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HahaYes (915)
C++ Tutorial
Anyone interested in a C++ tutorial? Thanks, HahaYes
CodingCactus (2467)
"Animated" ASCII Cactus
## Dancing Cactus *** The most beautiful thing (a cactus (obviously)) can now be endlessly shown in front of your face. *** # Enjoy
Coder100 (2962)
Pi day!
# **𝜋 day!** Hello everyone! Did you know that ~~tomorrow~~ today is 3/14? And do you know what 3/14 looks like? `3.14`! And what is `3.14`? T...
sugarfi (466)
Implementing Currying in Python
*Note: this post was originally on [my blog](https://sugarfi.dev) but I'll post it here too.* # Implementing Currying in Python Currying is great. I...
ZDev1 (206)
Click This Language!
# Heeeeeeeeeeeeey guys! # This is ZDev1 I have a special project today... # CLICK THIS LANGUAGE LOGO! ### IDEA: @Bookie0 You have 3 languages. * P...
CSharpIsGud (414)
How To Make A True Coding Language: Part 1
Im making this tutorial series because almost every language i've seen posted to repl talk doesn't use parsing algorithms and I think it would be nice...
HahaYes (915)
Does Anyone like Donuts?
I like donuts. Said the great Hahayes This is what happens when a programmer meets the internet. Where I found it https://www.a1k0n.net/2011/07/20/do...
AdamCrowe2 (2)
its a word game... that uses words... to tell a story... yeah... thats it really...
bramley (187)
BramJam Game Jam #1 Results!
Hello All! It's been quite the 2 weeks, hasn't it? I have finally figured out the winners for the first ever BJGJ. Let me remind you of our judges: @e...
RohilPatel (799)
Coronavirus Statistics (Covid-19 Numbers)
# Coronavirus > We know this has impacted us, and scammers are taking advantage of this time. So, I want to give you a close-to-reliable source to us...
AmazingMech2418 (658)
Update on EasyCTF
So, as you may know, at https://repl.it/talk/share/Introducing-EasyCTF-A-Cybersecurity-Capture-the-Flag-Competition/38171 , I introduced a new cyberse...
nithilan4 (242)
Texture Animations
I was picking some textures from a site for another project, and I realized that SVGs can transition with css. I created this thingy for no other pur...
Muffinlavania (684)
Python 3: Saving data in an uneditable, unreadable file!
Introducing Pickle! This module allows you to store data in a .dat file. It saves it in binary so people cant snoop around in your files, but you can...
VulcanWM (1741)
My New Language - It’s not really a language
I started making a new language. I really haven't finished, but am working on another project right now.
MKWonderland (12)
At home still? Then check this out!
CarpeDiem13 (17)
My first code
This is my first code: My teacher is @DJWang. Thank you so much for your generosity and patience as a teacher! I have a lot to learn!
bearbearmo (186)
Mouse Game
# About --- This is a top down shooter that only requires a mouse to play. A mouse is required, if you're not using a mouse it's likely you'll have di...
PatrickAtReplit (13)
Git beginner tutorials
Continuing the partnership with https://careerkarma.com/. Check out these git beginner tutorials: https://blog.repl.it/git-introduction-beginners-car...
fgarry25 (105)
Quick game I made
Here is a quick game I made inspired by The Stanley Parable! Check it out
TrainsRUs (3)
2d-Platformer Online
First week using Unity and here's the first prototype of a 2d platformer game. https://2d-platformer--trainsrus.repl.co/Game/ - Link First html on r...
AgastyaSandhuja (146)
CoronaStream: A movie, tv show, and video streaming website.
#### ok just saying, the attached repl is just empty We're all stuck at home because of the Coronavirus. We all are relying on screens, Netflix, and D...
generationXcode (135)
How to make a linear regression FROM SCRATCH(not scratch scratch) 😎💻(machine learning)(python)
# why I'm writing this tutorial 😎💻 Last to last year I first started with machine learning. I made a neural net in java script to take in random in...
ZDev1 (206)
Zoozle | The Best Search Engine (website)
# Hey guys! This is Zoozle! # The best search engine! > Note: whenu search please don't hit enter only hit `Search`! So when you hit `Search` it wil...
ElijahChen1 (139)
Excuse Generator
Very simple generator for excuses. Buggy but kind of funny Every excuse has 4+ random words used
Coder100 (2962)
100 Dumb Ways To Error
# **100 DUMB WAYS TO ERROR** I'm ***___SURE___*** you have ***___NOT___*** made these errors before! As the name suggests, I have small...
PowerCoder (559)
If you're bored... Flappy Bird! (Works on mobile.) (And has a highscore.)
If you're bored in quarantine, here's a fun and addicting game for you. #### Cool features: + Highscore system + Good graphics #### How to play: To...
VulcanWM (1741)
Does anyone want me to make a website for them?
I'm getting bored, and I recently started a company where I make websites for people. *** ** Does anyone want me to make a website for them? **
DynamicSquid (2025)
#BJGJ Stick Together Game Jam!
Game Jam! This is my submission for the BramJam game jam hosted by @bramley **How to Play:** 1. There's a bunch of randomly coloured circles scatter...
DynamicSquid (2025)
Minesweeper v2
#### **Edit**: Minesweeper v3 came out! Play it now by right [here] (https://repl.it/talk/share/Minesweeper-v3/36848)!
Bookie0 (2694)
Hello hello! For my 300 cycle anniversary (i know, nothing to be proud about). This is the ultimate repl,it memes collection. If you have any suggest...