...
AlexanderSmith8 (2)
I need help. My teacher is not here and i am trying to get the code for a phyton guassing game for fee
HarveyH (106)
LuaH, my own coding language!
This is my own coding language I have developed! To learn and for details, check out ! From now on, I will be...
hisistersjames (0)
how do i start coding
like im a noob so i dont know how to this and can you please help me and with all care thank you
PaulEugenio (1)
Modules not loading in, and error-output non-accessible.
When I run the following, I get an error "ImportError: No module named pandas". This is despite the output briefly reading, among other things, "Using...
EmporerAlpha (0)
Breaking a computer with big numbers
The program prints a number, i, which increases by 1 with each repetition Then the program prints a number, e, which doubles with each repetition Then...
camus_code (0)
can i share private repo?
i need to share private is there any way please let me know
TommyIsAwesome (19)
Realistic Calculator
A text-based calculator that looks real! It might not be practical, but it looks cool :) Please upvote if you like it.
Aquazio (5)
Tic Tac Toe
Simple Tic Tac Toe. Simply type in the number of a square where you want to place your X or O when it's your turn.
HarveyH (106)
Connect 4 Terminal Edition
It's just connect 4, but in the terminal!
prototyp037 (1)
Exactly fifteen lives!
Hi. I'm one of the starter programmers, I made a word guess game, it is tricky, and if there are everything in the brackets, just type in the whole wo...
nickgrimes50 (4)
Black Jack v1.0
This is a very simple Black Jack game, in which the user competes against an AI and tries to achieve victory! The controls will be self-explanatory, a...
SirTristram (7)
Battle Ship
I hope you enjoy! This was made by Tristan! Youtube: Sir Tristram
HarveyH (106)
It's a simple clock that I have developed. If you want to check out my recreation of this using my own coding language, LuaH, go here --> https://rep...
Neil_Chaudhury (9)
Hey guys, I'm working on a self-learning Tic-Tac-Toe, but I guess the first step is to actually make a tic tac toe! I know the code is pretty redundan...
HarveyH (106)
# **Not Exactly on ** **Since is a bit weird with Python Turtle, I'll just give you the code to copy and paste in to another progra...
zphantom (4)
Get SHELL Access To A Container
This is a ver simple script to get SHELL access on a container, basically its a virtual machine that complies & runs your code in, so...
HarveyH (106)
How to learn LuaH!
This is a tutorial to get you started on my very own coding language, LuaH! To practice your code, go to . If you want t...
PranavLende (2)
Marvin (Chatbot)
This is Marvin! He is a Chatbot that is learning to speak to humans. But he needs your help. Right now, he doesn't know very many words. Talk to him a...
GeekyGuineaPigV (0)
Can someone please fix random.randomint?
Please fix the errors in def game(): I am just learning to code in python and would like some help.
HarveyH (106)
Multiplayer Maths Game
This is a fun multiplayer maths game where you have to get more questions right than the other player. It starts out easy at first but slowly becomes...