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Programming Language Jam
$10,000 grand prize
mat1 (3332)
Repl Talk Rules and Guidelines [README]
# **Rules** The community is a place for users to share code, ask questions, and discuss coding-related subjects. We're committed to making i...
TheDrone7 (1316)
Monthly Repls - September 2020
Hey there replers, we made it through one more month *again* so it is time again for the **MONTHLY REPLS** (I know these are a bit too late so sorry a...
katyadee (1221)
🐶Introduce yourself! 🐶
Hi everyone! ![waving]( Use this space to share anyt...
TheDrone7 (1316)
PL Jam Results!
# PL Jam RESULTS! ​ The wait is officially over! In July 2020, we announced a codejam asking you to develop a language between Aug 10 and Aug 31. Afte...
21natzil (1131)
Achievement Hunting Club!
'Aight! Welcome to the Wilderness. Here you'll find giant bugs, massive robots, and a place to code. If you and your friends want to conquer t...
bramley (220)
BramJam Game Jam 2! #BJGJBoo
Hello! Last May I think, I held the first ever BramJam Game Jam. People seemed to like it enough, so I decided to do another. The theme is... **Multip...
tussiez (70)
This is my take on a Minecraft clone! This game was built with Three.js and JavaScript Modules and in a worker. You can now play the game in Repl...
bluewolfgh (117)
Online Minecraft!
I have used my Three.js skills to create an online version of the game *Minecraft*. Now, you may be thinking: "This is not Minecraft at all! There's n...
fuzzyastrocat (558)
Many games here are 2D, so I thought I'd try my hand at 3D with THREE.js. I'm not done with the game yet, but I thought I'd post a sneak peek so that...
Social Media App | MuseTime
Hi, guys so I just made a fully functioning social media app with loads of functionality. It took me a long time to make. There are loads of stuff you...
EpicGamer007 (530)
Java && The ultimate tutorial to get you started
# Java ULTIMATE Tutorial > # By: *[@EpicGamer007](* !!!! I am sure that there are many people who want to learn java ei...
SixBeeps (2986)
Tips for BGJG2 from last year's winner
# Tips for BJGJ2 ## From last year's winner It is the wonderful month of October, And spooky day's getting closer, Let's look at some tips And neat li...
Jeydin21 (24)
Music Player
Music Player is a somewhat simple project that allows you to play music in your browser or on your phone in the background! ## How To Use It's simple...
pepelaugh (384)
Online 3D FPS, csgo based
A pretty scuffed version of CSGO for the browser, online. App is live at: Server is hosted on Original:...
ExplosionScratc (163)
A cool loading animation
How do you guys like it? Any feedback?
FloCal35 (103)
Among Us
Yep, thats right, among us. This is a short playable story of among us. It has many differant paths and over 1,000 lines of code. It took me over 12 h...
RayhanADev (243)
🎃 Spoopy Pumpkin Game 🎃
# 🎃 This is my Halloween Themed Game 🎃 ## Happy Spooktober! I whipped this up using some slightly-complex Javascript and Canvas, but it’s a pretty...
Coder100 (8247)
[ GAME ] Hide and Seek2
# Hide and Seek++ Have you ever **shot** at people in hide and seek? As a seeker, have you ever had to collect **dots**? And in both roles, have you e...
JBYT27 (158)
Replol (Google)
Finally! I've finished! Anyways, this is a "website" I made using python. It isn't really a website, but I made it like one. I've thought about lots...
Coder100 (8247)
Magic 8 ball
# Magic 8 ball ![The 8ball knows everything...]( Thi...
Glare (214)
Check Out My Snake Game In Python
Took me a while to create this. Click on the game once and then use the arrow keys to move. Every time you eat an apple, your snake grows in length. I...
RhinoRunner (107)
The Helicopter Game
Move the helicopter around with the arrow keys. Try to beat all of the 3 levels. Click the screen to start. Use the following link to play it in a lar...
Bookie0 (3904)
Fibonacci! 🌀
# G'day People! Fourth week of school, done! About 40 more to go! Now I can relax in a weekend drowned in homeowork! (yay?) Anywaysssss... ***...
elipie (76)
Swirl Sketch!
I am proud to announce: Swirl Sketch!, a sketch pad for Spirals, 3d, and regular drawing! # Controls: B : Blue A : Red S : White D : Green W : No o...
pepelaugh (384)
[game] [wip] sneak peek at a python rpg i'm making.
Currently I have a character generation system, with .txt logs, stat gen, and checking if the inputted name is taken. This isn't finished yet but i'm...
JDOG787 (413)
HexAguess Game
# Hi everyone! Ive been working on this game for a couple days now. Its called HexAguess. You try to guess which out of six colors is the correct hex...
amaddentcsec (184)
JavaSocial - Social media system!!!
## Thank you to: @AbhayBhat otherwise known as @EpicGamer007 for the amazing database!!! @Coder100 for showing me how to add multiple databases! ## No...
MohammedBalsara (117)
A Tic Tac Toe game!
In the comments, please rate it out of 10. Thanks you!
MarcusWeinberger (574)
Multiplayer cursors!
Interact with visitors as you watch their cursor move around the page! Now with visual feedback for clicks! ## How it works **The server** code is v...
ThisUserTaken (122)
The Potato Wars (Chapter 4!)
You're a potato and got abducted by the apple aliens. Escape by being `big brain` and stay tuned for chapter 5! Edit: Chapter 2 was added Edit: Chapte...
A maze game that I made
Move through all the levels Upvote if you like it Thank you everybody!
MarcusWeinberger (574)
IP Grabber - Fork and change the link title!
# Ever wanted your **own** IP Grabber? Well look no further! ![demo]( ## Features: * **Unlimited unique individual...
OrangeJooce123 (90)
Why is so slow?
I can't access my repls, I can't even see what's on Talk, I'm getting 404ed and a bunch of other things, and I can't report this to bugs becau...
AmazingMech2418 (891)
# Life Welcome to my BASIC program for Conway's Game of Life! ## Instructions To pause, press space. To toggle a cell, click it. ## Bugs Unfor...
Bob8552 (11)
Argenia, a fun web game!
## Welcome to Argenia! Argenia is a fun web based game where you can earn Argens (the in game currency) by playing minigames and doing jobs! There are...