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AllAwesome497 (356)
# Introducing.... Audio! Sometimes all you need to make your repl come to life is a little bit of audio, whether it's sound effects or music. It's...
CyanCoding (1541)
https://repl.it/@CyanCoding/DataCrypt I built the DataCrypt as a file Encrypter and Decrypter \(with the ability to use Password Protection\). If you...
My first website
I have only started coding. Thank you to @medcho for the template of a website.
JordanDixon1 (305)
Helpful Keyboard Shortcuts
# Helpful Keyboard Shortcuts! This isn't necessarily for repl.it but for everything. (I will only do windows for now.) > On MacOS, replace Ctrl with...
CyanCoding (1541)
CyanCoding's '90s Website
https://repl.it/@CyanCoding/90s-Website A website that looks like it's from the '90s \(aka it looks horrible 😀\)!
Wilmor21 (72)
Mobile App?
What do you think about making a mobile app for repl. There are very few functioning IDE apps that allow you to install packages as well.
JollyJack8 (2)
Repl.it File Isn't Running 24/7 Even Though I Linked Uptimerobot To It
Hi there! I had just made a new discord bot using repl, and I hooked it up to uptime robot to keep it running, but the bot keeps going offline every t...
Jakman (324)
JSON for Java.
Would you all like for me to make a Java program that converts JSON to a Java class?
Blemke3955 (5)
Age Guesser
Guess the old mans age it changes each time.
LucHutton (188)
Basic Platformer With Javascript and HTML
# BASIC PLATFORMER TUTORIAL **End Result:** https://basic-platformer--luchutton.repl.co/ **The Code:** https://repl.it/@LucHutton/Basic-Platformer #...
CalebCarlson (33)
Mandlebrot Fractal V 1.01 - BETA
# Mandlebrot Fractal V 1.0 This program renders the mandlebrot set and saves it as an image that you can download. The image will be found in the Mand...
jajoosam (700)
Starbot adds support for appreciation in a discord community! You can give people who helped you stars, and the bot will note it - also creating a lea...
RohilPatel (799)
#WEEKLY I did it
I made this, it's pretty cool. Why multiply, when all u need to do is division?
AmazingMech2418 (658)
π in Tcl
I think I'm pretty much doing pi approximations in every language now, so, here it is in Tcl! The issue with NASM has been fixed, but I still need to...
Viper2211 (55)
My First C++ program
I just started learning C++ (partially because of @HahaYes 's tutorial) and this is what I have learned so far. And remember to upvote if you liked it...
CodeSalvageON (508)
The Devastating Effects of Malware
Paste this code into a Python Repl and see what happens. Really, be careful with what you download on Christmas. Happy holidays!
muddskipper (64)
HackerTyper Bot
A handy bot that will turn your gibberish into 1337 h4x0r codez. https://HackerTyperBot--muddskipper.repl.co Check it out! ^-^ \(Written in JS\)
superwhiskers (39)
ocaml.repl (anything.repl)
# ocaml.repl (no opam support) a repl made for running programs written in [ocaml](https://ocaml.org) ## how to use place your ocaml source code in...
sugarfi (466)
This is a small space shooter game I made, Cublast. It is basically colorful asteroids. You have a little spaceship, and you must fly around and shoot...
timmy_i_chen (1076)
July Competition: Create Multiplayer Games
We're bringing back competitions, and this one is all about Multiplayer Games! Previously we shared [Hop Fighter](https://hop-fighter--kaldisberzins....
LifeIsOverrated (79)
Collaborative programming
Will it ever be possible to have multiple people coding on the same repl at the same time? I know ,for me, this is repl's biggest drawback. Will this...
SixBeeps (2318)
PoC Keyboard Piano Thing
Use your keyboard as a piano. You can change instruments with the dropdown and change a few of its properties. This has no styling whatsoever because...
AmazingMech2418 (658)
Web JS π Approximation - Up To 100 Digits!!!
Using the new mathematics library introduced in my last post, I created a web JS pi approximation program that is configured to solve up to 100 digits...
JBYT27 (104)
Guess the Number in 7 tries
The goal is to get the correct number in 7 tries. The number is between 1-100. The computer will tell you if it is correct or not. If it isn't, it wil...
Sharing code
So, all of us share our code. But there are things to keep in mind... # No spam! Definition of spam on repl.it: > Anything that anybody can code in...
AmazingMech2418 (658)
How Do You Run Assembly in Repl.it
I'm trying to learn Assembly, but don't know how to run it in Repl.it. I tried `as` and `gcc` already, trying examples for x86 and x64 Assembly (I nor...
llamaking136 (10)
A simulated rocket guidance computer
This is a repl I have been working on, and here's a near-finished product. It's made to be like the Apollo Guidance Computers that flew on the mission...
gatorade322 (57)
Crashing Studios Vast Computer Network
Welcome to the Crashing Studios Vast Computer Network. You will be logged in in a moment.
Dart20 (36)
What's the next password?
Run the program and try to solve the password but don't look on the code.
JackLesher (26)
A maze game! BLATHERSKITE!!!
This is absolute nonsense. This is a maze game for the multiplayer hackathon. Thanks to Andi_Chin, wangkobe, and BenjaminNamika1!!! This took about 22...