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_olatobi_ (2)
Pygame Sprite Graphics?
Does repl.it support sprite graphics? If so, how do you implement them?
codingboy (6)
for my dad's birthday, hope you like it.
KobeFF (356)
Why does this say this?
ok, so *sometimes* when i run some code on a repl, it won't run my code and instead will display this error message in the code box. it says __This pl...
Brandaboss (85)
This game is about your country fighting other nations There is a way to win, but it would take a long time. Have fun, the game is pretty self-explana...
sugarfi (484)
Commiting to Organization Repo
I created a Github organization, and created several repos on it. I have admin rights on all of them. However, in repl.it, when I import one of them,...
NodeJSAcc (23)
Is it just me or is there no "base" anymore??
When I create a HTML repl, it automatically links it to CSS and JS... Now, that is gone, it is blank, is there any way to change this??
HerculukeZeEpic (181)
My second code in python!
This took awhile to make, pls support me on youtube @ Herculuke Ze Epic
baha0902 (1)
My students cannot join repl.it. Every time login it keep ok asking for sign up.. or the unauthorised message will come out after successfully sign...
OrangeJooce123 (33)
Run it and you can see it goes too fast. Can anyone help?
Run it and you can see it goes too fast. Can anyone help? (It is a timer)
EricBrown (3)
Eliza the therapist from 60s... https://github.com/wadetb/eliza
dfnk (32)
How would I become a moderator and content creator?
How would I become a moderator and content creator on repl.it?
LiamDonohue (283)
How do i use sql with c#?
i want to use sql with c#. what do i have to do so set it up? i want to do it completely on repl
AdCharity (1270)
Remarkable Editor - The Slowest & Heaviest Notebook
#### @Vandesm14 No, I did not copy this from @Vandesm14 . I posted this earlier, found, a bug, so I'm re-posting it here. #### Speed Honestly, it's n...
Lanna (37)
Reference to Online Python Courses?
As @theangryepicbanana suggested for me to start a course since I'm asking a lot of questions, and Python still seems amazing but hard, I've decided t...
AbhayBhat (243)
Should I continue with java or learn c++
I don't know what I should do. I honestly want to become a game developer but game developers mostly code in c++ so I want to learn that but I have he...
is this supposed to happen?
![Screenshot (67)](https://storage.googleapis.com/replit/images/1578965436952_48df419b366a23235d9239a7f481bcc3.png) Am I supposed to see moderator bo...
neodymium (30)
snake game but not
i made a snake game but every move you make stays on the board. its pretty revolutionary. *** yeah, so the blue squares are food. eat that to grow. gr...
HarveyH (146)
Connect4 - PyGame Edition (8-Bit Graphics!)
Connect4! The well known meme of all games that aren't video games, now in PyGame! It has 8-Bit graphics to enjoy! It also supports touch-screen! So y...
VulcanWM (1965)
Registration and login forms
How do you make a registration form on HTML that records your data? And how do you make a login form on HTML that will go on to the next page if the u...
repl.it discord
is there an official repl.it discord? if so, can someone post the invite link?
Zavexeon (1036)
Polygott tutorial?
So I'm wondering if anybody wants to make a Polygott tutorial here on replit. It seems simple enough, but I still want to be exactly sure how to use i...
suryan1234 (44)
can you teach me java and html pls
Hello,i would like to create a game as my third post.Not in python but in java and html. I have never used this before to code,so i would like it if s...
JoshCrites (1)
I am getting an error that a module was compiled against a different node.js version.
Here is the full error. How do I resolve it? ``` Error: The module '/home/runner/zghsx9ruruf/node_modules/scrypt/build/Release/scrypt.node' was compi...
How does BF work?
Im looking to practice my coding skills, and I want to make a BF compiler. However, I still dont understand how BF works. I have read this as a refren...
Sasheek887 (6)
My first game
This is my first game. Use wasd to move: Press w, a, s, or d (please nothing else), Press enter. The goal is to get to the $ sign.
JPAStudent (1)
events not being recognised
I am new to Python and I'm following a tutorial in pygame All going well so far but I'm having trouble with my events I have key press events that a...
pole55 (204)
6.G. While: Fibonacci index
Statement "Fibonacci numbers are the numbers in the integer sequence starting with 1, 1 where every number after the first two is the sum of the two p...
Cailyn99 (40)
Try to survive!
JoseTorres20 (5)
How can I write or read a file inside a folder?.
adamseider2009 (23)
A python remix of snake! Be sure to like and have FUN!!!!