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CollinKunsman (98)
Which is better: Terraria vs. Minecraft??
Which one's better? Please type in the comments below and try to convince me about which one's better. I'm having such a difficult time deciding. Plea...
ellatinker (15)
drawing a triangle
an amazing blue triangle
000022 (8)
I made a calculator in html!
This is a visual calculator It uses simple operators like: + - * / Please Upvote this program.
dabs364 (45)
426729 (153)
Jungle (Gold Rush)
A game where you try to collect enough gold from day to day \(by exploring and fighting monsters\) to buy food to survive. For 5 days, you try to coll...
Allizer (12)
082 - Finding Minimum in Array
Complete the minValue method so that given the array nums, it will return the minimum value in the array.
Bookie0 (2848)
The Most Fastest Program Ever
Hi, This is a sequel to The Most Simplest Program Ever (that you can access here: https://repl.it/talk/share/The-Most-Simplest-Program/26943) Please...
jajoosam (702)
Announcing contest SPACE 🏆
It's time for another contest! We're not gonna make this one super huge, but promise that it is going to be real good fun to build entries for this on...
dillonjoshua68 (45)
GETPASS, and other stuff...
1) what is getpass, how to use it, when to use it, what to use it for? 2)are there any methods of encrypting user input on python? and how to do it.....
HahaYes (941)
Does Anyone like Donuts?
I like donuts. Said the great Hahayes This is what happens when a programmer meets the internet. Where I found it https://www.a1k0n.net/2011/07/20/do...
SPQR (515)
repl.it staff appreciation post
Hi, I just want everyone to appreciate how great the repl.it team is. I'm honestly not even trying to suck up to them, I don't see myself getting anyt...
Working Memory Tutorial
This is a tutorial about how to improve your working memory. Before we start you need to know what working memory is. According to google working mem...
DannyIsCoding (493)
Pirate Names
Ahoy ! I been bored so I made this here t' entertain meself. 'ope ye like it! also, if ye 'aven't noticed it yet, I put this here text in an online ge...
TobyHess (3)
Dragonia Repost
I lost the original XD. Dragonia is a medieval text-based game. You (and only you) cannot die. The game ends of you are knocked unconscious or jailed....
LeonDoesCode (372)
Games in Love2D
## More Games! That's right! We are going to be looking at making even more games! I'd say that I prefer Love2D over any Python Game Framework any day...
kbadrinath_tcsp (206)
golden survival
this is a cool project. you don't have to upvote, just posting this here for my website im making. still updating this though. i want to add differen...
CindyC1246 (3)
Look at this stickman go!!!It was easy to make
AshwinBose (157)
Jump! | A simple yet fun game!
Another quick game I made. Use arrow keys to move. Aim of the game is to not touch the bottom of the screen. Don't get shot You can jump as long a...
CarlosRosiles (106)
Why files in folders dont get detected
When I code in any coding language, and I put my files into a folder, (So it wont be as messy and I can find my files easier) and I use those files in...
JavierMacias (10)
Dungeon: Text adventure
This was a game i made in class for a assignment but had little amount of time to get it done but i got a little demo you can say
katiewinton (44)
This is my first chatbot and I thought it was pretty cool. Here's the link to it: https://first-chatbot--katiewinton.repl.co/
PDanielY (971)
"Smart" AI that detects if a email is spam
Hello, I created this python program with machine learning that tries and detects if an email is spam. All you do is enter the email in the program an...
ZDev1 (258)
Wait whaat?? toLocaleTimeString is not working
toLocaleTimeString isn't working with my nodejs project First image: ![image](https://storage.googleapis.com/replit/images/1594544055489_22aac1963d9...
Sreynet (2)
This is a game of ConnectFour using classes. The player insert their piece in a column by typing in a number from 1-7.
raghavm (95)
Music Jam Results Algorithm! LEAKED!!
# Below is the official algorithm used by https://repl.it to determine when the results will be final: ```js while(true){ if(day == "Sunday" && time...
thomasf04 (254)
Forget "How secure is your password", this program may be SLIGHTLY judgmental but at least you won't be hacked! https://repl.it/@thomasf04/passive-agg...
sereyes8 (1)
COP 1000 Project 3
COP 1000 Project 3. This program prints an alphabetically sorted version of a user inputted car manufacturers list. It also lets the user know how man...
Zavexeon (1034)
Writing a Good Tutorial on Learn
#### What's this? A tutorial, on making tutorials? This is some meta-level stuff right here. Anyways, lets cut to the chase: first, what exactly mak...
mailinhweller (7)
HTML: Grilled Cheese Instructions
how to make grilled cheese.
fgarry25 (105)
Create Your Own Custom Story
With this code, you can enter suggestions and it will put into your own story template! Check out some of my other programs on my page now!