Language jam
Programming Language Jam
$10,000 grand prize
sojs (246)
An Amazing Chat Server With 😊😊 REPL AUTH 😊😊 and GOOGLE AUTH 😊😊
* this is version alpha - new version coming soon! * This * amazing * chat server supports multiple rooms, private rooms - which - btw - do not allo...
oignons (310)
C++: An Introduction
Welcome to my c++ introduction! I hope that I do a good job explaining this. EDIT: I have a new lesson for all to see on Repl talk! ~~I will post s...
FindingNemo (2)
Repel Policy Help
Hey, guys. I would like to ask a question about the policy here. You see, when I asked a question about "How to Crack Roblox" which was against the po...
PYer (3465)
Learn To Code In Python
Teaches you how to code in python. By `PYer` This tutorial excpects some basic knowledge of coding in another language. ![image](
CSharpIsGud (599)
A beginners guide to OS Dev: Part 1
It will help greatly to go into this guide with some understanding of C and Assembly. Before you start you will need to install *nasm*, *genisoimage*...
CSharpIsGud (599)
The best and most common judge remarks from the jam.
Here is a list of what I think were the best judge remarks ***[Plurality]( *** `Honestly I have no...
SpicedSpices (266)
Spicy Art Gallery #WEEKLY 9
This is my first time participating in a weekly challenge and this one seems fun. What I did was create a flexbox with a column direction, then made 3...
slickassassin03 (86)
Draw Some Shapes!
### Huh? I know, I know. Easy right? Suddenly today I decided I wanted to mess with drawing shapes because it's fun to be completely honest. It turned...
BrainW4ve (4)
Web bot testing
A basic web bot demo that can unblock websites.
LoneAce (227)
Hax - The game
*** Hello there! The project below is a small game that I made that (unfortunately) does not do much... Do comment suggestions to improve the game an...
Hi, Check out my other animation I made using CSS, it's an explosion Animation!!!
matthewproskils (346)
Short Animation
Cool Animation I Created. Please Upvote for support! almost at 100 cycles!:D Thanks, -MatthewProSkils
Hariz_Hazril (323)
90s WEBSITE (Pizza Fenzy) I have no idea what im doing
leon332157 (174) Un-official Desktop App 2.0
## Download [Here]( ### Introduction Hey everyone, this is Leon, and I'm proud to be rel...
KobeFF (438)
LOLCODE ~ Complete Tutorial
# LOLCODE ~ The Basics... LOLCODE is an esoteric programming language inspired by the funny things on the Internet. It is designed to test the bound...
IreoluwaRaufu (196)
Cool Loading Bar (PYTHON)
This Python code runs a cool looking loading bar in the console. It has no purpose though, except for looking cool and wasting your time. Enjoy!
PranayMukirala (20)
Light/Dark Mode
Light/Dark mode using HTML & CSS only
Whippingdot (3)
My q is why are there numbers next to everyone's name. ![image](
bramley (242)
The largest collaborative (and possibly ugliest) website ever!
(Edit) Amjad ( ceo) reported to me that there was some nsfw stuff uploaded to our site while I was on vacation. I think that may be why your a...
MatthewStirling (135)
Here is my entry for the Game Jam - Swing! (yes, you have to shout it) The gist is pretty simple - you swing around using a grappling hook and you m...
JustAWalrus (1146)
A very short intro to GUIs in Python with Tkinter
Okay, so I need to make a tutorial. Let's discuss Tkinter. # What is Tkinter? Tkinter is a module in python for creating GUIs. It is built in to p...
easy database
I will keep this up as long as I can and plan to update it every week. I made a database for everybody to use: How to use: ``` send a POST-request...
AdCharity (1316)
Multiplayer 3D
Earlier, I saw that someone took my old Babylon.js 3D experiment and they didn't source me!!! (well to be fair they were asking a question). I've tak...
TheDrone7 (1326)
Weekly Challenge #16
Hey there replers! 3 weeks ago, we started the 4th batch of weekly challenges and this is last of the batch. So below are the results for the...
canyon2020 (9)
Chatting Site
Here is a chatting site I made from scratch! Took a long time hope you enjoy!
JosephSanthosh (1192)
ⱠØ₦₲ ⱠłVɆ ₭ł₦₲ Ø₣ ₩₳₭₳₦Đ₳ ---------------------------- ⱠØ₦₲ ⱠłVɆ ₮ⱧɆ ฿Ⱡ₳₵₭ ₱₳₦₮ⱧɆⱤ ------------------------------- This post is intended to support...
# Hello Everyone!, it's Zuhdi! Today i need to make an awesome tutorial for you guys... it is My language(Z-LANG)!! when you complete the tutorial.....
xxpertHacker (390)
Using Memoization to Speed Up Code
# What is memoization? *** Yeah, that's right, ***memo***, not ***memor***. I asked my self this when I first saw it. Simply put, memoization can be d...
Bad habits and how to avoid them
#### This is going to be one of the last things I do on repl talk, because of a clear lack of quality and effort in some posts. Because of this, im ma...