Online Music Hackathon

First Prize: $5000

Ended on July 22
timmy_i_chen (939)
Rules for Posting - Read me!
Some rules and guidelines to keep in mind as you share your great work on our boards: 1 - Be kind and courteous to others 2 - Make sure that any feed
katyadee (1066)
🚨THE THEME IS MUSIC🚨: WIN $5,000! We're having another competition!
Friends, foes, loyal Replers, Boy do I have some news for y'all! On July 1st, we're kicking off another competition and the stakes are higher than ev
katyadee (1066)
🐶Introduce yourself! 🐶
Hi everyone! waving Use this space to share anything you want to share with our community - your name, where you're from, what you program in, what
katyadee (1066)
UPDATE: WINNERS POSTPONED // ✨Check back here for our Music Hackathon results! ✨
We all want to know who won that $5,000 grand prize. Check back on Monday, 7/29, to find out who our winners are! This announcement has been postpon
vemundnil (0)
ESP (Efficient Saving Program)
Need to calculate what you have left, what you earn in a year, and if you can buy that expensive Laptop? Well, introducing ESP. The best program for y
jagdishhatwar (1)
18 Aug 19
#include int main() { while (1) { for(int i=1;i=i;j--)//it varies with value of i { printf("*"); } printf("\n"); //it is reposibl
jagdishhatwar (1)
18 AUG 19
#include int main() { for(int i=1;i=i;j--)//it varies with value of i { printf("*"); } printf("\n"); //it is reposible for the new
jagdishhatwar (1)
18 Aug 19
#include int main() { for(int i=1;i=i;j--)//it varies with value of i { printf("*"); } printf("\n"); //it is reposible for the new
jagdishhatwar (1)
18 Aug 19
#include int main() { for(int i=1;i<=10;i++)//it is reposible for providing the new column { for(int j=1;j<=i;j++)//it varies with value of i
556xinyan (0)
ASK Python
Projek projek projek projek projek projek projek 0002135 0358901 oihn hgfcfty tfbbftfserhj
vedprad1 (691)
Exported Module Functions are not Working in Node.js
I was working on a program that involved my own module. While I was testing it, though, I realized that an exported function that I was working on had
Anthony_Tonev (59)
Basic Card Game
Node js multiplayer card game. The game is just an experiment. Please try running it at full screen https://basic-card-game--anthony-tonev.
LD1 (13)
Pong (You vs Computer)
Based on an old computer video game. You play the paddle on the left side. To play, select computer speed, then move the paddle using your mouse (or f
mkhoi (188)
DNA animation!
🧬 Small DNA animation, nothing special 🧬 Also, the animation will be flashy at sometimes.
carstenb (0)
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Opret liste og beregn salg pr by ift. vejret og det samlede salg
sharkquik (0)
Python List
Hi, I'm trying to display the yearly amount as per the screen shot below. Tried many functions but didn't work. Any suggestions?
lukie2407 (5)
Hangman Python
Hangman With Some Help From Google Let Me Know If You Find Any Bugs
AyaazSheikh (0)
Not able to find submit button
Submit also how can you find your teacher ? i am a student of Clever Programmer(Qazi) please assist
WhiteBlack1 (0)
Addition between datetime.time and So basically I'm doing a project where I have the calendar of all the year, then the program asks me wh
khatribharat (0)
Running build script from gives permission error.
How can one run build scripts contained within the application from I'm trying to run a sample Play app which uses sbt/Gradle for building
DarkHollow (0)
Nested Loop
for (int i = 1; i <= 5; i++) { for (int z = 1; z <= i; z++) { cout << "*"; } cout << endl; } Output The inner loop resets to 1 every time
QTTipsy (0)
the four fours equation from 1-10
For a class project i used the most basic coding to code this mostly a math challenge
jagdishhatwar (1)
17 Aug 19
#include int main() { int a,rev_sum=0,rem,x; printf("Enter the number:"); scanf("%d",&a); x=a; while(a!=0) { rem=a%10; revsum=revsum*10+r
jagdishhatwar (1)
17 Aug 19 upto 3 numbers only
#include int main() { int a,x,y,sum=0,rem; printf("Enter the number:"); scanf("%d",&a); y=a; while(a>0) { rem=a%10; x=remremrem; sum=
GollyWy (0)
Why can't I import itertools when using Python (with Turtle)?
Hi. I'm 10 and learning with a book called Coding Projects in Python. It's been going great but I'm stuck trying to import itertools. I get the error
barch (0)
While Loop
learning basic python programming: While Loops are used to write a repeating action in a code
RyanSong1 (0)
Three games
Rock, paper, scissors Number guessing game Mad Libs
OfirLiron (0)
help with my code. how to split string.
Hi I can't find whats wrong with line 7. I want to generate new string based on thr original string, thr new string should begin after the first '@' t
PreethiChander (0)
num game
import random comp= random.randint(0, 20) flag= True while flag: print("guess a number between 0 to 20") num= int(input()) if num== comp: print("
jagdishhatwar (1)
16 Aug 19
#include int main() {int a, res,sum=0; printf("Enter the value:"); scanf("%d",&a); //int i=1; while(a>0)//given number should b greater than 0
WillHolt (0)
How do I edit code with someone else?
jagdishhatwar (1)
16 Aug 19
#include int main() {int num,i,c=1; printf("Enter the num:"); scanf("%d",&num); for (i=1;i<=num;i++) { c=c*i;//multiplying the value of c with i wh
JamieHardeman (0)
help! won't load
why won't my load? it's been loading for two days.
LiamBaum (0)
im so bad at coding lol, please let me know what you think