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mat1 (2950)
Repl Talk Rules and Guidelines [README]
# **Rules** The Repl.it community is a place for users to share code, ask questions, and discuss coding-related subjects. We're committed to making i...
katyadee (1160)
🐶Introduce yourself! 🐶
Hi everyone! ![waving](https://storage.googleapis.com/replit/images/1561489787610_61c528ae0267ed2696f0c625ff66db6c.gif) Use this space to share anyt...
21natzil (976)
What is AMA?
AMA (Ask me anything) is a board to ask any questions you have about repl.it to get answered. You can ask *anything* as long as it follows our Rules &...
splch (2)
Go Solve Sudoku
# suGOku I just started using Go and would love for some Gophers to check out my Sudoku Solver :) If you uncomment line 32, you can see the puzzle b...
enigma_dev (6995)
🎉 Announcing about:you; !🎉
Hey everyone, and welcome to a new Hackathon! It's been a loooong month without any new Hackathon and no big challenge, so I am happy to finally anno...
amasad (1894)
Terminal Snake in Go
This is not mine, I found it on Hackernews but got it to run on Repl.it. Check it out.
moudy (112)
💡 UI Repl
> #### The real problem with the interface is that it is an interface. **– Don Norman** I've been thinking about how to improve on the UX of traditi...
eankeen (994)
Learn ReactJS on Replit! 📙
# Learn ReactJS on Replit!📙 ![react-logo](https://hackernoon.com/hn-images/1*y6C4nSvy2Woe0m7bWEn4BA.png) Some of you guys may have heard of ReactJS...
antonmata (22)
Synthrogue 🤖⌨🎶🥁 - Program a robot to escape using a sequencer
# Synthrogue 🤖⌨🎶🥁 Program a robot to escape using a sequencer [Play the game](https://synthrogue--antonmata.repl.co/) 🚀 > ⛑ If you are having i...
vityavv (51)
Writing a blog in go!
# Preface I started this tutorial before the contest opened, but because of school and other complications I was only able to post it today. I hope y...
katyadee (1160)
🤖APP OF THE WEEK: SynthRogue 🤖
This week's App of the Week is @antonmata's [SynthRogue](https://repl.it/talk/challenge/Synthrogue-keyboard-Program-a-robot-to-escape-using-a-sequence...
EvokQuadro (5)
How to save a project? : )
pls help ! I really can not find any way to save my project.
amasad (1894)
Round-robin load-balancer with other repls as backends
This is a load-balancer that uses other repls as backends. That way you can build a scalable service on repl.it!
statefull (2)
Find songs by words in its lyrics
**Hello** all, Here you can find my hackathon project. I hope you like it!!! -Did you ever know the words of a song but you could not remember the s...
spidercatnat (1)
# Reactogram ![spectrogram-1563687820138](https://storage.googleapis.com/replit/images/1563693484388_67c3a38a3a7acd4a42762f68a86fc178.png) Revived an...
kevinvictorin (1)
Fetch method is not working
The fetch method doesn't return the response although the url is correct.
AarKay (1)
Youtube Clone
A simple React JS based web app that provides search and play video facilities over youtube
coletobe (1)
Add ambient background sounds to your music. 🌧🐦🔥
Hey everyone, I'm glad I recently got time to add an entry for the challenge. I listen to a lot of music to help me focus and relax. I personally expe...
UzayAnil (19)
I just wanted to see what highscore people could get in this game. Since this is MIT Licensed, and I thought this was a really cool game, I wanted to...
HerrMohnke (0)
I like to use subfolder. Is it possible?
I try to import form subdir. What is to do? You can see the func T1 in the te.go-file.
ArchieMaclean (730)
Golang Type Conversion
I have a function, `Request` that takes a URL, header, e.t.c. and fetches from that URL, then converts that JSON to an `interface{}` (i.e. dynamic str...
vityavv (51)
Universal Turing Machine
This is a Universal Turing Machine simulator that I built for a school paper. Have fun and play around with it!
manoharkumarsin (0)
How to install react-router-dom in my react project
How to install react-router-dom in my react project
ericngoiya (0)
can users who are not registered with repit access my code
kevinvictorin (1)
Fetch is not working
The fetch method doesn't return the response and log to the console. The url works correctly.
Context API example................... .... .................................................................
426729 (146)
Cartoon Curator
Read the daily comics for free, all in one place! You can read back to the beginning of time and use any of the *hundreds* of supported comics! In the...
suppattitan (0)
First repel.it hope you guys like it
I’m basically 9 years old and a know how to code map! I have been code mapping for a day and a half! Gosh this is coooooooooool
david0701 (0)
I can't check my result.
Hello I think, I fixed a bug and added a needed function, but I cant check my result because of the package installation failed. I hope you fix this...
eTechWeb (0)
Mahmoud's React App
Mahmoud Osman is an entrepreneur, software/web designer and developer. He studied at Champlain College, and he has a bachelor's degree of computer sci...
tristangoossens (0)
Retro game Sokoban in Go!
I have recently made my finished sokoban in Go! repl is really helpful to build my project. For the source code check out my github repository: https...
nayanika2304 (0)
assignment 1
BookMyShow assignment 1 for the dev hiring task. assignment 2 to be followed
EneFlorian (0)
upwork test. auto complete. I've used react, redux. I'm not focus on css styling. But i'm sure about that also.