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mat1 (3136)
Repl Talk Rules and Guidelines [README]
# **Rules** The Repl.it community is a place for users to share code, ask questions, and discuss coding-related subjects. We're committed to making i...
21natzil (1009)
At Home Students Code Jam
Hello Replitors! Its come to our attention that many of our awesome replitors are at home because of school closings because of COVID-19. However, we...
katyadee (1171)
🐶Introduce yourself! 🐶
Hi everyone! ![waving](https://storage.googleapis.com/replit/images/1561489787610_61c528ae0267ed2696f0c625ff66db6c.gif) Use this space to share anyt...
RyanBerwick (3)
Tkinter RPG
I made a simple tkinter rpg game, it doesn't have a lot of enemies and the quests and combat are pretty basic, but it works. The formatting doesn't re...
PremKumar19 (1)
the programme does not seem to work
the programme doe not work the total does not add
Lethdev2019 (28)
Asper Antivirus
# my first repl post! really, this project is quite simple. It took me about a day to create because i have other projects on my PC that use similar c...
CodingAndMemes (11)
Login Screen
Username and Password U: lolheck P: password Try Different usernames and stuff. Adding text file in a bit
CodeSalvageON (330)
Tkinter Condo
A little experiment I did for a game I am making. There may be some bugs...
ChrisTurindwa (0)
windows 1
i want to create a login but i still have a error
EthanCulp (17)
1.0 PyOS
Starting to make a python operating system, it will be like a virtual machine, if you want to save files, fork the repl
IreoluwaRaufu (204)
Animating w/ Python (Tkinter)
I looked up some tutorials, did some google searches on Tkinter, then I made this in 8 minutes. (I timed myself.) Enjoy! (^.^)
splch (2)
Python Population Simulation
I used PySimpleGUI to help interface with a population simulation I made for anthropology studying the relationship between rates of natural selection...
ArnoTS4 (1)
How to send a project to only one person
Good morning, I work on a project and I would like to sent it to my professor only. He has an account professor and me an account student. He sent me...
brotherslife1 (4)
Music Bible
This was a group project with my friend, @zog1, and I. This project allows you to search for a song using the Genius API and formats the lyrics as bib...
SimonBotero (0)
What Does "Display not capable of DME mean?
Hello, fellow human beings... I was running some code, which worked, and then I wanted to run it again, when the output to my code changed to: "Displ...
EliJonas1 (1)
Do not press the button!
Press the button three times and it will disappear!
realkarimsaleh (0)
Display is not capable of DPMS, How can i fix this?
SO basically i have been getting this error ![Screenshot 2020-02-03 at 8.52.28 pm](https://storage.googleapis.com/replit/images/1580763158347_b5662d4...
allyquigley (0)
Can I download this?
Can I download my code as a .py file to be able to upload it to another website?
shobha778 (3)
Not able to type symbols like (, ), *
I am trying to type using Text widget but not able to type parenthesis, (). it is getting 9 and 0 typed while typing at runtime in repl.it. Please he...
shobha778 (3)
Not getting full display of the gui frame while using Tkinter
Please help me to figure out where I a,m doing mistake as I am not getting the full display of the created frame.
coderdo (0)
Weird notifications
I constantly get a very large flow of alerts when I open any project on my home laptop, any other device is fine. It's annoying, and doesn't let me wo...
pipythonmc (3)
How do I change the REPL type?
So I have this attached repl, and it's listed as a tkinter project, but its actually a python project. How can I change the repl type? The project is...
JalaBrat (1)
When i try to Login it always says Login Failed....
its very simple and basic register/login program but it always says login failed, been digging for hours and cant get it right...
ayan15 (0)
Application form from Tkinter
Just a simple gui made using Python. Made by 14 year old. It has 4 entry labels and 2 buttons.
SethDixon (0)
problems running the code
for some reason when i change something in my code it will work then i can change something very small and it not run. i can copy and paste into a n...
7xhe (0)
i wanna someone to help me solve a problem plz
i wanna a simple help on pycharm in Configure i wanna add python but it dosen't work with me i wanna pro programmer to solve it for me plz and this is...
EugeneFung1 (0)
Why i can't run this program?
# 3C09ex1.py # Fung Chun To from tkinter import * def add(): n3.set(n1.get()+n2.get()) window = Tk() window.title("Calculator") n1 = IntVar() n2...
DilanOrmisiar (0)
How to use folder structure in python on Repl
Hello guys, im really stuck at this part, i've created classes and really neat looking folder structure, i want to use the classes in the main but the...
khpries (0)
tkinter in teacher section
tkinter works nicely in "my repls," but does not appear to exist in the teacher/classroom section of repl.it. Any info on this?
yang_chenHuang (0)
I can't get the paddle to move
The problem should be somewhere around line 41-42. I set the paddle to respond to turn right and turn left key press, but tkinter only respond "[[c^...
yang_chenHuang (0)
the paddle won't move
so, I'm a beginner. I follow the description of Python for kids, and I stocked on class paddle. Would anyone please help me, and tell me why my pad...
ahmedazzi (0)
how to cooworking in the same python file in repl.it
how to cooworking in the same python file in repl.it
astroboyr (3)
Save database so everyone can see it
When I add something to the database as a non logged in account, or as another user, it does not add to the database permanently. For example, if I ad...