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mat1 (3292)
Repl Talk Rules and Guidelines [README]
# **Rules** The Repl.it community is a place for users to share code, ask questions, and discuss coding-related subjects. We're committed to making i...
katyadee (1200)
🐶Introduce yourself! 🐶
Hi everyone! ![waving](https://storage.googleapis.com/replit/images/1561489787610_61c528ae0267ed2696f0c625ff66db6c.gif) Use this space to share anyt...
TheDrone7 (1073)
Monthly repls - July 2020
Hello again replers, we've reached another checkpoint and so, it's time for MONTHLY REPLS! And for those who do not know what these are, these are the...
amasad (2495)
Programming Language Jam -- Let the hacking begin!
Hello, jammers! Excited to kick-off our inaugural Programming Language Jam. If you're just hearing about this, or need a refresher, then please visit...
oignons (277)
#WEEKLY 13-To Do List
Hellooo my lovely replers! Today I present you... # My Weekly Challenge! ## Features ___ + Delete and add things to do + Clean and pretty user interf...
CodingCactus (2828)
# TODO List Hi! This took quite some time to make and I am actually very proud of it. #### What you can do + Create an account + Log into that acco...
Lethdev2019 (94)
PIE - Prism integrated editor
Views: ![loading..](https://testcounter.ironblockhd.repl.co/v/11aa6c04b1e6) # About PIE **Edit: Who wants us to add HTML, CSS and JS support next as...
VulcanWM (2016)
Bankrupt the Bank
This is my second game in js: Bankrupt the Bank. I originally got this idea while playing monopoly with my cousin. We kind of got bored giving each o...
Scoder12 (676)
Use VS Code Themes on Repl.it!
# VS Code Themes on Repl.it Hello guys, I figured out how to make repl.it use a custom color theme and wanted to share it with everyone! I made a ser...
potatojs (447)
my first REAL website and you know what it's even better than the first!!!
this is the last remake i *promise* ehhh... i don't know what to say it's just a website containing a **TON** of cute little potatoes, and it works in...
MarcusWeinberger (253)
Online Note Taking App with full markdown and HTML support
# notes.marcusj.tech ![demo](https://i.imgur.com/wMiO9h3.gif) A simple, clean, notepad in your browser! Full markdown support with instant rendering...
promike (11)
Circle game
just a little circle ⭕️ It goes around and around
ironblockhd (232)
Display view count on a post
![loading..](https://testcounter.ironblockhd.repl.co/c/2897ec429b2d) First, you need to generate your image codes on https://testcounter.ironblockhd.r...
AtriDey (159)
3D Physics Simulator using the Godot Engine!
I've had a lot of fun with Godot. First, I got familiar with GDScript and [made a moving character](https://repl.it/talk/share/Using-the-Open-Source-G...
HarperframeInc (289)
Build a website with Webby!
I was inspired by @MarcusWeinberger's Note Taking app and so I built a website builder based on markdown. It doesn't ~~support HTML~~ (**Now supports...
agent9002 (104)
How to Code Minecraft Plugins!
# **How To Code a Minecraft Plugin** *** After many years of waiting, today I can officially announce that Minecraft Plugin Development has come to re...
KobeFF (416)
🦎 Dino Game 🌵!!!
> After 6 hours of hard work, I present you... # 🦎 Dino Game 🌵!!! Using [Ready](https://www.getready.io/), I created a nearly identical Chrome Din...
Coder100 (4414)
[ Game ] Anti-Social Mouse
# The Anti-Social Mouse Hello!! As you may know, I got a new computer!! So, here's a little game I finished on it. ## Backstory You are a mouse in Mo...
CodingCactus (2828)
CAN PEOPLE STOP ADDING PEOPLE TO TEAMS WITHOUT ASKING!!! Same goes for multiplayer repls. This repl was made in a team coder100, bookie and I were add...
DynamicSquid (2673)
The Wild West
#### The Wild West I feel like @Highwayman would be pretty good at this for some reason... Anyway, here's my new game, The Wild West! Warning: it's...
TheDrone7 (1073)
Developer Spotlight - Cookies!
# Developer Spotlight : Cookies! Good morning/evening replers! Today we have yet another interesting one of our users you would love to know more abo...
matthewproskils (316)
Javascript Text To Ascii
There's already a FIGlet in python, so i created one in javascript.Import is using: ``` const write = require('./other.js') ``` and use it using ``` w...
amasad (2495)
New design -- pog or cringe?
What do you guys think of design update? Here is what it looks like but you can easily open a new repl to see it. ![Screen Shot 2020-08-04 at 8.40.2...
Coder100 (4414)
It's My Birthday!
# It's My Birthday! Hello, world! It's my birthday today! I created this *awesome* website to celebrate the occasion. Anyways, you can either write me...
ironblockhd (232)
A social media platform on replit!
# About After 1 month and 3519 lines of code i'm finnaly done with ironMedia! It's a full social media platform that runs on replit. # features Featur...
eekboi (272)
Getting a sound... From an image.
# Make sure to read the full post before pointing out errors please. Hey! I've made this trash for you all to enjoy. This was made using @minx28's ci...
CodingCactus (2828)
Colour Thingy
Hi! This is a colour thingy! Basically just shows you colours I dunno
Ravens0606 (25)
A App Coming Soon! Look forward to Blaze: Social Media on the App Store! I forked this from @lilykhan's template "Portfolio". Thanks!
rjlevy (55)
Google translate app
Built with Node, Express, EJS and Bootstrap
JosephSanthosh (587)
MY 500th CYCLE SPECIAL IS THE SNAKE GAME WITH TWO SNAKES! ========================================================= This is pretty much impossible so...
Scoder12 (676)
🔥Minecraft Server on Repl.it!🔥
# How to run a minecraft server on repl.it Hey guys today I'm going to show you how to run a minecraft server on repl.it. #### Note: You need hacker...
Bookie0 (3285)
The Monty Hall Problem! 🐐 🚘
# Hiya everyone! Lets start with a dad joke because why not!  ![Screen Shot 2020-07-31 at 7.30.41 PM](https://storage.googleapis.com/replit/images...
DynamicSquid (2673)
Pixel Art Creator!
Hey guys! I made a pixel art creator! It allows you to create *stunning* pixel art! How stunning? Well I drew @amasad ![Screenshot (124)](https://sto...
codeitfast (18)
weekly 13 - todolist - forked
I just saw a repl and remixed it. All I did was add some -webkit-transition to it. Thank you, @oignons for making the original project!