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Rules for Posting - Read me!
Some rules and guidelines to keep in mind as you share your great work on our boards: 1 - Be kind and courteous to others 2 - Make sure that any feed
katyadee (1127)
🐶Introduce yourself! 🐶
Hi everyone! waving Use this space to share anything you want to share with our community - your name, where you're from, what you program in, what
nulll (3)
A simple idle game
This is something I did pretty quick and also minified, so if you want to, you can beautify it. Not really that complicated but I think for an eleven
SaptarshiHalder (28)
Mood Recognizing AI
Mood Recognizing AI We love AI . And so I have created this. I have started learning Neural Networking. Thanks to https://playground.tensorflow.org fo
21natzil (744)
What do YOU think of repl.it's new homepage?
In the past, when you visited repl.it and were logged in, you'd be redirected to your repls. While this was efficient, there was room to do so much mo
AnthonyChang (10)
Some project
The game that I have created.
Vandesm14 (682)
What happened to the newsletters and dev spotlights?
I miss them! Please bring them back! What ever happened to them?
Lokiwi (33)
Bruh bot
This is a discord bot that sends "bruh moment" when it detects any variation of the word bro or bruh in a message. It is so useless but it exists Add
SansUnd3rtale (4)
so this is basically reddit...
right? . . . . . .
strangeLanguage (0)
how to run java files.
Hello, I was wondering how I can run the main.java and any other .java file in replit. In python I am able to import the os and pass in the file on os
LoneAce (46)
Hax - The game
Hello there! The project below is a small game that I made that (unfortunately) does not do much... Do comment suggestions to improve the game and I
cnewling24 (1)
I need help with an if statement
So im pretty new to python, and i got my friend to help me with some of the code, but my other friend challenged me to make a 'Which nightsister from
Vandesm14 (682)
Github on Repl.it
On your repl hit “F1” or “Ctrl+Shift+P” to open the Command Palette. Then type in “shell” and hit enter to open the shell. Input the commands below to
PDanielY (121)
Keep Repl Online
This idea has been in my head for a while so I created it. This website allows you to keep your repl online forever. I know you can use uptime robot b
SaptarshiHalder (28)
Google Play Store alternative: Game Store
Hi I have at-last completed making this website: Thanks to w3school for support. Here you can browse game and play them which are created exclusively
mat1 (2503)
⌨️ Hacker Typer 💥
Type random things into the terminal and become a master hacker by using this program. It even has syntax highlighting, using my Highlight.py project
mat1 (2503)
📈 The Stonk Exchange 📉
The Stonk Exchange The Stonk Exchange is a stock market simulator on Discord with a twist. Instead of investing in real companies, you invest in your
tracivdecker (0)
Help with JS 16 exercise #2
hello! I am stuck on JS 16 exercise #2. I am not sure what I am missing or doing wrong. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!! function exercise
SaptarshiHalder (28)
I have found a plagiarism code code in share, what should I do?
AlvinTulud (8)
Basic Rpg
Second Version Of A Game I Am Making. Please Give Feedback
mat1 (2503)
double helix
its a thing i made in 4 seconds upvote for free happiness ok thank you
SkullCode (0)
Help Please
Can someone please tell me what is wrong with my code? I am trying to make a linear text based adventure game.I need to finish this for a project.
jenriquem1998 (2)
A test to see how can this website be used to enhance the learning experience for a class I am in and I shall attempt to reach 50 characters by the en
MiguelRosario1 (0)
Screenshot20191013-184928Chrome Can someone help me. I don't know what to do
MRnonbinaire (15)
RPG game
voila les gens c un petit rpg sympa mais en gros c en anglais mais pas d'inquiétude c facile a comprendre bonne chance et bonne parti P.S: n'oublier p
TrashBlash (31)
Dungeon Challenge
Fight your way through multiple bosses. Includes a stat page, multiple classes, secret characters, and interesting challenges to overcome! I update as
kruschk (3)
Client-side interpreters
The following statement is made in the repl.it IDE help window (accessible by pressing the little question mark (?) button in the bottom-right of the
JacksonOnSticks (4)
I have no idea what is wrong please help ASAP
Ok so I'm new to all this coding stuff and I'm taking a class for coding and this is a grade and I really need help can someone please inform me to wh
Alicat (3)
i need help
hi i need help with this thank you if you could help me thAT WOULD BE AWSON
jaspark000 (4)
Conway's Game of Life
Just learning C# and decided it would be a good idea to challenge myself Hope you guys like it. MAKE SURE YOU CLICK "OPEN"!!!!
21natzil (744)
Repl.it GimKit event! 🎉🎉🎉
Hows it going everyone? I'm here to share with you, the first of many interactive repl.it events, all through your computer. But before I get a head
virenchangela (11)
i created calculator please give me reply or comment thanks